will you edit my book please?

well my lovely readers I have finally finished my fourth book but it is way longer than everything else I have written, and I now have to edit it, by way of procrastination I am writing this blog post, because I cannot face the task of editing, oh my it is a night mare, I love writing stories and it’s great but the editing publishing selling damn all that bit is soooo ugh, but until I become rich and successful and can afford a friendly editor then I guess I should stop waffling on in here and go do that thing.

As a slight update on the amazon thing I am now officially on amazon woot and woohoo, all three of my books so far! a word of warning though after you  remember I told you all about needing the numbers, well I finally got to the bank got my numbers and hit amazon ready, prepared and excited, great it all went well I liked the covers that were created using the cover creator well done that createspace they really do make it very easy to create for free a very good looking and more important professional looking cover, now here is the warning bit, see I was so tired but determined to get it done I had worked for hours by this point and I just followed the step by step instructions, so two things, if you use the same proof you sent to smashwords remember to change the beginning you know the bit where you put in this is published at smashwords and the bit with the license thing, and then remember to go through the internal reader thing on createspace and now if you leave it at the size you submitted to smashwords which I did and you can now learn from my mistake then you really would find it better to change the trim size, I didn’t I just used the same size and now I have three paper back books that measure eight and half inches by eleven inches quite large wouldnt you say ^_^ so when I go to publish this new book it will be the first one that will be  ermm lets say a smaller version ^_^

now I am still happy because either way I am seeing my books in print for the first time ever and this has to be one of the proudest moments of my life I am seriously quite a bore to talk to right now because mostly I say “I have a book”  if you’re lucky I will then go on to describe how much I waiting for the postman to deliver it 🙂 I could only afford one of them though strange as it sounds, I need to sell another book so I can afford to buy my own book 🙂 this is because I do not get them free even though I wrote it and I know some find this odd but they do have to incur printing costs and stuff so no I have to pay the same price as everyone else thank god I set it at a measly £2.80 so fingers crossed I get to own all three of my books by next week if enough people buy them,

also on the health side I am saving up all the money from my book sales so I can buy myself a super groovy new wheelchair the one I have is doing my head in, I cannot go out unless I have someone to push it so I am saving up to buy one I can use myself or if  I am lucky enough one that is electric, yes I know I need to sell a small mountain of books for that one but hey a girl can dream but really folks I am just darn sick of being housebound I cannot even go to shops or pop down the road nothing without having someone to push me so I best get on with some editing so people can buy it and then they get to feel good twice not only do they have a damn good book but they contributed to my liberation as well, so how good is that ^_^

another thing I have learned is that people like to know stuff about you as an author ^_^ yup roughly this means I was on twitter, and I do love twitter now it is very useful has a lot of handy tips and websites all put up by other authors, so any budding authors among you I would heartily recommend getting on twitter it has helped me, so go on and friend lots of other authors we are very nice people ^_^ also I am starting to see the value in face book too, it is not quite as a good as twitter but any of you out there wish to join me on facebook my name heads them all, twitter is kizzylee3 and face book is kizzy lee and has a picture of whisper whisper my first book as my profile picture go ahead send me friend requests I always say yes ^_^ and also will happily help promote your book or poems etc. Now back to the important bit; yes I was on twitter tweetering away and followed a link to a web by a lovely bloke who had been ever so kind and he web page looked professional and I read it through and realised that people, me included, like to meet the person behind the author. I appreciate this is not rocket science and to most people this thought may have already occurred, but you see me, I am slow, yup, slow, also I have this abject fear of being famous, I really love the idea of being rich and successful that bit is great but the whole idea of being famous no, nope, and never, so this is why I picked a pen name, to me my life, more importantly my children have to come first and they cannot cope with the idea of papperazzi yup see I do equate being famous with reporters running after you taking pictures, and even though I have only sold 14 books I am worried about this ^_^well you have to look ahead don’t you ^_^ so how do I give you some piece of my background without anyone ever knowing who I am, hmmmm? well that’s a good one and  I don’t know is the correct answer but I will try, alls I can say is all names have been changed to protect the innocent ^_^

so first installment of meet the author who is phobic of being famous and wont reveal who she is :

so where does one start? at the beginning I wont do I had one of those awful childhoods that I refuse to talk about, I will try to give you as much I can so here goes some tiny bits that can be told will include;

I was born in one of those maternity places that used to thrive in england before the government decided to close them all, and as is typical of the damn government it got rid of what is basically a damn good idea, it was a lovely house in the victorian style and given only to the birthing of children set in gorgeous grounds it was like going to stay in a gorgeous victorian hotel to give birth, I have been to visit about three years ago now it was, and was struck by just how beautiful it was, I only wish the government would do something right for a change and bring them back, I would have loved to go give birth there and think my mum was lucky to have had it and typical of my mother she never appreciated just how gorgeous it all was, my mother was very much what is termed ‘a character’ I will, you may notice, mention her in past tense she has been dead about ermm fours or five years now I think. On the day of my entering this world I believe she had not only argued with various other mums to be but the staff as well and as far as I know she walked out with me soon as I was here not but a few moments old, instead of staying the three days you were given then to enjoy the luxury of the place, being helped, which when faced with a new born baby for the first time is something even if just for little while should be appreciated, especially if you’re a mum who hasn’t got a clue and never had any experience with babies before, so well done you mum you just fight with everyone and walk off away from the beautiful house, the beautiful garden in which to relax, the free meals prepared for you, the rest where the nurse happily takes your baby so you can sleep, and of course having your meals all prepared and served without you having to lift a finger, my god who could anyone not see this for how brilliant it was and of course the joy that is holding your first child for the first time, but my mother never experienced the joy thing.

