no more to be said – not enough time

my heart aches

only one thing on my mind; never forget, 17 years ago today the world lost a legend, just a man, a hero, a tortured soul, a sweet damaged smile, micheal hutchence you are never dead to me



another llink fpr those not able to access last one it really is an enlightening experience to watch

what are thoughts made of?

please watch?

open your mind


for yourself


let it


love peace and freedom of thought to all



very interesting

very interesting

very informative

very important

a true tragedy

a true man of the people

a true hero

let us all remember what he stood for, what he fought for,

knowledge should belong to the people

Aaron dead.

World wanderers, we have lost a wise elder.

Hackers for right, we are one down.

Parents all, we have lost a child.

Let us weep

.- sir Tim Berners-Lee inventor of the world wide web

love and peace and freedom of knowledge to all



and now for something completely different

sorry i am ill again folks so quick posts it is for the moment but here is a blog post i just read and i wanted to share with you

i present to you a blog post from the super excellent eric idle being one sixth of the amazing monty python;

love and peace to all




i am not sure but have looked all over i think the person who made this beautiful work of art is someone called ryan woodward however if someone finds out i am wrong please let me know so i can credit the right person

until then enjoy this beautiful work thank you to ryan woodward

have a great day everyone love and peace to all



lets begin at the end

well I originally had quite a different picture I was going to use but in view of my last post and a chat with my lovely Let’s CUT the Crap! I have decided to do this now instead and so let’s begin

at the end

mr edgar allen poe on his death in his coffin a great loss to the world of literature

mr edgar allen poe on his death in his coffin a great loss to the world of literature

Poe is buried in the Old Western Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland. Every January 19, Poe’s birthday, for more than fifty years a man dressed in black and fedora has left cognac accompanied by three red roses on Poe’s grave.

An account by Hervey Allen, August 1927:

[Poe] traveled by steamer to Baltimore and arrived there on September twentyninth. Exactly what happened to him in that city cannot now be ascertained. An election was in progress, and the preponderance of evidence points to the fact that he began to drink and fell into the hands of a gang of repeaters who probably gave him drugged liquor and voted him. On October third he was found by Dr. James E. Snodgrass, an old friend, in a, horrible condition at a low tavern in Lombard Street. Summoning a relative of Poe, Dr. Snodgrass had the now unconscious and dying poet taken in a carriage to the Washington Hospital and put into the care of Dr. J. J. Moran, the resident physician. Several days of delirium ensued with only a few intervals of partial consciousness. He called repeatedly for one "Reynolds," and gave vent to every indication of utter despair. Finally on Sunday morning, October 7, 1849, "He became quiet and seemed to rest for a short time. Then, gently, moving his head, he said, 'Lord help my poor soul.'" As he had lived so he died--in great misery and tragedy.

how awful that one of life’s great characters has gone in such a drastic way. now then to a short summary of his life;

the life of Mr Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. His parents were David and Elizabeth Poe. David was born in Baltimore on July 18, 1784. Elizabeth Arnold came to the U.S. from England in 1796 and married David Poe after her first husband died in 1805. They had three children, Henry, Edgar, and Rosalie.

Elizabeth Poe died in 1811, when Edgar was 2 years old. She had separated from her husband and had taken her three kids with her. Henry went to live with his grandparents while Edgar was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan and Rosalie was taken in by another family. John Allan was a successful merchant, so Edgar grew up in good surroundings and went to good schools.

When Poe was 6, he went to school in England for 5 years. He learned Latin and French, as well as math and history. He later returned to school in America and continued his studies. Edgar Allan went to the University of Virginia in 1826. He was 17. Even though John Allan had plenty of money, he only gave Edgar about a third of what he needed. Although Edgar had done well in Latin and French, he started to drink heavily and quickly became in debt. He had to quit school less than a year later.

Edgar Allan had no money, no job skills, and had been shunned by John Allan. Edgar went to Boston and joined the U.S. Army in 1827. He was 18. He did reasonably well in the Army and attained the rank of sergeant major. In 1829, Mrs. Allan died and John Allan tried to be friendly towards Edgar and signed Edgar’s application to West Point.

