what does your music say?


the time when music lost its voice

so today i indulged in some good old reminiscing -jeez i actually spelled that word right first time! unless spell check isn’t working, hmm yup it caught me dyslexic spelling of first so woot i could never spell that word before- ok lets get on there i am watching a concert on sky arts yup i love sky for the arts bit alone but this was a brilliant gig they are like so old now and yet they just rocked out that stadium and the zillion people in there not to mention little old me having a little boparooni on me new sofa, and there is like one tune well a few with The Who that still to hear them play gave me chills

^that should be baba o riley by The Who wordpress often doesn’t like me and puts the wrong video up, so fingers crossed, so chills are happening good style, the years just peel away and no i am not young again as such but its like i never got old, its like some music lives in a place of its own in a timeless alternate reality it was born from there and will always live on in a place none of us can touch it and each time its heard we go there now i appreciate not everyone is a Who fan but this is my point some music is bigger than which ever group or person who wrote it and even though the sound the actual notes are always going to stir you its more than that, a damn good tune is a classic example of its result being more than the sum of its parts, when you play it its more than the notes its more than its instruments its more than its lyrics and its more than all of this put together it is bigger than everything that went into making it and it becomes a living thing in its own right, and thats where the timeless part comes in Baba o riley was made when i was 4 years old and here i am still loving 42 years later, i can even go better than that before i was even a born there was an amazing set of music makers one i shall feature here if i can find the video ok here goes this is absolutely classic

^ now hopefully you have a video of robert johnson playing crossroad from 1936 now there is in fact a whole legend that goes with this guy which you can read by clicking this link but my point is not his amazing legend nope its the idea that i can over 70 years later after his death and everything sit hear and still be moved by his music so excellent you are all following me so far pieces of fab music all transcending time and barriers and all manner of other things we as humans like to put in the way of anything especially the truly excellent, now my point was when music lost its voice, because these pieces of creation i have shared with you and all the music you dear reader have personally all were able to do the following stay with you over the years, move you, make you feel, speak to you, and the most consistent part of all the communication between music and its follower was often but not always the lyrics, lyrics speak volumes and without them unless its truly exceptional becomes only some pretty notes when those notes are combined with powerful lyrics it becomes something that moves out of the ordinary.

As always there are exceptions to the rule in this following piece i hopefully give you a video with no lyrics whatsoever

^ hopefully i just gave you a drum battle from gods smack amazing stuff^_^

see music without words yet still brilliant my exception would not be the only one i could never go without mentioning my hero the one and only Frank Zappa so here is some truly amazing guitar stuff from one of the few guys who could make a guitar sing i never did like his lyrics though so a perfect exception  in frank ^_^

if WordPress is being kind i just gave you frank zappa playing gumbo variations part 1 which is delightful a whole piece of music where frank shuts up and plays his guitar fans of frank will know what i am on about but frank was one of the few who was brilliance personified if he didnt sing his lyrics ^_^ok so on to my main point

i am 46 i have lived through all kinds of musical states i was born in the sixties to the sounds of pink floyd thanks to my parents whom really do not bear discussion but they did fill the house with amongst other things the idea of psychedelia and to this day i still love the first album piper at the gates of dawn but i dont like anything after that its syd you see i loved tortured genius ^_^ ok so the sixties fab time i was there a little young but it shaped who i am now same with the seventies and though i did like a few bits of the huge prog rock band i was mainly an outside looking in person and went through all sorts of strange musical tastes it was my growing period musically you see and i was somewhat eclectic ^_^i was big into led Zeppelin

^hopefully i gave you led zep gallows pole there and the seventies was full of so much musically i wont give you a full recount of everything i got into but bam along came the eighties and i am proud to say that through the back end of seventies and into eighties i was that punk girl with safety pins and mohican you saw running with some home made banner at protests and chanting clash lyrics and again you see how the lyrics there play a huge part on the whole movement of a youth culture there?

