whisper whisper

tappety tappety tappety, the clicking of the keyboard keys and she was furiously typing her thoughts, the screen filling over and over, no longer caring if anyone would read or press the like button, she typed and typed, it all came spilling out, the words slowly going fuzzy but she didn’t need to see what she had written she had lived it, this was her life, her mind , all embroidered on the surface of the computer screen this was her Bayeux tapestry she smiled to herself as she thought that but her fingers kept up with typing,

she wasnt even sure if it was coherent any more, the hour was late, she knew instinctively the hour was late, the house was quiet save only for the tappety tapping of her fingers on the keyboard, which would surely be warm from her constant tapping, could you make fire from constant tapping ? did it work the same way as stick rubbing but just took longer and burnt the ends of your fingers? she wasnt even concentrating on what she was typing any more, it had taken on a mind of its own the tappety tapping was just flowing through her fingers, she could paint a picture with a brush in her mouth and still the story would flow through her and communicate to the screen without her even knowing , is this ghost writing ? no they wouldnt know what to type, only her subconscious mind knows the story,

slowly growing conscious of how quiet the immediate world around her was, she started noticing small things taking on an unnatural significance as if someone had a metaphorical highlighter and was marking them out to her , the lamp next to her growing lighter then dimming, and still she typed, the curtains moving slightly as there was a breeze, yet no window was open, and still she typed, hmmm how could there be a movement with no breeze her head tried to turn slightly to take in what was causing this, yet her mind refused to let go of the task in hand and still she typed, the highlighter carried on showing her small details, there was a wet feeling on her face, just below her mouth, she tried to focus on where exactly, kind of from the corner of her mouth, wetness,

through the fuzzy concentration she wanted to figure how and why and still she typed, through the constant tappety tappety typing she heard a tiny whisper, and still she typed, the whisper was heard again just on the edge of hearing, just outside of the understanding like when someone shouts something at you on the bus, they are outside the bus mouthing words at you inside the bus, you can hear something, but have no idea what they are saying, and still she typed, surely this story must nearing the end she wanted so much to hear what the whisper was trying to say, and yet she typed on and on, the whisper grew closer and her head desperately wanted to turn to it and listen, really listen to what it was saying, yet she typed, and typed, and finally the whisper came to her ear,

and it said


you need to stop

and come with me

your time has come

When they entered the apartment they noticed the smell first, it is never nice , the smell of a long decomposed body, they went about the grisly business of taking details, all the forensic stuff, the nitty gritty business of dealing with yet another death in the city, and eventually clearing away the body, as they were leaving the scene of the crime one of the men looked back and said

‘you know i could swear i heard something, it was quite difficult to make it out but you know it was like some sort of tapping noise’

written by kizzylee just now 7.30 pm august 23 2012, copyright protected i am afraid folks this one is mine, i wrote it so dont take it please:)


24 responses

  1. Brilliant kizzylee…brilliant! How are you feeling today my lovely friend? xo

    1. hiya gorgeous feeling better now but had to rest most of today hope you got my message earlier? and thank you for liking this 🙂 i just sat and waffled just now as i usually do and this kind of came out i probably should do stuff like write a draft first but i never do i prefer just to sit and write and whatever comes out is there:) i write a few stories but never consider myself an author or writer:) just do it when i feel like it 🙂 be with you later children calling love you mims xx

      1. I didn’t get your earlier message – I’m sorry…I think the way you write is perfect and I like that it’s unfiltered..And yes, my dear one you are a writer whether or not you feel that way…:-) Please rest as you need…love you my friend..xx

    2. aahh knew i had put it in the wrong place! i was just trying to say i tried to put my email on my gravatar thingy 🙂 least think i did 🙂 have a super evening xxx

      1. I can find it..if it’s ok to use it, I will check in that way..have a wonderful evening..xox

      2. i put it there for you it was only way i could think of at the time i am not good with with my gravatar thingy took me ages to work out how to use the darn thing 🙂 xx

      3. I’m going to send you an email – let me know if you get it??xx

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes | Reply

    Ha! This was great. I could really picture it, & loved the ending 🙂 The lamp dimming, the tiny whisper of a breeze – really great!

    1. thank you my friend i really appreciate your lovely comment , means a lot to me when people genuinely like what i do , i know the family like it but they have to, they live with me :):) so its nice to find when others who are not related to me like it 🙂 i write a whole heap of little stories like this i dont even know if i can write long ones 🙂 never tried 🙂 thank you again for being so lovely i hope you have a great evening xx

      1. WordsFallFromMyEyes

        Pleasure KizzyLee, it was genuinely a great tale.

  3. Fabulous Kizzylee!! So evocative, and I love the cadence and drama you build with the rat-a-tat-tat of the keystrokes! I daresay you have found your calling, my friend!! 🙂

    1. aww thank you my lovely friend , my daughter has just been saying she has been telling me for years to become a writer but i do tend to think no one will like the stuff i write 🙂 perhaps it is time to dust off the stories i have gathering in a dark corner under my computer i write them and store them on disk i did once let a friend read them but she never gave me the book back and that was back in the day when everything was written out on paper, and i was so upset took me ages to write again, and i never gave to anyone else any, this is first time i showed anyone since then who wasn’t immediate family, my daughter says i should try self publishing but i find it all a bit scary so for now i shall just share the odd one on here:) thank you for your lovely comment i really appreciate it i hope you have a lovely evening xx

      1. You *definitely* need to trust your instincts and dust those puppies off, girl!! Your daughter is right–you have a gift!! You have a lovely evening as well…. 🙂

  4. I agree 110% with Lori…you ARE and writer…you are a GIFTED writer…and your daughter is also correct…self publish…but I dare say Publish Period! You are a gift to the written word my brilliant friend!