While waiting to enter West Point, Edgar lived with his grandmother and his aunt, Mrs. Clemm. Also living there was his brother, Henry, and young cousin, Virginia. In 1830, Edgar Allan entered West Point as a cadet. He didn’t stay long because John Allan refused to send him any money. It is thought that Edgar purposely broke the rules and ignored his duties so he would be dismissed.

In 1831, Edgar Allan Poe went to New York City where he had some of his poetry published. He submitted stories to a number of magazines and they were all rejected. Poe had no friends, no job, and was in financial trouble. He sent a letter to John Allan begging for help but none came. John Allan died in 1834 and did not mention Edgar in his will.

In 1835, Edgar got a job as an editor of a newspaper because of a contest he won with his story, “The Manuscript Found in a Bottle“. Edgar missed Mrs. Clemm and Virginia and brought them to Richmond to live with him. In 1836, Edgar married his cousin, Virginia.

Sometime in 1840, Edgar Poe joined George R. Graham as an editor for Graham’s Magazine. During the two years that Poe worked for Graham’s, he published his first detective story, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” and challenged readers to send in cryptograms, which he always solved.  Poe left Graham’s in 1842 because he wanted to start his own magazine but his efforts failed.

In 1845, Edgar Poe became an editor at The Broadway Journal. A year later, the Journal ran out of money . He and his family moved to a small cottage near what is now East 192nd Street. Virginia’s health was fading away and Edgar was deeply distressed by it. Virginia died in 1847, 10 days after Edgar’s birthday.

In June of 1849, Poe left New York and went to Philadelphia, where he visited his friend John Sartain. Poe left Philadelphia in July and came to Richmond. He stayed at the Swan Tavern Hotel but joined “The Sons of Temperance” in an effort to stop drinking. He renewed a boyhood romance with Sarah Royster Shelton and planned to marry her in October.

On September 27, Poe left Richmond for New York. He went to Philadelphia and stayed with a friend; James P. Moss. On September 30, he meant to go to New York but supposedly took the wrong train to Baltimore. On October 3, Poe was taken to the hospital. He lapsed in and out of consciousness . Edgar Allan Poe died in the hospital.



and so there we have it such is his life and how we see that he had a good education far better than most got at that time and how lucky he was to have been adopted by a good family and yet it guaranteed nothing, no amount of education saved him from the bottle and in a sense many would say his drinking lead to his death although we cannot actually place ourselves in his shoes and then narrate the circumstances of his last few days but it could be said that if he hadn’t of relied so heavily on alcohol then he may have followed quite a different path. In my honest opinion I think he died of a broken heart, sounds romantic doesn’t it? but in reality it is far from it; in reality the pain suffered when losing a loved one eclipses all else and destroys the ability to think properly, each day lurches into the next everything tainted by the deepest pain, a real physical pain that grabs the gut and twists without mercy and the heavy agony that grips the throat and tears it sandpaper like and squeezes the air from your lungs, – some think they are lucky that they never feel this sheer, intense pain but then I often feel that those who have never loved have never lived and no matter how hard this pain hits you I would rather have lived with knowing such love in my life than to not have known this feeling.

love and peace be with you all and give your loved ones an extra hug for just being there and bringing love into your life.



The Raven

now I am not big on halloween, this may sound odd to anyone who knew my family, my mother was a practising witch along with other talents such as tarot reading etc, she never made a great deal of money at it if anything she died penniless and unhappy but for those who know me in my day to day life they always expect that thanks to my rather strange upbringing -mother was a full on pagan and practised everything from devil worship to spiritualism if it was a little out there she would generally chase it, suffice it to say the ‘family’ home was covered in huge paintings of various demons and the floors had pentagrams and magic circles surrounded with candles this didn’t really mesh well with northern middle class suburban england but then mother didn’t mesh well with anything or anyone, except perhaps maybe the devil ^_^, to be honest it just used to annoy me more than anything i never really brought anyone back to my home because those friends i did manage to make would never have understood and i much preferred being away from home anyway. From a young age around 13 I regularly either ran away or just stayed round friends until they got sick of me by 15 i had met my first husband and life went its own way then, now my mother as you can imagine became somewhat famous around our local community and i not only got used to being spoken to as ‘Maries’ daughter -it was like i never had a name of my own just Maries daughter- to everyone saying ‘ooh i bet you are looking forward to halloween’

