i can see clearly now lorraine has gone

i been in this ‘ere blogging world a while now,

leans back on the old rocking chair and taps pipe aginst side of the old rickety table, adopting very best old yorkshire accent-

at least two months, and i am seriously starting to see trends, categories of bloggers, seems to me that really, there are just a few really good blogs and then the rest, well pfffffft is bouts the only sound i can make!

the catagory of everyone be nice / lets all think nice thoughts / be nice to each other/ourselves is vastly oversubscribed and i have had to pick a top few of which i will read, because they write well and clearly and they are genuine people, making a good point in a caring way and actually do care, the rest are as fake as the day is long and merely write what they think makes them sound like a nice person or they will win followers or become freshly pressed,

adopts wise old yorkshire person narrowed eyes look and takes long draw of the pipe, watching as smoke curls lazily around the room

people, think about it, and write from the heart! failing that post a pretty picture because i would rather look at a pretty picture than read another load of poorly written schmaltz,

stokes the fire and taking a longer than is actually necessary look at which log to throw on the fire, chooses a thick fat log and smiles as a beetle skitters off into the darkened corner, after placing it with some care making a person think why so much attention to detail to a log that is ,merely, going to be burned? and why do people use the word merely when trying to defend themselves when a simple apology is what’s needed? i was merely trying to help? no you were offensive just say sorry and get on with it, –

now some folks fall into the category of thinking they wrote a post with some kind of meaning, some insight they think we should all be made aware of and nine times out ten its something i already knew or i didnt attach any importance too, i can almost see them scratching their head thinking ‘oh this should get some attention’, sometimes they will write something negative and even offensive/insulting perhaps to elicit some kind of response, i tend to just raise my eyebrow and move on to another blog,

looking up at the brown cloudy covered ceiling, stained through many years of pipe smoking, the patina adopting the matrixing of adventures of swashbuckling heroes sailing mountainous seas, with at least one image of jesus peeking out, with what is hoped is a wise look on his face,  from behind a nicotine stain cloud, contemplation taking over for a second or two before returning to creaking motion of the woodworm infested chair, the pipe smoke cradles the wizened and wrinkled old head for a moment

others tend to fall into a holier than thou kind of attitude telling us, the reader, our lives should consist of this or that or not to have this or that in them, i raise my eyebrow a little further at these because i don’t like people who try to judge my life without even knowing me, and who are they to judge or even presume to know they have the answers anyway? what works for one person will not always work for another, because luckily we are all different, and i like that,

i also like when people just accept rather than try and tell me what my life should consist of,  some of my best friends in this world are my best friends because they accept who i am rather than try to tell me who i should be, they let me be the decision maker of what is for me meaningful in my life, and they accept the decisions i make, no matter what they are, because they don’t judge and they don’t judge and then go ahead and judge but say ‘oh i didn’t mean to judge you’ what you accidentally judged me? hmmm

the hour is late and the fire glows, the eyes grow tired but the pipe doesn’t leave the hand that is gnarled and leather skinned, the eyebrows furrow

of course there is always the political folks but i dont mind them, they are at the very least sincere, they blog because they feel strongly about their subject, i like that, i may not always read it but i do tend to because politics runs life, we are all slaves to politics even if we dont see it, the big guns run our countries, our money, our lives, and therefore for everyone that chooses to be part of that society they are subject to politics,   i find their blogs interesting and i often learn stuff from them, far more than other blogs who seek to debate yet choose weak subject matter for that debate and include insults and negative thoughts, debate is a healthy exchange of opinion backed up by facts and sources, not some person writing a thinly disguised rant, to be honest they usually lost my attention back at the opening gambit, lets face it if the title of the post already has an insult in it then it doesn’t bode well for an articulate or intelligent conversation piece now does it,

