the facts of life or how trying to publish a book is not that easy

so after working my wee fingers to the bone writing stories editing and correcting, then finally bringing it all together i hit the publish thing and first i am told i have to be in epub yup fine thats cool as long as you put it in epub for me, publishing thingy reckons it will, so save and on to next page you need an isbn, yup ok i can understand that aint never seen a book without one plus i will feel like a proper writer then so go ahead hit me with that barcode thingy, huge page of gobbledy gook going on at me about american stuff paying tax and other long and difficult words that i dont deal with during the day very well so sat here in bed last thing at night -probably not the right time to approach this, but i see it this way (i tilt my head to one side it always looks different then) i know everyone has to pay tax thats cool i am a tax payer here in little old blighty and i have no qualms about paying any in usa thats not me problem mucker no me problem is i dont live in america and all them complicated letters with all them forms you was waffling on about, you know that bit that went all fuzzy before it swam in front of my eyes, well i dont got them, i dont live there, can you not just take it from me at the point of sale or something? that would be so much easier for everyone,

you see i live in england where the jolly old government kindly takes it off me before i even see what it was, they think it saves the bother of making us faint when we see how much it is, if there is money left our teeny tiny wage slip, they will tell us then laugh as they take it in council tax which is so maddening because what was all that damn income tax for then? huh? see england is good at stealth taxing they find numerous ways of parting us with our money before we get it and often we dont know; hence the name stealth tax, we try to use a road say, you know just a little drive to the shops, oh yes car tax, we buy some clothes oh yes vat, and the list goes on but you know it saves me having to think about how much i give them because they done gone and took it anyway, so dear usa tax peoples give me my isbn and just tax me at point of sale or have i got to start taking a darn college course in figuring out how much i am supposed to give you? like i said i dont mind paying just dont make me go adding numbers and stuff my brain will melt, so i didnt really get any further my poor netbook lost connection i think it was scared at the thought of having to do math, we are well suited me and my netbook 🙂 tomorrow i shall try again and this time i may get to a bit where i actually get to put my stories in 🙂

i seriously am not going to do any darn promoting stuff either i swear it has whole sections on what i should do to promote i decided best thing was to go get a cuppa and some chocolate when i got back it still hadnt gone away, i cursed a little and then clicked on something else, i just wont do it you see the way i see it, this is already too much work and i just dont do self promoting, if i write something and people like it fab, if they had paid to read it even more fab but i am not going to give talks about why i was motivated to do it or hold promotion awareness days and certainly not going to visit anywhere or ring people, god i hate talking on the phone to people i like i am certainly not going to pick up the phone and talk to people i dont know, nope i have this kind of winnie the pooh thing going on; i shall set my little boat/book to sea in the world of fiction and see if it gets noticed:) if it does then i am one happy girl i may even say woot on occasion and the more it sells the more i may add a ‘yeehar’ in here and there on no occasion will i give an interview or speech of any kind i am working on no one knowing who i am 🙂 anyways i dont hold with that fame thing i couldnt face waking up and knowing people know me and worse still see a picture of me somewhere! ack that would be horrid! plus i have my kids to think about my son definitely couldnt cope so i wont put him or my other kids and me through any of that i will just remain the writer no one knows 🙂 it has a mysterious air about and some french phrase that i dont quite know what it is 🙂 ok i reckon i got that off me chest now time for bed 🙂 please remember folks  am just waffling on this is not a rant nor any kind of attempt to cause offence at anyone just me having a little waffle at bedtime

sweet dreams everyone 🙂


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  1. where are you publishing? if its smashwords or amazon i may be able to help 😀

    1. hiya , thank you for your very kind offer of help i may well need it so far i have only registered with one company lulu it seemed so easy until i clicked the isbn page thats when it got all difficult and they started writing in some foreign language about tax and forms and living in america so in the end i talked to hubby and he suggested finding another company in england so later i shall do just that but i am more than open to any advice you may have , in a sense it was reading your blog that gave me the confidence to go ahead, i have been reading all about your writing/publishing and i follow every post you write i dont always know what to comment or say but i do read it and i thought you had such determination and it was inspiring so it gave me the incentive to gather what confidence i could, i am very lucky in that i received such a wonderful response to a small story i wrote on here and my friends here are so wonderfully supportive, so along with them and yourself for the first time in my 46 years on this planet i actually thought ‘ i can do this’ and i tried , now i have come this far i wont stop trying but i will find an easier way 🙂 and i thank you very much for this comment and will appreciate any help or advice you can give i am more than grateful ,

      i hope you have a good day and i wish you every success with your venture, 🙂

      1. i havent used lulu but smashwords and amazon create the isbn for you. I will have a look round lulu and see if i can find anything.

