sigh, ouch

I wont beat around the bush I have ms (multiple sclerosis) and right now I am in like a heap load of pain but my addiction to world of blogging has completely taken over right now so I is not moving ! right!

I was musing on the idea earlier that  I wondered if america had the same regional accents that we in England like to adopt

I don’t mean our accents I mean like does someone from Atlanta say have an Atlantean accent or someone from Philadelphia no I cant write that out again ermm think of another american state but with a small name ermmmm Ohio that’s nice and easy, so does  ohio have its own accent ? if there any american friends reading this then I sure would appreciate you letting me know I may even have to go google the idea of regional accents like where do they start ? I am quite sure the first geordie

(some one from Newcastle; a rather large town not too far from me but it has the most awful accent I cant even understand them! I need in interpreter its like a foreign language!)

did not speak in such a ridiculous way and liverpool oh my gosh I have to smile each time I hear them they probably think the same about me and my accent ,

(do I have an accent? if so what name would it come under?   I shall poll the residents of this little town and see what we think of ourselves and our- if we have one-accent)


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  1. On accents in U.S., yes, definitely there are accents. I’ve lived in all four edges (Massachusetts, Texas, Montana, California) and the center (Nebraska) and so have been exposed first-hand. Southern (Florida to Texas) is the largest regional, with Alabama/Georgia (have relatives in each) the center, then Texas gets mixture of Western and Southern, Florida picks up Eastern. On the East Coast accent is mostly tied to class (yes, that exists here), so in Boston the upper crust has essentially no accent or even slightly British while the lower class (typified by ‘Southie’ (South Boston)) is the strongest. The most extreme Boston accent (probably the most extreme in U.S.) completely mystified my father (an Okie, another regional “drawl”) and took me a while to learn. Same thing further south in NYC and Jersey, even into Phila – strongest accent is correlated with lower class. Of course, despite U.S. propaganda these patterns were all set in place by the early waves of immigration as class was brought along on the boat, so no surprise in Boston of Brits on top, Irish and Italian on the bottom. The southern accent is more widely spread across class and is also a source of continuing rebellion against the rest of the country (our “Civil War” of 1860s is now known as “War of Northern Aggression” as the south would like to start up round 2 of it, which is silly since they control the country’s politics anyway). Moving west the accent is reduced and there are pockets, but again tied to class (given the mobility in U.S. most of the moneyed class are usually more recent, so you need multiple generations in same place for the accent to develop). Generally in the west accent is minimal since most of the people in the west are from somewhere else (it’s was years I was in California before I actually met anyone born in California). LA, being a trend-setter is all things, developed among the kids, Valley-Girl accents, which was rapidly copied by teens in other parts of the country. Of course there are some accents overlaid on ethnicity as well, primarily black patterns, where urban and rural are completely different as well, some places with a little influence of native americans (overflows into general population in South Dakota), some Asian influence in the Pacific states. Steinbeck said, in Travels with Charley, that Montana was the only place in U.S. without accent, which is amusing, since Montana has very small population and therefore one could label their accentless speech just another isolated regional accent. When I moved to Montana I had strong Texas accent and of course was known as Tex. It took years in Montana and another move to Nebraska before my Texas accent went away (30 seconds in Dallas and it comes back). I don’t have a very good ear for accents so the ones I describe aren’t very subtle so I suspect language experts could find lots more. When I was working in Japan our U.S. team once asked the Japanese if they could hear our accents, which we exaggerated for them – they couldn’t hear them at all single English was so foreign to begin with. Americans can mostly distinguish Australian, New Zealand, Canadian (very slight), Irish, Scot, and British, but rarely the subtle differences within those (for instance, I can usually tell difference between west and east Canada but that’s because I’ve worked with representatives from each). I think accents are like the biological notion of species, they require isolation and limited cross-breeding to develop. There are still places in U.S. where they rarely encounter anyone from outside their immediate region, but OTOH, in the coasts (the more globalized part of U.S.) there is some much mixing that accents don’t survive.

    1. that’s brilliant! thank you for such an informative and interesting answer, i apologize for showing my ignorance but i love to learn and its fascinating, i love that there are strong regional dialects and i love the diversity, it would seem there are as many, if not more, dialects over there than here! this is so cool i love that you adopted more than accent and i love when you said ’30 seconds back in dallas and it comes back’ because my mums side of the family came from Yorkshire in particular Halifax which has its own recognizable dialect, in fact i often quote i am certified to sing ‘on ilkly moor bah tat ‘ because of this and just like you i only need to be with spitting distance of Yorkshire and suddenly there i am speaking in some broad Halifax accent! and it steals over me! i have no knowledge til i hear hubby or the kids sniggering at me! i prefer the almost non accent of my tiny town, but i know that really my lack of accent was due to my upbringing , my father worked for an american company he was a petrochemical engineer and was sent to various countries for 2 to 3 years at a time and so the constant moving about left myself and my brother with no accents to speak of ,
      thank you again this has to be the winner of the most excellent comment on a post 🙂 thank you for taking the time to answer and to write such a brilliant answer as well! i really appreciate it and i have learnt from it too and i love now that i have a more informed image of america which to me is this huge, huge place that has huge, huge houses! every time we watch something on the tv, set in america, first thing we say is ‘i want that house’ doesn’t matter which house is shown they all look like mansions to me 🙂 now i appreciate that’s not always going to be the case but when you live in tiny, tiny house in a tiny town with lots of children and dogs just about most homes anywhere look like mansions 🙂 i hope you have a super fab evening/day xx

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