well no actually I wasn’t

i always wanted to be my own person and to not be lumped in with my mother and it took many years before i would even mention her to anyone who had only known me and not my family. It’s hard enough living under the shadow of someone so controversial but to meet the rest of my family well lets say we surpassed the Adams family with both character and nefarious deed.

as I said from around 14 to 15 i was becoming my own person and was free of the restraints of my drugged up gypsy mother and my Victorian middle class free mason father and i left them all behind as far as i could i traveled to many places though the first husband was as annoying as the family i still felt happier just being away from the family.

eventually around ten years later i was so heartily sick of the first husband and indeed constantly travelling i came back to this tiny town and scary as it was i knew the town itself was beautiful and a safe place to bring children up in. As it happens life took charge once again and within moments of returning my second husband happened along with four kids a mortgage and here we are now twenty six years later and i still don’t like halloween

to me if it was a night when those who practiced witch craft or the dark arts were allowed to celebrate their life styles then you know i probably wouldn’t mind it so much but it isn’t that at all is it? nope and nope again it has become like quite a lot of things these days; nothing more than a glut of commercialization and consumerism, children are encouraged to go out and knock on strangers doors in what i call begging- because lets face it if you knock on someones door asking for food then you are begging, and that’s before we go down the road of sending innocent children to strangers houses and there are still urban legends of sweets being laced with all sorts of drugs i shudder with the whole idea.

there is also the idea that apparently i should love the this particular glutfest because i like writing horror stories, hmmm now i have always maintained that i am the most contradictory person you will ever meet so yes i love horror, i write horror, i watch only horror films, but i do not like halloween.

you know whats worse than this though? halloween is also my oldest daughters birthday and every year it gets hijacked with people dressed in stunningly awful costumes who drunkenly justify their inappropriate and ridiculous actions with the idea that ‘hey it’s halloween- let’s all crash the quiet house near the woods and unwittingly cause the old couple who live there quietly heart attacks and costly damage to their home’ although i don’t think their actual conversations go anything like that i think giggling swearing and .alcohol mixed with weed and whatever other substances the youth of today get their hands on in an effort to show the even younger ones how cool a role model they are and basically make up a conversation of ‘hey um we’re bored um what s to do um yeah that house lets go there, as so the cycle continues.

so there you go there is no witches, no pumpkins, no skeletons, at my house i do have one bowl which contains pre -made little bags of haribo and should anyone call on that night they will be given one little bag each and that’s it, the rest of the night is devoted to my oldest and helping her have a lovely night

although last year my second daughter  did come up with what i do think is a brilliant idea and that is we buy a pumpkin but it is not carved at all but set upon and altar of red velvet and each child that knocked on our door begging for sweets would be made to worship the pumpkin first, once they had bowed and said worshipful words to the great pumpkin then we would bestow upon them the one tiny bag of haribo i may even see if i can find the sour fizzy haribo ^_^

but be that as it may i still love a damn good poem and so here is The Raven as spoken by the rather excellent Christopher Lee

have a super excellent time no matter how you choose to spend it (but if you come knocking at my door be prepared to worship the great pumpkin)

love and peace to all



edgar allen poe

as promised here are the links i found to Mr Poe, again i haven’t actually had chance to check them out i am just listening to Mr Lovecraft first (and i must say it is jolly good!) these as far as i am aware are all audio books and free so go ahead enjoy and let me know if any links don’t work

Poe 1

Poe 2

Poe 3

Poe 4

Poe 5

hope you all enjoy these classics

love and peace to all



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