      2. aahh thank you i didint know that maybe smash then is the way to go i used lulu because it weas free i dont have money it gets eaten up by the mortage and children once these things are caterd for i have nothing 🙂 but happy that i have a home to live in and four gorgeous kids 🙂 i appreciate your help in this thnk you very much xx

        Start the Publishing Process:
        Click on the ‘Publish’ Tab. Click the ‘Self-Publish a…’ button and select Paperback books or Hardcover books.
        On the ‘Start a New Project’ page, enter a title and author name for your book. The author and title must use a Latin character set. Select the ‘Make it public and assign an ISBN to your title to sell your book in online bookstores like Amazon as well as the Lulu Marketplace’ option. Click the ‘Save & Continue’ button.
        Select the size and binding options that you decided on in the first step. Greyed out options are not available based on previous choices and unavailability for Distribution. Click the ‘Save & Continue’ button to move on to the next step.
        If you want a Lulu ISBN, click on the ‘Get a free ISBN from’ option. If you have an ISBN you purchased, click on the ‘Add an ISBN you already own’ option and fill in your ISBN information. Click ‘Save & Continue’. Where can I get my own ISBN?
        A page with information about what to do with your ISBN and a download-able barcode for one-piece covers will display. Click ‘Save & Continue’.

      4. yup thats the page i clicked on and it was nasty ! after that i lost connection the weather here was really bad last night i have to go out right now its my sons birthday but i will be back later and i will have another look at everything then thank you again for your help

      5. take a deep breath when you do and go nice and slow, i kept missing things right in front of me in my rush to get the damn thing done lol

  2. You will find a way kizzylee – without all the self-promotional stuff – because your stories are wonderful, there’s an audience that will gravitate to you (as they have here) and your creativity knows now bounds. I have faith in your wonderful self!!! hugs, m

    1. hello my gorgeous friend:) thank you for your kind words as always they give me a much needed boost i really appreciate having you in my life mims dont know what i would do with out you 🙂 thank you so much and i hope you have a wonderful day mims, i am off out with my son as you know today is his birthday so its me and him out for the day as soon as he is ready he is very excited he asked for money for his birthday its the best thing to do when they are autistic as there is nothing as hard as buying a present for an autistic child doesnt matter if they have an obsession that just opens up a whole new world of situations to get into, so instead we all gave him money and he gets to choose himself, that way we all know he is happy with what he gets, so we are shopping very soon and i will see you later exhausted no doubt, but happy as i watch my son happily playing with his new stuff i know for a fact all the money will go on sonic stuff 🙂 loves you mims xx

      1. Love you too kizzylee and wishing your son the happiest of birthdays!! I can’t imagine how much fun he will have spending the day with his mom and getting to buy something which excites him and makes him happy!! I have no doubt that you will be exhausted later, and yet thrilled that you had this day with your son. Enjoy each moment…xoxox

  3. Sounds like this self-publishing adventure may spawn a story or two in and of itself, Kizzylee! :-). Hang in there…..

    1. thank my lovely friend i really appreciate your comments and your friendship i am going to tak hubby’s advice today and find another company that is english it may be a bit easier and you are right i iamgine a whole book could be written! i hope you have a wonderful day xx

  4. I agree with you on all counts… I live in Norway, where we probably pay even more taxes than you do. I’ve recently published a book and promoting it is KILLING me, so I guess I need to stop.

    1. hi lovelythank you for commenting i was worried when i woke up thought i shouldnt have published this post i didnt want anyone think i was just whinging i ws being lighthearted about a very real problem so now i see i am not the only one and you re right take a rest there is no sense in doing more work promoting than it took to write the book plus it eats into the time when another book could be written thank you my lovely for commenting and making me see that i am not alone i really appreciate your friendship and support i hope you have lovely day and a restful one 🙂 xxx

  5. Well KizzyLee, enjoyed this, computers can be frustrating. I wonder how many people have smashed their computers? I always write rants during PMS week, thats why people think, wow, she complains a lot.
    We don’t mind. This post actually gave me some new information on publishing did not know.
    Have a great morning. 🙂

    1. thanks for commenting it wasnt a rant though as i said in the post it was just a waffle on last night about publishing i guess i fooled myself into thinking it was easy when really it wasnt 🙂 hubby was great though and today later i will follow his suggestions and see if that works for now though it is a day of fun it is my sons birthday and me and him are spending the day together doing whatever he wants to do
      i hope you have a great day 🙂

  6. Good luck! It’s a maze – hopefully someone who has published already will be able to help.

    1. hiya and yup you are right it seemed so easy the first page was all nice simple friendly then the second page came in for the kill talk about two faced 🙂 ahh well if i get through this bit then i will be a happy girl i have so many more stories waiting to be written and i dont want to sppend so much time on this bit that it stops me from writing thank you for commenting i appreciate your support i hope you have a super day xx

  7. Kizzy Lee – if I offended you in anyway I sincerely apologize, things in my life have been quite crazy lately, and there are no excuses….I love your comments and posts, sorry if I may have offended you dear Kizzy and Frodo, please forgive Liz. Many traumatic life changing events, my mother had her leg amputated, grandfather had a stroke, grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, so sorry if I offended you Kizzzy.
    I know my posts were not postive lately, trying to get back to positivity…miss you on my comments.
    You are such a sweet and kind person, seeing your comments each morning made me smile. Hope I didn’t drive you off wtih my negativity….Miss you Kizzy,,,Put you back on the blogroll, so sorry my mind has been frenzied as of late….

