a very interesting documentary

just finished watching this documentary and it was so interesting i had to share

the family that walks on all fours

have a relaxing sunday everyone


scary saturday stuff ^_^

amazing what they can do these days ! I adore all animatronics being the superior cousins to automaton? maybe purists out there will disagree but either way this is amazing I think so ^_^

have a super saturday everyone

if this don’t make you smile you need help

if this don’t make you smile you need help

oh ok things have changed have they wordpress honestly can’t turn your back and it changes

so this is edwyn collins never known a girl like you before and seems wordpress just can’t leave stuff alone sigh i was happy with the old way why change it? and where has preview gone? anyways sorry for not blogging lately just had too much going on in my head hope life is treating everyone well though
love and light
love and happy times to everyone

okay its review time ^_^ little barrie live at leeds june 2014


ok so I know it has taken me some time to write this, I wanted to make sure I did a good post without too much of me drooling over barrie cadogan ^_^ so now that we have got that out of the way lets begin

june 11th leeds the cockpit

after two days of nervous breakdown I finally was on my way to the cockpit and was so nervous my god I could not concentrate on anything! its not often well in fact it had never happened before in my whole life but here I was going to see my most fave group ever little barrie,


I swear I was even having trouble walking, oh wait I always have trouble walking, ok I was even having trouble hobbling along on my crutches ^_^ so it was hardly surprising that on walking into the cockpit it very soon became obvious I was the very first person to arrive.

ok brace yourselves because the next bit is awesome, as soon as I walked into the room right in front of me there he was! oh my I was completely starstruck,  I would probably have fainted but for the fact I was not alone ^_^ so there I was hyperventilating  as the subject of my dreams  lead singer/guitarist barrie cadogan was stood right there in front of me, luckily  the person I was with was not as insane as I was and dragged me over to where Barrie was standing and I just about managed to speak enough words garbled as they were to buy their latest cd shadow

and I even was lucky enough that both Barrie and Lewis signed the cd for me and did not once joke about how strange I was acting how kind is that ^_^ virgil I was told was still sleeping but no worries because he kindly signed my cd at the end just before I completely collapsed -no not from swooning this time though that would have been just as embarrassing- I was unfortunately very ill sigh managed to suffer one of my attacks think it was my nerves bringing it on oh well on with the show

so there were two support acts the first was called knuckle and consisted of a bloke on guitar and a bloke on drums. Now I actually didn’t mind these they were ok, they played well and their tunes were okay. I had one small point that just kinda lost it for me and that was the singer/guitarist bloke kept starting a tune and I would be getting into it and listening and then for no good reason I could find he would suddenly scream/screech into the microphone! it was quite unsettling, it didn’t add anything to the tune nor did it sound any good,  so really if they ever read this review then I have to say – good act you could do well if you find your own voice and get rid of the screaming screeching thing.

Next up was an act that had more members, a bloke on drums,  bloke on guitar, and one on bass I think, and a lead singer and they were called gil de ray, now this one is a little more difficult for me to talk about. I really don’t like to say anything if it isn’t positive and kind, ok the drummer was fine, bassist was fine, and well if this band seriously want to make it I am sorry to have to say you either need another singer or if you stick with that one then please get him singing lessons, also the guitarist needs a little more practice in playing also. I really am sorry to have to say such things but I have to be honest, now whether it was just something not right on the night and I do accept there was trouble with one or two gremlins affecting equipment and to be honest sound mixing guy was not really doing the best job he could, again though he may have been battling against gremlins also and I must point out I am very very critical with live music. Over the years I have been to many gigs and many festivals, from glasto to tiny fringe festivals as well as gigs from joe satriani to the cramps and I always am very observant and listen and notice every detail I can not just because that is the way I am but also because I am always conscious of  the whole -‘that point in time- I like to immerse myself in every single detail of that particular moment because it will never come again.


It works because for me to be this way;- to this day I can recall every detail of being stood in the pouring rain watching the cure or stood so close the speaker which was larger than me in the jamaican tent at glastonbury and feeling the bass shake every atom of my body -these times will never come again and so I commit them to memory for good or bad it is all part of it.

so please gil de ray please do not think I am just having a go or trying to run you down  I really want you to be successful I want you to have all that you wish to achieve but in going for your dream then you have to work out are you there to please those of us who make constructive criticism? or are you there to achieve a vision you want without any input from others? if you have a vision that does not include input go for it, do what you’re doing and do it with complete sincerity, if however you wish to listen to the likes of little old me then singing lesson and guitar lessons it is, the choice is yours^_^

okay now on to the super excellent little barrie firstly I have to say yes I was so ill I nearly had to leave but I clung on knowing I may never get to see them again but my attention was by now taken over with being ill the pain had hit me pretty bad and the damn medications the doctor has me was literally beating me up! the cockpit staff were fantastic and even brought me a chair to sit (how kind is that I cannot praise them highly enough I recommend any who suffer any kind of disability to not let it put you off there are still fantastic places like the cockpit leeds who are very welcoming and eager to help you enjoy the night and they really made the night perfect for me) on and on top of all this like I mentioned gremlins were into everything.

