the value of social media

is there any value in the likes of twitter and facebook? i have nurtured a hatred of facebook for over a year now, i was on it as just myself and it was full of people i either knew in my day to day life or i was related to and there in was the problem, i find a lot of people i know to be fake and not an ounce of sincerity between the whole lot of them even if you rounded up every single person i had on there over 90 % were just facebook fawners in other words they would spout all sorts flattery and fake affection, put one post doesn’t even matter what it is but it will receive fifty responses all in the form of i love you you’re great, everyone loves you, you’re so kind/sweet/lovely etc yet if any saw you in the town they would not bother to say hi, i hate double standards and well basically all fake people, then there would be people who would wash their dirty linen public in other words you would see all their love life/boring sex life/gossip/their latest fight/what they for tea and in the end i just couldn’t take any of more their inane life, followed by the people who were always woe is me who would post all night about they was so upset and down they had broken up with so and so and the people who were competitive parents who would post about how much they had done with their kids that day how much they had spent on little johnny party or how proud they were and seriously how could you be doing so much with little johnny if you were on facebook 24/7 ? did little johnny even have any idea of how much you were supposed to be doing with him? did you even ask little johnny what he would prefer his mates or the fifty projects you had set for him so you could brag about it on facebook and make the rest of us want to unfollow you, needless to say i left,

now i had never twittered i didnt see the point really though i did find myself replying to the megaposters on facebook not to keep posting what they had just eaten/watched on tv that the place for such mega posting was twitter i didnt need a post on fb every time they went to the loo, however i was not an author then, for most of you here will know that i owe my courage as an author to the kind folks here in the wordpress family i have adopted, yup thats right you aint getting rid of me now 🙂 but as with anything in life when i decide to do it i apply myself quite devotingly and so i was reading a post or two on other blog platforms and one writer whom i respect had written about the value of twitter as an aid for authors, now it had also been recommended by the brilliant books that you get free when you publish at smashwords, sooo i gave twitter a go i can now tweet 🙂

it was quite fun tweeting and of course i lost track of the idea i was supposed to promote my book i am rubbish at promoting anyway, and i went and followed my fave comedians, 🙂 how cool i actually tweeted at stephen fry one of my fave all time comedians, i was proper starstruck 🙂 course he didn’t tweet back but

did i ever tell you about the time i actually met two real proper stars?  a shop opened dow our town and i saw it being advertised and the big opening was being attended by two stars from emmerdale, a soap opera that started in the year i was born or some such long time ago, anyways its been going a long time and was watched religiously by everyone in england it was before the idea of sky, in fact i only had two children back then both little, so anyways the day came and i follow the feng shui a little known fact for you i am a feng shui practitioner , and it recommends getting a signature/autograph of rich successful people so i duly bundled my babies into pram and queued up thinking how cool it was i was able to get the autograph i needed for my feng ok so the queue goes down and in fact it is my turn next, i went in and proffered my scrap of paper to be signed and all of a sudden i was looking at two real live stars proper famous people right in front of me and i well i went all silly and completely starstruck they asked me some simple question which i couldn’t even take in or compute and i just stared at them went bright red and giggled the security quickly pushed my signed paper into my hands and herded me and my kids out so the rest of the town which was queued could get in and i went down the road home scolding meself for metamorphosing from a cool calm intelligent married woman with children into a giggling shy teenager who couldn’t talk or even think, oh well

anyways where was i, oh yes people famous twitter, i had followed all these comedians and i was thinking oh great lots of funnies tweeted at me well it wasnt like that nope, i had to unfollow ricky gervais can you believ that? i never thought i would ever say such a sentence i love ricky but well he is a crap tweeter! all day every five minutes with boring tweets not funny and annoying even so unfollowed and a few others so now i thought ok i shall do what i should and i researched a couple of authors and related stuff to my being a writer and now i was getting more interesting tweets and even better today i had lost my mojo yup writing mojo upped and left me i was loving writing my latest book and i still love it but somehow over the last few days i had turned into a proper writer, i had been writing and suddenly it didnt seem good enough any more, its hard to explain because my first two books just fell out of me, i could write them in my sleep but this one was to be my first full length novel and i was about 30,000 in and i kept reading it and writing more then today i thought oh my god it is not good enough no one will want to read this, the idea the writing oh my i was digging myself a hole to lie down and sulk in, so i went on twitter and tweeted my lack of mojoness and some bloke i dont know tweeted something really brilliant back at me he said’ if you wrote the perfect book, what would motivate you to write again? like a song writer always looking to write the perfect song’


got me up and back into writing my third book again and then i saw it – the value in twitter and all social media, it’s social 🙂 yup it gets us all communicating and thats the brilliant thing i love my wordpress family and i wouldnt have found them without wordpress and now i am starting to find a twitter family so i shouldprobably go do a facebook thingy in my pen name of course i dont want any of those relatives or friends finding me , shudders

go forth and socialize people only virtually of course i can be doing with that real life thing 🙂 they dont get my sense of humour 🙂

have a great evening everyone xx


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  1. Good for you and that is good advice that your Twitter friend gave you!! We love you hear on WordPress and am so glad I am part of your “Blogger Family.” Can’t wait of the books!! 🙂

    1. aw thank you for such lovely comment 🙂 you made my day its so nice to hear from a lovely friend to start my day thank you and i hope your day goes well, xx

  2. Haha I get similar star-struck feelings when seeing people that I recognize. It is intense because in some cases, we see them talk or sing or play for hours, listening to their innermost thoughts, and then we see the face and body that created that amazing art. It’s super cool.
    I am still learning about Twitter. It is difficult for me sometimes, but I hope to learn more.
    I agree with you that some people present a different part of themselves on Facebook/Twitter than they do in real life. It’s good that you found a WordPress family 🙂
    Have a great night!