    XoXo to you and Frodo,


    1. oh my liz my lvely friend i am so sorry i didnt mean you to think that, i knew you hadnt been right off late but really it should be me apologising as i had no idea of what you were going through, i just knew you had put up posts then took them down again and it seemed like you were trying out different aproaches to blogging to me so i must apologise because it turns out you were having awful dilemmas to cope with, i am very sorry i thought you were experimenting, i only hadnt commented because i dont comment until there is a post that makes me feel like commenting i am sorry but i am like that with everyone some times i just dont know what to say so i dont comment,and i have this huge thing that is important to me and that is i will only follow or commenting when i genuinely fee like doing so because i hate fakeness i hate if someone just clicks like and hasnt read the post or if someone just comments because they are trying to drum up followers back to their blog i i am not like many bloggers in the sense that i will see all the posts as conversations with real people and i will only join that conversation if i feel i should or want to and i have something woirhtwhile to say, i dont as you know write for anyone and i wont follow rules of blogging i wont write in order to acheieve more followers and i certainlky wont write to get freshly pressed but its because i strive to be genuine in all that i do here and not because an person has upset me those i just unfollow 🙂 this morning is a classic example i had just over 90 message/posts to read through of these i commented on about six and clicked like on those plus 2 others, so as you can see i am very sparse with my commenting, i am so very sorry if my way of doing things has left you feeling upset i was just trying to keep it real, but please know you didnt offend me in any way as i said in my about place anything i write i have a smile on my face and it is usually tongue in cheek its my wy if i was offended at you i would have unfollowed you i do that mostly when people have written crap that i cant be bothered with i am quite strict in my blog world i will only follow and even comment if i really want to i am sory if that has meant it looked to you like i wasnt talking guess this is why we have to make the written word very clear though 🙂 my point in all worlds with just words is that too many meanings can come from the same sentence what i read as lght hearted some one else can take as not i am very sorry to hear about your mum nd your grandad i really hope they both have a quick a good recovery thoughi can apprciate that each will be left with a new situation i really hope they have the best they can in terms of help and support in their new situation, my friend though i dont want you falling any further into the abyss take a step back and as in the wise pen’s words just breath no need right no but to juust breath then know that i am your friend you have never done anything to have made me think of changing that and asi said long ago i like the way you think and i respect the way you put into words your feelings and ability to ‘talk straihgt’ remember my lovely it was me who gave you the superfab blog award? now i wouldnt change that and i hope you feel better and more confident in your abilities and more confident in our friendship after reading this you and me yup friends for as long as there is and really i kind of dont go away even when you tell me to 🙂 sriously woman you have my respect and my fiendship and i appreciate your freindship and support and if the truth be known i was waiting for your opnion on my little story i said then i had a few people whose opnion really mattered and i was waiting to hear from them but you never said now that is the one and only time my friend when i wondered why you hadnt commented, ok i have written a damn book as is my want this early on a morning i had come on to answer someone comments but my dear the minute i saw this i felt so compelled to answer you i have not even managed to get dresed yet and my poor dog is crossing her legs frodo i believe may have already found a corner to use so my friend it is me to apologise not you you have my respect and friendship and i really do hope you feel back to your normal lovable self very soon and if not do not worry i would still be your friend i am not so shallow as to leave you for no reason ! lok see i even used an excalmation mark there and i have been so trying not to use them lately 🙂 be well be rested be nice to yourself and just breath i am definitely here for you as i am sure are others xx

  8. Wow! I am so sorry you had to deal with all that. I agree with one of your commenters, just keep being you and doing what you do best – keep writing, it will happen! I personally think self-promotion sucks, but that’s just me! 🙂 take care of you and yours, Penny

    1. hiya pens thnk you for commenintg my lovely i am sorry this is going to be s hort reply cos frodo is joining in the typing i think he is trying to get my attention and it is very hard typing with a chihuahua licking your nose believe me, and thank you for your conituned supprt my lovely i do appreciate it i am going to try today to actually upload my book to the smashwords people i managed to spend a few hours yesterday formatting and other boringstuff and i had such troubles last night withn connection so today i am going to deman a place ona a proper computer i haveto fight four kids and a husband to get on this one 🙂 and i am going to finally upload the said book 🙂 oohh excited but for now i best go sort the dogs 🙂 their hopping dance whilst amusing is a bit noisy 🙂 hope you hae a fab day xx

      1. You too! kizzy. Best of luck with the book, I’ll buy for sure. 🙂 xx

  9. Wishing you lots of luck, kizzylee. I have still to start writing mine. 🙂

    1. thank my friend i very much appreciate your kindness and the writing bit is the fun bit its the evrything else that isnt 🙂 if icould just sit and write i would be happy i have like five more stories now waiting to be written but i am still fighting my way through sorting this publishing thing i cant complain though i still find it amazing that these companies exist and someone like me couldnt do this without them thats for sure , thank you for your lovely comment i hope you have a lovely day xx

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