this is definitely not advice

i dont give advice as such because being a rebel without a cause 🙂 i do not take well to being told which way i should do things 🙂 but i have found that often people have gained something from looking at the way i do things so what i will do is tell you what is important to me and why i do it, if from that you gain something and can use it in your own life thats great i love  to help 🙂 firstly i always think stress management, and one of the ways i deal with that because i am known to be a worry person is i decided to make myself consider my priorities ,

thats right i turn my face into a big round moon shape and tilt my hed forward and sport a slightly insane grin dont know where my body went though it was there seem to have lost it

see i have lots of stress areas i have a mortgage i have bills i cannot pay i have four children and a house that is never clean so i look at it this way

so i figure right i shall only stress about the big stuff anything important and more importantly anything which i can change right now if i cant change it right now there is no sense in stressing about it, so in my life my kids come first, above everything, because thats what makes me happy, you ask hubby he has been coming last for years 🙂 the same with the bills 🙂 only thing that always gets paid is the mortgage and that is because my children need a home , so i gets up around 5 30 and see to kids and dogs etc until around 9 30 after this my next thing i prioritize is my sewing and thats because its what brings in money for christmas, my kids and i love christmas and we go for it in this house; we love all forms of tacky decoration, 🙂  i love it if it lights up , i still have that magical wonder of a kid at christmas when i see a tree all light up and this year i am gonna light up my back garden too 🙂 this takes money so i do my sewing til my fingers hurt that is usually around 3 pm, which is great because thats when i have to go my kids from their various places of learning and bearing in mind they all go to a different place its quite a chore, after feeding them and organising whatever activities such as dancing or sports club around 9 pm ish they all migrate to my room and i get my tiny netbook out and settle them watching a dvd and start to type at my netbook my latest story, so there you have a satisfying day filled with being busy yes, but i am happy because the busy is what i want to do and that is where happiness lies my friends, its no good being busy if none of it is what you want to do, it just makes a person miserable, if you change it to things you do want to do then your life is instantly happier, priorities these are the things that should make you happy, not someone else, so i simply look at what makes me happy and i prioritize them first, stress, well always for me the best way is to be strong with myself and not allow myself to stress over anything i cannot change right now for instance if i get a bill friday but i dont get any money til monday then i put it away and dont think about it until monday then go pay it, well usually i just put it away 🙂 but you can pay it if you want 🙂 if it makes you happy 🙂 time management is all about finding a time for each thing in your life and i find the best way for time management is to place each thing i want to do in order of importance thus kids first , this all works for me i dont know if it works for you but if it does great 🙂 remember this is not advice its just how i do things 🙂 hope it helps 🙂 have a great day everyone

i promise updates on amazon soon as i go to the bank 🙂 i am reading first review and will post it later


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  1. This is the BEST non-advice column I’ve ever read! I love that you are a very busy, very happy, very wonderful, very loving woman and Mum Kizz. I bet the whole Christmas season at your home is magical…how could it not be. Happy Friday dear friend…hello to those fab kids of yours too!

    1. hiya gorgeous and thank you for your wonderful comment 🙂 and yup you have to go the whole way with christmas in our house i love it so much it’s one of the few times you can really get into the spirit of things and to build that sense of wonder and magic for kids is excellent mind i do think that are starting to work out that most of it is me 🙂 every year one of my little tradtiions i have is on christmas eve i dress up in a proper santa suit beard and everything and i knock on the window and hubby lets me in, and i talk with a deep voice and everything pretending to be santa popping by for a quick visit before going to work and i give them all a little pre christmas christmas present, then i always say i have to go and travel the world giving children their christmas great you think, right, except this year, because this year not so long ago i overheard my two youngest talking, my youngest had said “i wonder if the real santa will come by this year and not just mummy dressed as santa” and my son said “no it was santa but he borrowed mummys glasses” darn you know i really thought i had it worked out you know i been doing this for years now ahh well i told my oldest and she laughed and said its ok mam we shall pretend we dont know even when we are all grown up just for you 🙂 aahh well you gotta try 🙂 having a great friday got loads of writing done i sneaked a day off sewing shhh dont tell anyone 🙂 but it was great i love my latest book i am loving writing it 🙂 i think its the most fab thing i have ever written 🙂 got about 10,000 words so far so i am off to see if i can get some more done because strangely the kids are being quiet not sure if i should be worried or grateful 🙂 🙂 have a lovely evening rhonda my gorgeous friend xxlovesxx