despite it all though little barrie came on and immediately the change was obvious, this was quality music, this group mean business and they can rock it out regardless of gremlins/my stupid meds/my stupid sickness and they did just that they were brilliant and I still thought that over being stupidly ill and medicated within an inch of my life their sound was spot on, their tunes were perfect and every single moment was excellent. I am often critical of many bands who sound good on record yes I am a vinyl fan but also even if they sound good on cd as well but when it comes to playing live so many groups even those who are rolling in fame and fortune can still be crap live, not so with little barrie you can tell these cut their teeth on playing gig after gig they can pull the tunes and the sound no matter what situation or what they are given to work with and that shows true talent no one can take that away from them, virgil pounded those drums never missing a beat god love him, lewis as always super cool bass man and of course the love of my life barrie made that guitar sing and they proved to me why I love little barrie they are still the only group I have ever come across where I like ALL their tunes and that has never happened to me with any other band not only is their sound the sound for me their music makes me shiver it is that good and now I know they are just as good and are in fact excellent live

so go to it boys keep playing that sexy music


you rocked!

so here you go that night will always rank now as the best night of my life and not only do I have the most excellent memory of a rocking good show but I have a signed cd which I can drool over ^_^

ok my one regret was that in my super awkward starstruck specialness I did not have the courage to ask for a photo so my only mission since is to one day get a photo of them I did try to get a few of the night but I only had my daughters phone which I could not for the life of me workout out to take a picture but I think I ended up accidentally phoning some of her friends ^_^


love and happy times to all



little barrie surfhell

okay i am starting monday off with this tune not just because as you all know little barrie is my fave group ever and not because i have a major crush on barrie cadogan but because i am now going to attempt to write my first ever gig review yup as some of you know i was the luckiest girl ever to get to go and see little barrie live in leeds a few weeks ago and i have finally gathered the courage to write the review, my problem being i wanted to give a fair and honest review (without too much swooning) as i wanted to do them justice because they were absolutely brilliant and you all know how hard i am to please especially with live stuff so yup they delivered and i shall go write it up now, i may be gone some time ^_^



always check who you are drinking with



you know what is the worst thing ever right now?

i will tell you

okay just got sorted for the morning, i have got the kids to school well the oldest to work and the youngest is poorly so i got her settled; all snuggled up with drawing stuff so she is making pictures and happy, i have sorted the dogs, walked them, fed them everything, so finally at that point in the morning where i can sit down and do some writing,yay i had plans for writing all day, so got me a cappucino and a biscuit and  sat down with my laptop, i am super happy all ready to do some writing, yay go me ^_^ next to me i have even set up a little table with everything on it need, my  cappucino and biscuit yay

so with me so far?

right i go to write, very pleased got a good flow going and enjoying everything

i go to have another sip of my cappucino,


mikki my cute little japanese chin all fluffy and simply the sweetest cutest dog ever, is right next to me

so i go to smile at her and guess what

she has a frothy moustache


she has been drinking my cappucino and i didn’t know! so i have shared mikki dog poo breath drink (cute as she is she is known for eating her own poop when she goes outside you have to scoop up pretty quickly or she will just eat it, we don’t know why she was a rehome so we only got her when she was around 2 years old and the previous people didn’t take her out for walks) anyway


i will let you get on now just had to inform you of how sick i feel now

^_^ love and happy times to everyone

what my usual day gets like

what my usual day gets like

yup these are my two tiny terrors the older one i have yet to find where i put the pics of i will post as soon as i take some more ^_^

yup these are my two tiny terrors 

Part I – Knocking on the Door

Kezia Lee Mintra:

part 1 of the amazing post by rhinda the one and only

Originally posted on 50 Shades of Gray Hair:

today she wakes
and looks in the mirror
she notices first
the remnants of last night’s all too familiar routine
fully clothed still
with bruise colored footprints left where mascara met shadow
during the waltz of silent tears
evident again in the echo of wine and spit
that mixed and mingled in the dark
leaving traces of their orgy in the corners of her mouth
she raises a limb as heavy as any redwood branch
to touch the nest of bad dreams atop her head
she stares blankly at the woman before her
youth still lives here, but it wears an old coat
to look at the ghost of auburn that was once a crown
a flaming glory that framed her naturally pretty face
is now to look at a reminder
of yet another step further from who she was
another step closer to who she is becoming

View original 197 more words

Part II – Opening a Window

Kezia Lee Mintra:

just so beautiful i had to reblog

Originally posted on 50 Shades of Gray Hair:

today she wakes
and looks in the mirror
she notices first
that she is not alone
there, in the reflected layers of her life
a reunion of all who have walked with her
loved with her
laughed and cried with her
survived with her
leaving pieces of their own hearts, like beacons
along the path she now travels
softly focused, each smile touches her soul
some, instantly recognizable
familiar and loved faces of those who have made a difference in her life
how could she have forgotten?
others are strangers, unknown and unmet
but she hears them whisper…
you have made a difference in ours
how could she have known?
so many
she never realized
the power of one
but she feels its truth in the swelling of her heart

she feels him there
she doesn’t have to seek him out
in every layer, his is…

View original 159 more words

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