    1. thank you for your lovely comment:) and i still havne’t quite got the hang of twitter i swear i spent all morning just trying to figure out how i change my photo i am sick of being an egg 🙂 i follow the instructions but it doesn’t work on mine i destined to be an egg forever! hope your day goes better than mine 🙂

  3. Excellent!
    I too am a lousy book-promoter and social media challenged on top of that. I’m lucky if I can get it together to post twice a week on my blog. The only thing I tweet are my posts, and I totally agree with you on the whole Faceboook thing… Time is my enemy, there’s just not enough of it for me to do everything. I am after all trying to maintain a real life too 🙂

    1. yay see you are like me i have to squeeze all this in after my kids one of which i rally should go and dress and take to school right now 🙂 but i am grappling with twitter and trying to change my pic i resent being an egg 🙂 thank you my lovely friend for commenting i hope your day is easier than mine xx

  4. Oh Kizz, you are so funny. I love your starstruck story…and can picture it now! I think a LOT of folks probably reacted the same way. You are one of the lucky ones, writer’s block that only lasts a couple of days is unique. That twitter guy was right and you rec’d the message perfectly, instead of poo pooing his advice, you realized what he was saying. Good for you. I don’t twitter, have no clue what it’s about except you only have so many characters allowed and that is what stops me! I can’t do short! I’m happy you’ve found your ‘tweet’…and use it to promote your books as much as you can. happy days Kizz, nothing but happy days for you. hope you are feeling well.

    1. oh my gosh rhonda you are so right its a nightmare i have never been able to do shot in my whole life and twitter has definitely been a challenge! every time i type a tweet its has this number sat there glaring at me usually it says -56 which it is trying to tell me i went 56 characters over my allowance so i have to remove half my typing and left with something that maes no sense! specially when i am in conversation with someone, had a conversation with some nice lass about when i lived in france and i was waffling on as usual and the number kept glaring at me getting bigger so i erased most of my typing and was left with,-‘used to live france nice food- seriously what sort of conversation is that? and i still cant change my picture i shall be an egg forever! great to hear from you my gorgeous friend tell mims i miss her i am going to collapse into sleep now loves you xx

      1. Oh Kizz, I so love your conversations! I am laughing as we speak. I would be glad to tell Mims you miss her, but she’ll be back in full swing in no time. Love to you and the gang.

  5. I totally agree about FB and all the dull crap people post! I use it to email a lot of friends on one platform. Otherwise can’t stand it. I’m curious how it goes with twitter for you. I never bothered because I also don’t wanna know the momentary tedious useless nothingness from someone’s head as a tweet. Have enough of that in my own head thank you:-)
    Love your blog posts!!

    1. thank you for your lovely comment and i am loving twitter now i think twitter is a difficult world if you dont follow the right people, try to follow those people who interest you but be prepared, i followed a lot of comedians and found out they were rubbish! now i follow a lot of science i adore physics, and it is great i love reading my twitter on a morning now it is so interesting thank you for popping by and for your comment hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

      1. Have a lovely day too:-)

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes | Reply

    I was on FB for about 9 months, & only to do Scrabble. I visited pages. Boring. Then the security issues. And I was off. I don’t twitter or anything else – only blog. Interesting post – reminded me of FB days.

    1. hiya 🙂 i find each appeals to different sets of people i find twitter is good for anyone wanting short sharp bursts of information i ma lucky i have found a good set of people to follow and they have been very helpful the communcation is instant and the links are helpful where fb just kinda sits there i just cant bring myself to go on there anymore even though they all say i should for my books but i am rubbish at promotion anyways which is probably why i havent been selling any books but there ya go my fault i accept that 🙂 thanks for coming by and chatting i am hoping i will be well enough to write a post later 🙂 hope you and dan have a great day xx

  7. Hey Stranger! Sorry it took me forever to come back here. But I am here and will be here for awhile catching up on you. As you know I bought your book and I really enjoyed it. Your stories are wonderful, but more about that later.

    Great post. I am slowly learning the various social media interactions required. I have a marketing background which helps but still trying to make all the connections and as you and your commenters mentioned, there are only a few hours in each day to accomplish all of this, oh and sleep too! I like facebook about as much as you do. Okay on to another of your posts! You should be sleeping now, so I feel like I’m tiptoeing through your house, Shhhh I won’t wake anyone up! 🙂

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