the fire dies down, a small gentle glow licks round the edge of the remaining blackened stump, the pipe rested on the three legged table the fourth leg has broken half way down yet the little table still stands, testament to time and the belief in the idea that three legs is enough, and the head begins to nod, the eyes have closed and a general slumping in the now still chair leads to the idea of are they asleep? the hope they havent you know died or something! wondering if it would be rude to poke the body to ascertain life or lack of vitality, mutterings are heard so quiet its a strain to hear and its impossible to tell if lips moved

there are other categories but i do not judge and i will not label them here, but i read them because they do write from the heart,

now bugger off and let me get some kip



44 responses

  1. LOL That’s brilliant 😀 I don’t often get a chance to read your blog, what with work and everything, and I kinda feel bad because you’re always visiting mine and leaving comments… so I’m going to try and stop by more often. Especially when you write class posts like this LOL

    I haven’t come across much negativity myself…. I did stumble upon a post from some paranoids who thought the closing ceremony of the Olympics was just the Illuminati and the New World Order flaunting themselves…. I didn’t mind that, but it was the comments about the British people that really pissed me off. Words like “disgusted” and “offensive” were frequently used… Like all 70 million of us collectively decided to stick two fingers up at the world. I nearly responded but I refused to sink to their level. I was afraid I might drown in the sewage. (Sorry for the image that’s now in your head LOL)

    I just have one question… who’s Lorraine? Every time I hear that name, I think of Lorraine Chase… Luton Airport, ooo-eee-oooooo 😛

    1. 🙂 its the punch line from an old joke 🙂 i cant remember it much but like the wide mouthed frog joke when i first heard it i was choking with laughter the tears rolling down my face you probably had to be there:) have a fab evening 🙂

      1. found it here goes :-
        There was a guy and he had a girlfriend called Lorraine. She was very pretty and he liked her a lot.

        One day he went to work to find that a new girl had started working there. Her name was Clearly, and she was absolutely gorgeous.

        He began to like her and after a while it became obvious that she was interested in him too. But, he was a loyal man and he wouldn’t get involved with Clearly while he was still going out with Lorraine.

        He decided that there was nothing for him to do but to break up with Lorraine and date the new girl. He planned several times to tell Lorraine but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

        One day as they were walking along the river bank, Lorraine slipped and fell in to the river. The current carried her off and she drowned.

        The guy stopped for a moment by the river and then ran off smiling and singing…” I can see Clearly now Lorraine is gone…”
        Read more at http://www.ebaumsworld.com/jokes/read/434716/#gqHJeQikkj7dOUeE.99

    2. Here Here Richard! On all counts!

      1. And Kizz…that joke? OMG….baaaaad (but so damn funny!)

  2. I’m so glad you said this and I love the style in which you said what I have often thought and told my sister: “I think she’s making that all up!!” and “All he wants is more followers and bigger stats!!” and “There’s down and then there’s going-to-stay-down, feel-sorry-for-myself-all-the-time, never-write-about-the-good-parts and she’s got tons of followers, every one of whom feel sorry for her!! I don’t get it!!” and “We have nothing in common, they never comment or like, so why are they following me? Do they think I’ll automatically follow? Is it a numbers game?”

    You’re a rare gift, Miss Kiz!! A rare one indeed and I’m so grateful and blessed that our paths have crossed!!

    1. P.S. You do know that from now on I’m going to picture you sitting before the fire in a old rocking chair, smoking your pipe and contemplating things, don’t you?!? 😀 You’re paying me back for making you envision all those lines in your head, aren’t you?!? 😀

      1. 🙂 my kids would go mad i dont smoke or drink or allow anyone to smoke or drink in or near my house
        🙂 and those lines are still there 🙂 they have become part of the scenery 🙂 xx

    2. aww thank you my lovely for such a wonderful comment i guess i am just not easily fooled and i look at hundreds of blogs but as in life i can see straight through people and so if i have followed or commented on a persons blog it is rare and genuine because i see so many that are vacuous, inane, fake, or offensive, drives me a bit mad trying to find a good blog 🙂 hope you are having a restful sunday, thinking of you xx

  3. This was awesome and funny, kizzy. Also, my fallback strategy is to post either a picture of my cats, my dog, or clouds.

