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important read for self publishers

Originally posted on David Gaughran:

Simon & Schuster has launched a self-publishing operation, Archway Publishing, contracting one of the most disreputable players in the business to run the show: Author Solutions.

We’ll get to that distasteful link-up in a second, but first let’s have a look at what Simon & Schuster are offering prospective customers (i.e. writers).

Fiction packages start at $1,999 and go up to $14,999. If you have written a business book, prices are saucier again: $2,999 to $24,999.

While the upper end of the pricing spectrum is obviously shocking, some of you might think that $1,999 isn’t too bad if you are getting a proper edit and a decent cover.

Not so fast.

That price tag doesn’t include any real editing, just an assessment which – according to their own website – is “not a replacement” for editorial services but “a preliminary diagnostic tool.”

But what if you need proper editing?…

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6 responses

    1. its awful isn’t it and scary too, i just hope that reading this some people don’t fall in their trap thank you for dropping by and i hope you have a great day xx

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. Authors need to know what’s going on.

    1. i know its so scary to think of all the people who have lost money in this and if you can’t trust the big names who can anyone trust? thank you for dropping by hope you have a great day xx

    1. thank you very much though i am not sure i deserve such a high accolade but i very much appreciate your kindness and hope you have a fab day

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