after this were some years we won’t bother going into, instead we shall have a look at the fact that i travelled early in life and enjoyed all the seeing new countries and meeting other cultures. my father who shall rarely be discussed, worked as a chemical engineer and he worked for an american company who built huge chemical processing plants, this is the reason we travelled, each country the company built one of these processing plants in my father would be paid to go over there and for about two years would show the people of that country how to use the plant.

The first place I actually clearly remember going was south holland, but I was so young I have only vague memories and the best one was this: we had been given an ordinary suburban house in which to live for the time we were there, I must have been about  maybe five because I remember my brother being a toddler, it was just a normal bright sunny day and I decided to be brave and go out into the back garden see what it was like, it wasn’t huge only average suburban garden and was basically a square of grass with some small trees around the edge, I remember not being impressed and to one side of the back door was the old metal rubbish bin and for some reason I cannot remember I knocked this metal bin over and underneath was the scariest monster ever! it was big enough to take up all the space of under this metal bin so say about half the length of an adult arm, go on stick your arm out and from your hand to your elbow you have to imagine what looked like a millipede, it was long dark shiny with hundreds of little legs all grasping away at the air or ground or whatever its disgusting ugly self could find oh my god I never went out the back of the house again.

I remember thinking how lucky I was that even at such a young age I had learnt to master shock and did not alert anyone as to the beast I had seen, you my father was evil and would follow the theory that the way to get a child to stop screaming at such things as spiders or insects was to trap them and force them on to the child alive and so to this very day I not only have the ability to walk away very quietly from whatever is frightening me but I have some phobias that would keep a psychiatrist happy and employed for many years.

so I shall leave you with this instalment for now and will hopefully write you all another when i am feeling a bit better

this instalment has been brought to you from my bed and using the letter F for fear ^_^

have a great day everyone

i think my mouse skills are improving


10 responses

  1. Oh darlin’, I want you to be out and about in a motorized wheelchair that gives you the freedom to pop anywhere you want..Thank you for sharing a bit about the soon-to-be-world-renowned author – you have clearly seen quite a bit in your young life..(and I say young because I know you’re far younger than me, so no arguments there). I’m off to Amazon to buy your books – for though I have them in pdf, I too want to see Kizzy Lee in print!!! xoxo, m

    1. i am 48 lovely so that makes me ermm on a par with your lovely self 🙂 and i am so very proud of the amazon thing i keep doing a search saying kizzy lee at amazon just so i can see it come up with my books 🙂 thank you my lovely for as you i credit your lovely self and rhonda for being my tower of strength and for giving me the confidence to do all this i would be lost without you and hey your name will be in print now 🙂 how cool is that thank you tho from bottom of my heart i am very lucky to call you my friend loves xx

      1. 46 damn computer adding years to me there! i am only 46 not 48 although not for long tis my birthday in a matter of about ermm six weeks or something when i shall be 47 ugh its not a good day for ages i shall in fact pick the age ermm darn i cannot think of an age where i was happy looks like 48 may be a good one after all so perhaps thats it then; computer says 48 is a good one, i shall be 48 for the day ^_^ its all good practice for when i actually get to 48 ^_^

      2. I can’t even imagine how awesome it must feel to see your name in print!! I’m so proud of you (and yes, given that I am a decade older than you dear one, you are young in my eyes)..xoxo

  2. No chance of a wheelchair with Mobility – or has everything been axed in the UK? Lovely start to the introduction to the famous author – we’ll have to give you loads of awards so you can fill in more 😀

    1. ugh i can try applying but they argue i have one already so i cant have another but that one is no good well it is it does work its just i want one i can work myself it is so very frustrating having to wait until someone can be there to push me and there just isnt anyone here half the time thank you for popping by my lovely friend always good to hear from you xx

  3. well done Kizzy if i can help you know where to find me!

    1. thank you my friend i have been inspired by you as you know and also i do admire how you keep on top of things and love seeing your shop stuff this week will try to promote on my face book for you thank you for calling by have a great evening

  4. Such fun to hear a bit about your background, Kizzy Lee! I love your spirit and am so very happy for you to have your name in print! Woot woot! As you would say! :-). Congrats and keep Rollin’ along lovely lady….

    1. thank you lovely ^_^ great to hear from you i haven’t heard your voice in a while so glad you’re still with me 🙂 and yup i am still super excited i will be horrid to live with when the book turns up ^_^ have a lovely evening xx

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