brilliant film

i had this film recommended to me by a new friend i only just met today, i watched it and loved every second so as always i have to share hopefully this link will take you straight to it it was only link i could find if not search the man from earth and fingers crossed,

the man from earth

love and peace to all



i just had to share!

oh my god i seriously had to share this and bearing in mind these guys only go through one hour of this come ladies when we ever here of a one hour labour we just hjate that woman don’t we most of us average out around 12 hours and we go back for more!

brilliant i think they should be made to go through it every time their wife does that is a good four times hubby owes me and i could do with a laugh right now ^_^

love and peace be with you



i just had to share!

oh my god i seriously had to share this and bearing in mind these guys only go through one hour of this come on ladies when we ever here of a one hour labour we just hate that woman don’t we! most of us average out around 12 hours and we go back for more! 

brilliant i think they should be made to go through it every time their wife does that is a good four times hubby owes me and i could do with a laugh right now ^_^

love and peace be with you



sunday tunes the third- and last one for now i got writing to do!

okay still in the theme of live here is some truly talented fiddle players playing live and without anything but their talent skill and fiddles

i give you lord of the dance strings on fire



superb playing and there’s no denying it

okay of to write i am so tantalisingly close to finishing this book the first of my trilogy

love and peace be with you all



sunday tunes the second- roland orzabal and oleta adams live

those of you who know me know also that this is my tune always was always will be it is my tune, my life, i swear roland must have looked at my life and then wrote this tune ^_^ anyways enough of the blurbling i include this here because this is an absolutely fab live version of my tune and i believe as you know that the true talent of any entertainer/singer/musician is only as strong as their live performance and here we see real true talent


now the thing i wish to point here is- yes everyone agrees that oleta adams is one of the worlds most magnificent singers she truly is an absolute dream of a singer, but i wish to point out that one should also listen to roland, he is also a very skilled and soulful singer, his voice is beautiful and has an amazing range and remember folks this is live! that is his real voice! no autotune rubbish goes on here, these people they sing because they can and they are bloody good at it and so while we all sing the praises of oleta, and she deserves those praises, i think we should not forget and even include roland he is one of the best singer songwriters i have ever come across. relax sit back enjoy the talents of two truly great people.

love and peace be with you all



some sunday tunes the first-paul weller walk on gilded splinters

yup as usual i am stuck in bed poorly -sigh- i think i would be more surprised if i was actually well one of these days but ho hum lets move on i have choclate and i have mr paul weller ^_^

enjoy and have an excellent sunday while i decide on which picture to share today ^_^

love and peace be with you all



picture for today 17/08/2014

okay on a different trail of thought today and i just had to share this one with you because it fascinates me and i am sure it will you also it is possibly one of the most amazing photos i have ever seen not because of scale or majesty or any historical moment nope and nope again this one is quite the opposite in this one we are looking toward the tiny and higly detailed

hair ice an amzing natural phenomena rare and only caught on photo relatively few times some people wait years to get the best picture of it gotta admire their dedication

hair ice an amzing natural phenomena rare and only caught on photo relatively few times some people wait years to get the best picture of it gotta admire their dedication

now i have tried to include the picture as large as i could go so you could see the detail

these tiny hair like structures are actually frost i shall try and find some proper background for you:

Where does hair ice form? In the three cases I found that morning, all were on about 1-3″ diameter logs; all were near the ground or other wet objects; all were growing on bark-free regions and growing partly downward. Also, the region was quite soggy. Three days later, also after a fast freeze, I saw hair ice in the same place.

I saw some other hair ice nearby. Although this looks like a lot of water to be coming out of the wood, there actually is relatively little water. After scooping up about a cup and a half of the stuff, I found that it melted down to a little less than a tablespoon. That is, the water essentially expanded about 30 times to produce the hair.

So, how does this ice grow, and what pushes it out?

The hair ice forms like the ground needles that make the ground crunchy. It may not be exactly the same, but I think the basic processes are the same. Ground needles form when the top of the ground starts to freeze, but the ice cannot penetrate the fine pores in the soil below. But the fine pores allow melt (liquid water) to flow up to the ice.

The basic theory for ground needles is from Stephen Taber in the 1930s, and I sketch it on the upper left in the image below. After a little ice forms on the ground surface, a thin film of water will remain between the ice and the soil grains beneath.

As the ice starts growing down between the pores of the soil, the ice surface must curve. But the surface tension of the ice effectively stops the growth. Capillary forces draw water up from below, the water freezes below the ice needle, which decreases the film thickness, increasing the pressure, and pushing the ice up.