      1. That….made my day. I love this story Kizz and can picture it so clearly in my mind. My Dad used to do the same, bless him, and I love you all the more knowing you have such a spirit in you.
        So happy for you on the newest book. And just tickled that you are enjoying it so much. That is truly the best of everything. I love how you love you life my dear friend, I just absolutely do!
        Love to you all

  2. Your joy and tremendous sense of self bubbles over in every line, Kizzy. Money may be short now and again, girl, but you are obviously rich in the things that really matter. So glad that you’re excited about your next book. Keep doin’ what you do, lovely lady, ’cause you bring joy to many…. :-). Hugs, Lori

    1. thank you lovely friend i was trying to help a friend see that no matter what was in her life she could still write, to me its not enough to say ‘oh i have kids i dont have the time to write’ when really all that was needed was a new way of looking at things , if i have helped any others see this too then that would be great, and to be honest i am not a person who considers money much, i am quite rubbish with the stuff i spend it soon as i get all on the kids 🙂 🙂 i do like it dont get me wrong but i am not materialistic and dont spend any time wanting things i am happy with my kids and thats all i need but i appreciate others are interested in making money so i try to see their side too 🙂 thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment and my eyes are going square i have written so much today but yes i am loving it 🙂 i really do think this is my best story so far 🙂 havea wonderful evening xx

  3. Ah Kizzy, you woman of boundless energy and light. I delight in your joy, in the way you prioritize and your abundant talent. Much luck with the next book – you are a wonder..

    1. hello lovely mims thank you for your gorgeous comment and i was at docotrs today they havent had results back from my eeg and they said my mri showed problems with my back but was inconclusive with my neck and brain, he changed my medication, again, but no further forward, they taking loads of my blood on monday and test it for everything under the sun 🙂 see what they can come up with from that. so that was just a quick update for you was going to email you but my eyes are already shutting 🙂 wonder if i can type with my eyes shut 🙂 i think typing is the one thing i need to be awake for 🙂 still thank god its friday yippee no school tomorrow and relaxing with the kids all the way woot 🙂 have a wonderful weekend my dear friend xx

      1. Have a restful fun weekend with your kiddies this weekend sweetie..I have my fingers, eyes and toes crossed that the news will continue to be reasonably good (if the eeg and mri of the brain showed nothing significant, I would think that’s very good news)..Have a good night and lovely weekend..xox

  4. Great plan of ACTION! I too find myself to be a rebel with no cause. Being told what to do, how to act or what my priorities should be riles my inner peace 🙂

    1. 🙂 glad i am not the only one 🙂 i tend to glaze over and often have to bite my tongue when people go around handing out unwanted advice 🙂 it was a very trying time having my babaies not because of anything but people all deciding that my being pregnant meant they could all suddenly tell me what i should and shouldnt do after a few choice words and my refusal to speak to them they soon got the message 🙂 now i warn people who are pregnant for the first time , first thing i always do in life is rip up the rule book 🙂 thanks for stopping by and your brilliant comment 🙂 have a lovely evening xx

  5. Sounds like you do a great job Kizzy, all things considered and your priorities are in the right order too! I’ve been there so I appreciate what you are really saying here! Penny 🙂

    1. hiya lovely thank you for stopping by and commenting i love to hear from you i cannot stay long today am too poorly and my six year old is having a difficult day, have a fab day tc xx

      1. You also, hope your 6 year old’s day brightens up as well my friend, sending affection and love across the ocean, Penny xox

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