    1. thank you my gorgeous friend as you know i value your opinion very highly, and to receive praise from you is the best ever and i am now feeling proper good 🙂 tomorrow i shall go look at all my stories i may have to proofread my dyslexia does mean my spelling is often adventurous 🙂 sometimes half the puzzle is working out what i was trying to say 🙂 thank you for writing such a lovely comment and i am so very happy now thank you 🙂 i hope you have a fab evening my gorgeous friend xx

      1. Kizzy, if you EVER need a proof reader…just say so. There are simple ways to transfer documents and I would love nothing better than to be of assistance in getting you published! And I MEAN it.

      2. thank you my gorgeous friend that is such a kind offer and it would be such hard work but i really appreciate your offer i shall definitely go hunting under the computer tomorrow i know where all my old discs are i have like a zillion not all stories lots of stuff all my pictures and everything sometimes i am good and remember to back up my hard drive, so i have like a few zillion discs to go through because you know me clever as i was in saving to disc i rarely labelled a disc with a title that made sense 🙂 they nearly always just say back up and then some date from years ago 🙂 after i have gone square eyed in searching through them all i will let oldest look through first, she will let me know which are worth seeing the light of day 🙂 ok i shall have to run away quickly now my youngest has put pocahontas 2 on in my room and its just started to sing! my poor ears! loves you rhonda have a fab and disney song free evening xx

  5. A Dog With Fleas | Reply

    What a great story. It had me hooked from very beginning to the end!! So glad I came across your blog and can’t wait to read more!! Great work!! 🙂

    1. thank you very much for your lovely comment, i am very glad you liked it, i am surprised by how well it was received and the more people like your kind self like it the more it gives me confidence to test out the waters as a writer i still find it very daunting the writing bit is easy but the publishing is so hard i ran for cover last night when trying to research it 🙂 but to come on this morning and find such a lovely comment from you has made my day and given me the kickstart i needed to find out some more about how to gewt my stories into a book form so thank you again for your kind comment and i really appreciate your thoughtfulness and friendship, i hope you have a wonderful day xxx

  6. kizzy, you are a riot! I’ve been reading one post after another and you have quite a talent with your writing. This story reminds me of the Rod Serling Twilight Zone series from the late 50s early 60s. I am now following you 🙂

    1. thank you for your gorgeous comment i very much appreciate it 🙂 thank you for becoming my latest new friend i hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  7. I think you may have just written about where I am going and how I am going to get there. I liked this a lot, Kizzy. It’s a style that I’ve done before, that first person rhythmic, almost like a poem, going on and on, but you end better than I ever do.

    That was great. I hope you share more of your stories, or post more of them than you already have, perhaps even new stuff. You are a real writer. And I am pleased to meet you – again.

    1. *blush* why thank you kind sir but you are super nice and i am unsure -as always- i deserve such kind words, the problem i have though is each story each body of work becomes an intensely personal item, it becomes quite definitely my baby, joining the long lines of other babies yet to be born- i say that because i have a computer full of half written ideas! i cannot sit five minutes without an idea popping up, i keep little notebooks with me all the time so i can jot down the myriad of stories most of them start with a what if ^_^ i also have to confess i am unlike other writers in that my writing is personal, and for the most part it is just for me, someone once said write the sort of stories you would want to read and thus my writing became mine and just for me, so in that sense i do not really welcome others reading what is essentially mine ^_^ sounds odd doesn’t, i may well be the only writer in history who doesn’t want others hanging around reading my stuff, my poor hubby has never been allowed to read any of it! i have in the past been scolded because i released my third book i think it was and put up a post telling everyone i would let them buy it but under no circumstance were they allowed to put a review or feedback, i don’t really take on board feedback because i am not writing for anyone else but me i tend to break all the rules and in fact if some so called educated person tells me about a particular rule i take time to write something that breaks not only that rule but any others i can think of ^_^ it’s the rebel in me i am not entirely sure why i am like this it may be the romany in me coming out ^_^ if you read any of my ‘about me stuff’ you will come across the idea that my mother was a romany gypsy well it’s more complicated than that but its all can thing of as to why i am this way ^_^ anyways my son is demanding the computer so i have to go once again though thank you for being my friend my adopted virtual brother and for your kind words and all these i appreciate, have a great day trentle! the sun is shining see if you can get outside with your wonderful family and have some down time its in my plans for sure ^_^ love ya brother x

      1. I hear that. And I sigh. I used to write for myself. Volumes and volumes of things that I put away. But now I feel like I want to share my stories, my vision – whatever that may be, however good or bad. I hope you get to that point too, if that’s what you want, but I greatly respect that you want to keep it for yourself and your own soul. For what it’s worth, I think you are a good writer. I think you can tell stories that make people want to read them.

        Glad I met you, Kizzy. I have honestly not met anyone else around quite like you, and I think that’s great. Sooner or later, the personality I ascribe to you will end up in a story, it always seems to work that way when I meet interesting people.

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