The same process basically acts to push the hair ice outward from the wood, as shown at the upper right in the sketch.


to give you some kind of idea of scale the main big picture is taken of a piece of wood measuring around 2.5 cms i tried to get it as large as i could so you could see the beautiful hair like structures but for those who want to go looking for this stuff here is another picture to show you what you are looking for

see tiny tiny!

see tiny tiny!

so there you go nature damned amazing isn’t it ^_^

have a super sunday everyone

love and peace be with you all



picture for today 15/08/2014



so today we have a beautiful lady in our photo and she is indeed captivating but that is not the reason i shared this with you, nope, look at her shape more importantly look at that super tiny waist! how tiny is that?

the lady in the photo was quite famous in her time, she was a singer, a performer, actress i searched for more information on her and this was all i could find

Polaire, meaning pole star – was the stage name used by French singer and actress ÉmilieMarie Bouchaud (May 14, 1874 – October 14, 1939).

she was also at one point the holder of the title of worlds smallest waist, Polaire was the world record holder prior to Ethel Granger, claiming a measurement of 14 inches, although that may have been just once, for an instance, wearing a tight belt
(just under 16 inches was probably her true size. A -popular singer of the time she travelled well

it's a teeny tiny waist it is

it’s a teeny tiny waist it is


according to the information she enjoyed a two month visit in new york where it was said: “her waist was hardly more than a good span


born in algiers may 14 1874, her father was algerian and her mother from Clamecy she originally had eleven siblings only four of all the children would survive infancy

she lost her father when she was five and left to live with her grandmother but she ran back to be with her mum in paris. Her brother had already some local fame in paris as an entertainer and it was through him that she got her first break, she was around the age of seventeen and her first job was as a cafe singer.

throughout her life she was to appear in many venues on stage in theaters and in silent films, she was lucky to remain popular for a long time, even then the world of fashion was as fickle as it is now.

what seems sad to me is hat then as much as now her fame rested on her appearance and not her talent. Throughout her career Polaire was skilled in using her appearance to attract attention. In her early days as a café singer in the 1890s she wore very short skirts and also cropped her hair, many leading newspapers of the day who carried a review of her spoke of her beautiful face or her pale golden skin they always spoke of her tiny waist which at 14 inches was probably to be expected rarely  do they mention her talents or those skills she had were mentioned only in passing

Talk of her figure and her lavish overdressing in fur coats and dazzling jewels preceded her appearances wherever she went. Jean Lorrain said of her:

Polaire! The agitating and agitated Polaire! The tiny slip of a woman that you know, with the waist slender to the point of pain, of screaming out loud, of breaking in two, in a spasmically tight bodice, the prettiest slimness … And, under the aureole of an extravagant masher’s hat, orange and plumed with iris leaves, the great voracious mouth, the immense black eyes, ringed, bruised, discoloured, the incandescence of her pupils, the bewildered nocturnal hair, the phosphorus, the sulphur, the red pepper of that ghoulish, Salome-like face, the agitating and agitated Polaire!
What a devilish mimic, what a coffee-mill and what a belly-dancer! Yellow skirt tucked high, gloved in open-work stockings, Polaire skips, flutters, wriggles, arches from the hips, the back, the belly, mimes every kind of shock, twists, coils, rears, twirls…trembling like a stuck wasp, miaows, faints to what music and what words! The house, frozen with stupor, forgets to applaud.

source Jean Lorrain (1936). La Ville Empoisonnée.

even more sadly her life toward the end was a chilling show of how the public move on to the happening thing, Polaire’s finances suffered from a series of actions by the French tax authorities and she struggled to find stage or screen roles as she aged. She may have suffered from depression. She died in 1939, at age sixty-five, in Champigny-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne, France. Her body was buried at the Cimetière du Centre, in the eastern Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne


a beautiful woman she worked hard all her life and ruined her body to near mutilation with s tightly laced corsets and yet as is is often with those who go into the entertainment profession after all the years of hard work they are cast aside while the audience ogles the next cute thing, How many people over the years have given all of themselves to their work to die old and lonely and with next to no money. i think these days they should be watchdog committees or action groups or whatever it takes for those who find fame and then loose it, not everyone is strong, not everyone knows how to manage finances, not many know how to resist the lure of drugs or alcohol. People argue they chose the career so therefore it is their problem but i do not agree how many times in your life have you made a decision only for it to turn out to be absolutely nothing like you imagined? i think parenthood is possibly one of the best scenarios in this case how many women have a tiny baby and then find the next sixteen years to be nowhere near the expectations? Fame is such a difficult lifestyle and those that live it will tell you that while they have the money and the adoration of the public the stress of having it all disappear or the idea of losing your privacy or even just the idea of not being able to walk the down the street without being heckled in any way, does the benefits really outweigh the price? and for those who go into it so young remember our lovely Polaire here was seventeen when she first started a young age indeed and so what life experience can anyone have at such a young age to cope with the idea of fame the rise and then the crash?  and after the crash what career options do they have? well i hope there is some one there to help to guide and to comfort, often there isn’t and often they don’t feel like they can trust anyone and who can blame them?

so there you go you have now met my lovely Polaire she was beautiful she was a singer and she had a teeny tiny waist and oh and at one point a pig with a diamond collar ^_^

have a super day everyone

love and peace be with you all



picture for today 13/08/2014

well i was supposed to take the kids camping this week but the car ate all our money, :( so instead i put a paddling pool in the front room for the kids and then ZAP i am poorly and stuck in bed again still the good side is i got quite  bit done on my latest book and it is very satisfying i love looking at my story as it grows and develops and feeling proud ^_^ so before i fall asleep here is a picture for today and it’s a creepy one ^_^

creepy dolls, one of the best horror props ever invented ^_^

creepy dolls, one of the best horror props ever invented ^_^

Known as “La Isla de la Munecas”, by the Spanish, so lets have some background story:

Located within an extensive network of canals, south of Mexico City, the island La Isla de la Munecas (The Island of the Dolls) is a place of mystery and superstition.

Almost every tree growing on the island is adorned with old, mutilated dolls that gives anyone who steps a foot on to the island the feeling that they’re constantly being watched. The Doll’s unblinking gaze is an eerier feeling as you make your way through the vegetation and undergrowth.

The story goes that a resident named Don Julian witnessed an accident in which a tourist girl fell into the canal and drowned. From that day on, Julian would see her ghost, and in order to appease or scare off the spirit he began collecting old dolls from the canals, from dumpsters, markets, etc., and hung them all over the island like Christmas tree decorations. Apparently this stopped her apparitions, but he continued hanging the dolls for another 25 years until he died a few years ago. Since his death, visitors to the island have continued to bring dolls there.

Don Julian used to say he was haunted by the ghost of the little girl who had drowned in one of the canals around the island. Some say he used to fish the dolls from the water because he though they were real children, but the truth is he was collecting and placing them around his home as a shrine for the spirit that tormented him. Don Jullians obsession led him to trade home grown fruit and vegetables for old dolls and over the years he became more and more isolated with each doll adding to the collection.

The present island caretaker, a relative of the late Don Julian, knows of  a shack in the middle of the island which he has visited many times and it was covered with absolutely filthy dolls and cobwebs.

The shack has a particular sickening musty smell of rotting wood. In the middle was a shrine for a spectacled doll named Antonina. She was surrounded by keepsakes, bracelets and other religious items, and behind her smiled the framed face of Don Julian. The caretaker said Antonina was Julian’s favourite and people would visit and leave keepsakes to her and ask for miracles, which were often granted. He said that almost all the visitors reported how the dolls’ eyes followed them, and some even moved their limbs.

Ironically, in 2001 Don Julian Santana was found dead by his nephew, in the same canal that he said the little girl drowned in. Now his Island of the Dolls is one of the world’s weirdest tourist attractions. Some tourists who visited this place claim the dolls whisper and you must offer them a gift upon setting foot on the island, to appease their spirits.

so there you go another picture from my collection from the creepy folder this time and is this not the most creepy place ever all those dolls! though i think it is not just the dolls although dolls can be creepy to me it is the appearance of the dolls, because they are old weather beaten decaying and dirty that’s what gives me the creeps. oooh i can feel another story coming on ^_^ i swear i have a folder that is just full to overflowing with hundreds of stories i simply have to get one with! i do feel sorry for the original bloke though poor thing sounds like he was haunted for most of his life and it doesn’t matter whether the spirits were real or not because he suffered whether they were real or not and to be suffering under that kind of stress every day is awful.

the sheer volume of dolls that shows this mans work or obsession and it is quite overwhelming and i bet it is even better when there in person, this place is definitely on my to do list ^_^ shortly before my dream of retiring to the Maldives ^_^ 


i hope he has found peace now.