    1. thank you my friend, and i like all of them pictures 🙂 have a super evening xx

      1. Many thanks, and you as well!

  4. Wow, you had the courage to say what we were all thinking… Kudos!

    1. hiya lovely thank you for your comment though i didnt see it as brave just pointing out the obvious 🙂 hope you are having a lovely weekend and a relaxing sunday 🙂 xx

  5. funny old world isnt it! i have noticed a trend of less views but more followers lately lol, but i will happily blog my own way and stats be damned (which is hard for a numbers guy like me)

    1. hiya, see stats mean nothing to me, i never look and i dont care to either i seriously have no interest in following blog ‘rules’ that i see mentioned, i dont shape my blog according to what others want. i shape it to what i want. if i gain friends along the way then that’s a great bonus but i will not do anything to gain anything. i dont like the term ‘followers’ so i never use it and i have no interest in making my posts ‘appeal’. to others if they like then then cool but i wont use any of the blogging ‘advice’ given out to readers on how to ‘improve’ their blog, i dont like it, i would rather have a genuine blog warts and all and to the devil the stats, to this day i have no idea how many hits any of my posts have had and i dont want to know either i didnt write them for ;hits;i have no idea of how many friends choose to follow my posts and i dont even know how i would find out how many viewed any of my posts,, please dont tell me i really dont want to know, i have no interest in writing for anyone but myself i love the making of new friends 🙂 and i love to read other blogs thank you for your comment and thank you for being my friend have a lovely evening 🙂 ps i hope your book does well wishing you success with that one !

      1. i agree with you im writing as therapy for me and if i help others along the way then thats a bonus

  6. Great post, and so true. I blog to share funny stories or experiences and hope that others will enjoy them too. (Otherwise I’d just spend all my time talking to the dogs or myself. 😉 And you’re right, ya find the group of bloggers who “speak to you” and whose posts resonant and ya stick with that. Thx for keeping it real. 🙂

    1. hiya lovely thank you for your comment and talking to dogs is cool otherwise i wouldn’t be able to have the lengthy conversations i have with my dogs 🙂 i love it when my chi actually looks at me intently like he understands every word i am saying 🙂 i hope you are having a lovely sunday evening 🙂 xx

  7. Bravo!!!! Very well written and narrated, too. Way to go!

    1. thank you that’s one of the nicest comments i have ever had , thank you for saying such a lovely comment and thank you for being my friend , i hope you have an excellent day 🙂 xx

      1. I hope you had a great day along your life’s journey.

  8. Kizzy – you are great, and yes we have all seen through the smoke and mirrors of some blogs…I love how you call a spade a spade! Great job 🙂

    1. hiya lovely glad i am not alone but you know i am still finding my feet here plus i am slow so all this actually came to me a week or two ago but being poorly plus i am so easily distracted as you know 🙂 meant i only just got round to saying it 🙂 and its the northern part of me i think we spend most of our time with one eyebrow slightly raised 🙂 have a great day xx

      1. Good thing there are no deadlines on thoughts…they get to swim around in our heads until good and ready to come out and be enjoyed by others! and I hear ya on the easily distracted…seems the older I get the more I get distracted! have a lovely day too! xo

  9. Kizzy you are a star! The honesty here is perfect. And your style is brilliant. I love telling it like it is and love that you do the same. It’s the ONLY way to be. Keep at it…it’s great.
    How are you feeling? Hoping for more good days than not so good. Hate the thought of your having such bad days.