but here we come dashing headlong into the eighties and here is where the very beginnings of disillusion sneak in music started to become dare i say it bland yes there was pop which by its very nature excluded me i have never done pop and those that know me can hear the distaste with which i say that word but heck it keeps the masses happy, and of course we still had some music i liked that spoke to me  that had lyrics i identified with of course some my faves being souxie and the banshees who completely fired me up and this one in particular

should be siouxie and spellbound fingers crossed wordpress is still giving you all these fab tunes, well this one had to played loud enough to make sure the neighbours complained ^_^ i would still give my right arm to go see them mind my right arm is a bit rubbish it doesn’t work very well but then none of my limbs do they could take their pick they are all crap limbs but i digress as we move on through the eighties is starts to get oh so well goddamn awful with few bright points in the late eighties tears for fears still remain in my heart  but it was the birth of the bippity boopity stuff which is one way of putting the all elctric of ten accompanied by people in neon colours whittering on about the benefits of acceeeedddd yup you had to say it like that no one could just say acid, or the drug of choice for a lost generation was extacy, now i am lucky i made it to 46 relatively unscathed even though i came in contact with many subcultures and many differing types of social layers but the saddest thing i have ever come across is the fact that the most friends i have lost and by lost i mean dead they died they did not survive the accceeeddd generation, so we come through the 60s the 70s the 80s and the most people die was in the extacy phrase and even now i still am more surprised if i see someone from that time and they are still alive, but again thats not the point the point is the music was instantly forgettable it had nothing to say except maybe ermm lets get off our heads and really people who do drugs really dont need music to say that they are going to do it whether lyrics say it or not, and no i dont hold with that whole idea of music/film influencing people to do things they wouldnt, so the music it lost its lyrics it lost it communication it became a series of beats and now before anyone shouts me down i still have some bright points i loved from that whole style of music i actually have my fave djs^_^ and i will still pay to go see them

fedde le grande i adore

< this should be him with ida corr and i love alex gaudino yeah i know thats like some soft adult movie material of a video but hey i love it i aint making you watch them ladies ^_^ i also have my newer faves like skrillex 

so yes i was there yes i wore the tshirt and yes  i lived to tell the tale and in all the ones i like notice how lyrics have made the cut because the rest with just the monotous beats the bass no matter how deep and body shaking is still just that, maybe its a great little riff but to base a whole gig around it yup i will go home bored and i did go to raves and i did go to the like of glastonbury and i did do the allnighters maybe even lost a weekend but none of that series of beats which i hesitate to call music had anything to say, it did not move me, maybe i tapped my toe maybe i even danced, but i remained the same, i wasn’t changed by it and that is what good music should do it should move you, it should change you, it should be something that like i mentioned earlier makes you the person you are today because of what shaped you musically, it should get right in your bones and grip on tight so that years later that lyric comes back, that tune, that live gig, should send a thrill down through your bones the same as i experienced today watching a group on TV that were all a generation older than me and could still turn on the magic, and that is it the crux of the whole thing music should be magic and if it isn’t then its just so much disposable pop and thats when music lost its voice people in the 80s and 90s it lost its voice and left with bang that turned into a whimper that no one will remember in years to come and the greats they will live on forver and thank god for that because they are the only ones to give music its voice and therefore give us our voice

thank you for listening i am now going to play some damn good stuff and i appreciate you all have your own choices and i do not say to you they are anything but good because if they are your choice and give you your voice then go ahead play them and listen to the voice of the music


6 responses

  1. So good to hear from you and to read your words as always..I smile as soon as I see your name in my inbox..xo

    1. hiya gorgeous, yes so sorry i have been so poorly it has been horrid i could not even write but i am here enough to post and that is nice and as always my wonderful friend its fabulous to hear from you also hope life has been good to you i shall email you soon as i get to my emails ^_^ i thought it had been so long since i posted i should do this first and of course i got a little distracted with my music ^_^ glad you liked my words and more glad to hear from you loves xx

  2. What a wonderful auditory romp, Kizzy! Thx for rockin’ my Sunday. Sorry you’ve been under the weather–hope you’re on the mend now. Sending big hugs! Xo, l

    1. hey hiya my lovely it is always lovely to hear from you glad you liked my little waffle ^_^ music can be difficult to write about because everyone has such different tastes but i hoped people would get what i was trying to say without it dissolving into who likes what ^_^ glad i gave you some tunes to rock with, god i could fill pages with the tunes i like ^_^ but if i did i would get nothing else done ^_^ and right now i really should go finish editing my latest book oh how i procrastinate ^_^ thank you for dropping by my lovely have a lovely evening xx

  3. Hey girl – you did it! Great tunes and lovely memories 😉

    1. hiya ^_^ thank you for dropping by and thank you very much for such a lovely comment, i really do appreciate it and i worry every time i write a post thinking what if no one likes this post? so thank you i hope you have a lovely day xx

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