have an excellent day everyone 

love and peace be with you



a picture for today 10/08/2014

so hiya friends old and new and for those who recently joined us thank you and welcome, todays picture is another that should not be judged at first glance but it is not in the same feild as yesterdays ^_^

here’s the picture for today

never a dull moment back in those good old days ^_^

never a dull moment back in those good old days ^_^

those that know me also know that one of the largest obsessions i have is anything victorian or indeed anything that can come under the heading of vintage, i just find it all immensely fascinating ^_^

here in todays picture we don’t actually have the daily life of your local axe murderer, nope, we have an actual fun pastime for your average victorian couple or indeed anyone with a sense of humour and some money to spare because back in the victorian photography was not cheap, but heck if you had a few pounds, or dollars, and a spare axe then pop off down to your local photographer bloke and he will chortle gladly as he explains to you his latest line in mirth causing pictures, oh how those long winter evenings must have flown by, ( a nod to blackadder there for those in the know ^_^)

i managed to find an actual photographer from around the year of 1878 practising his trade in brighton, england here is an excerpt

Samuel Kay Balbirnie’s predecessors at 33 Western Road, Brighton had been photographers who had produced conventional studio portraits in the popular carte-de-visite format. SamuelKay Balbirnie decided to specialise in novelty photographs, producing “Spirit Photographs” and other forms of “trick photography”. A newspaper advertisement placed by Samuel Kay Balbirnie in the Brighton Daily News on 23rd May 1878 publicized his strange repertoire of novelty photographs: “SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHS – Ladies and Gentleman taken floating in the air – in company with tables, chairs and musical instruments“; “HEADLESS PHOTOGRAPHS -Ladies and Gentlemen taken showing their heads floating in the air or in their laps” and “DWARF and GIANT PHOTOGRAPHS“, presumably combining differently sized portraits of sitters for humorous effect (Samuel Kay Balbirnie remarks on the “ludicrous” appearance of his dwarf and giant photographs).

It appears that visitors and residents of Brighton were not to keen to have themselves portrayed in such a light-hearted and silly manner. Within two years, Samuel Kay Balbirnie had closed his photographic studio at 33 Western Road, Brighton. By the beginning of 1880,Samuel Kay Balbirnie had left Brighton to enlist as a surgeon in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Samuel Kay Balbirnie’s departure from 33 Western Road, Brighton marked the end of this building’s association with photography. The business premises at 33 Western Road eventually became a draper’s shop.

brighton i have to say does seem to have more or less the same atmosphere as other english seaside towns – namely i strong sense of humour often quite dry but usually striving for making little of life’s more sour moments living in a seaside town myself for most of my life i can appreciate that this was popular along with saucy postcards and candy floss bingo and fish and chips there some things we are pretty much the expected norm of seaside towns in england indeed lately our town rather misguided in their efforts sought to change our sea front and placed an art gallery there and some strange piece of sculpture it has been ridiculed cursed and sworn at and downright rejected, as the town folk said this is a seaside town not some artsy fartsy city with ideas above its station, i reckon it shouldn’t be long before we have another bingo instead ^_^

The Victorians had a very different attitude to death from us. Many more people died at a younger age, and the risk of dying before adulthood was very high. Among the poor people disease spread quickly, living conditions were unsanitary and there were none of the cures that we have for disease and infection today. The wealthier classes also succumbed to epidemics of flu and diphtheria, amongst many other causes. so they were more accustomed to seeing it and dealing with it and often became fascinated with it, a surge in horror tales being told delighted the masses and were bought cheaply at newstands and other places, so considering all this along with a certain amount of morbid humour we can see why these pictures appealed to them, also at this point in time it was still a new technology not always understood and often marveled and to produce life like images was still considered a great talent a considerable skill and possibly akin to magic for others ^_^ they did love a good seance and other efforts at dabbling with the paranormal, but the photographer commanded respect among his fellow men and a great deal awe when he could produce images of life like detail yet showing a seemingly impossible structure, today we have photoshop, cgi and all manner f ways of producing any image we want from the depths of our imaginations and still we are considerably impressed by the almost magical productions of todays skilled manipulators of imagery think about going to see an action movie or a paranormal movie  – if it was good chances are you will hear people outside afterward saying the cgi was brilliant better than others i have seen good movie or indeed if it was crap how many are heard to grumble at the poor quality of the ‘special effects’ ?


so there you have it another of my cherished pictures from my victorian folder and oh there are so many the hard part is choosing which one to share with you all ^_^

love and peace be with you all





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