    1. yay my lovely rhonda! i was so looking forward to hearing your opinion on this, as you know i have a few select whom i look to and you are right up there at the top of them and i was looking and looking and worried you hadn’t commented but then i am so very impatient 🙂 i am worse than a kid at school saying to my favourite teacher look look look what i done ! 🙂 thank you for your lovely comment, i truly appreciate it and i can rest a little while now 🙂 and thank you for your kindness and lovely thoughts today i go to docs for more test at 11 so a bit apprehensive but i will feel a whole heap better once it is done and i am home ! have an excellent day my gorgeous rhonda and big big thank you for being my friend xx

      1. i know, should we get lucky enough to work out meeting when i am in london, that we are going to get on famously. we are very similar in a lot of ways Kizz…and our no filtered truth is but one. It’s after 1pm there now…I hope you are home and surrounded by the sound of your kids and the smells of cupcakes. no place like home!

  10. I don’t understand why your posts don’t automatically show up in my reader ’cause I follow you…grr…so now I’m late to the party..I loved your post (and I thought the joke was funny in a groaning kinda way)..When I first started reading I thought ‘uh oh’ kizzlylee is calling me out for being a sham! That’s my own horrid self-view my love, nothing you have ever said or implied. But you are right – there’s a lot of wind blowing through blog-o-land and certainly some holier-than-thou people who profess too know the right way to do stuff when we all know that there are a million right ways. I’m jealous of our girl Rhonda for she may get the awesome chance to meet you..how fun will that be for you both? I’m just going to send my love and applause for your terrific post…xox, m

    1. mim you horror i was just this minute go rest and now i see you saying such things i have look at you severly and say pfffft! woman you are up there on the top , you and rhonda have my undying respect and love and my dear your blog without me saying anything is one of the best about and if you dont have the confidence to believe that i shall stand and say pffft at you repeatedly 🙂 love your blog, love you and you were the other person beside rhonda that i was waiting for a comment on this post now i can rest as i have you both commented so remember you is the bestest of friends and writes one of the bestest blogs now dont make me go pffft at you no more 🙂 love you mim xxx

      1. Lol…ok, no more pffting – it takes too much energy. Go rest, will check on your beautiful self tomorrow…love you xoxox,

  11. Hi Kizzylee. Wow what a post & I agree with you. If you had a pencil you would write with both ends at the same time. I like your style, Am following you out of idle curiosity. 😉

    1. hi, and thank you for your comment 🙂 idle curiosity works for me it is in fact the cause of the most trouble in my life if only i had not succumbed to idle curiosity on concentrated on the task in hand but then i wouldnt be me 🙂 have an excellent day and thank you for becoming my latest friend 🙂

      1. Hi friend.:) Hugs 😉

  12. Hi Kizzy, Great post, simply great. 🙂

    1. thank you pen for your lovely comment and continued support and friendship,
      i hope you have a wonderful day xx

      1. Thanks kizzy, my pleasure my friend, I hope you have a very good day also. Hugs to you too! 🙂

  13. How wonderfully refreshing – almost enough to blow away the foul pipe and wood smoke – hope the Yorkshire accent is good 🙂 The trends you mention are very true and rather baffling at times but with time you have an instinct that starts to clang bells of warning.

    1. hi, thank you for commenting on my post i just kinda like to waffle 🙂 i should be good at yorkshire accents my family on my mothers side tend to hang around there though i dont have anything to with them i claim semi yorkshire through blood 🙂 have a super day and thank you for being my latest friend xx

  14. So far you’re falling into the category of “I like your writing”. I appreciate the honesty and humor.

    1. hi, thank you, that is a a brilliant compliment thank you, i still dont think of myself as a writer i guess one day i will 🙂 i think i do to many other things to be put under any one label i am always something and also something else, but in my mind the only label that is there in my mind is mum i am mum to four kids and proud of it 🙂 the rest is just detail 🙂 but it does mean a lot to me when poeple like yourself compliment what i do, it makes me feel good and boosts the old confidence, so thank you for commenting, thank you for complimenting, and thank you for being my latest friend 🙂 i hope you have a great day 🙂

  15. The kizz speaks much truth! Me likes. Nicely done.

    1. thank you i am glad you like it, i was as always just waffling on 🙂 thank you for becoming my latest friend and i hope you have a good day 🙂

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