so i hasn’t posted about some cool writing tips for a while have i?

first things first; the best writing tip anyone ever gave me was – write the story you want to read- and this is the truest thing ever written, and stop and actually think about what that little sentence is saying, too many people i see not only here in blog posts but very much in the world of writers as well all go out there desperate asking for feedback what does the public think of their work would they like it changed, would they want to see different story etc etc etc , DON’T DO IT seriously

think about it this way; years ago and i do mean years ago back when i was a mere youngster of about between 14-19 years, i was a starving artist i did sell some paintings but mostly i was starving ^_^ ok you get the picture, now not once did i ever send out any feedback forms or go to anyone and say i am thinking about painting the humour of feelings among flowers what do you think? would you buy it? would you prefer a version that included the colour blue in amongst the flowers? no maybe if i only do the painting of one flower with no feelings? see now some of you may argue that’s why i was starving and i should have done ^:^ but no the answer is i was starving because i spent all my money on things other than food ^_^ but my point is writing is also art, it is also self expression, and if it is to be something that you yourself felt and wrote from the heart then you do not need anyone else’s opinion, now don’t get me wrong i love it if someone buys my books and then says hey that was brilliant let me know when i can buy your next book, great that’s my ego sorted for the day, even if they gave me awful feedback yup i may sulk cry even , but it would never stop me writing and it would never occur to me to ask for it before i wrote the ‘book, and i would never change anything i wrote because of feedback; if my hero works for me being small with rainbow coloured hair then guess what; he stays small with rainbow coloured hair, no matter how much anyone says oh but the story would work better this way, no it bloody wouldn’t, you know why? because that would be your story not mine, and mine is this way and staying this way, so please feel free to send me lovely compliments after you have read any of my books but don’t bother saying anything to me before hand because insults and a punch in the face often offends ^_^

ok now on to my next cool writing tip and this one really is cool and really does work i use it all the time now – when you have finished your story and just before you send it to your proofreader, seriously don’t argue with this one its not a tip everyone has to send to an independent proofreader it’s a rule not a tip get over it- ok so before you send to your proofreader read it aloud to yourself, believe me it is fab you suddenly see things that were niggling you before but you couldnt put your finger on, its like magic ^_^

ok now we shall do a small bit on that whole getting to know the author thing i started a little while ago

ermm i think i was up to holland and i was about 4 ? i think i told you about the huge beastie with a million legs under the bin ^_^ now after this i don’t remember much until we moved to france and this place glorious as it is and believe me i would move to france in a second if i could, but i have only bad memories 😦 of when i was little there i must have reached about six years old as i remember my front teeth coming out and i remember crying over watching a terrible film in which this poor little girl was chased and beaten by a gang yes yes i know my mother failed completely as a mother its not news i am afraid people worse than that mother decided i was a wimp for crying and therefore beat me to shut me up , yup, go figure, i remember the slide in the park was frightening and i hated it because the one time i went and slid down it i was injured, the slide was made of wood and had a sliver of wood sticking up about half way down the slide and it raked up a long gash of skin on the back of my leg and i still am traumatised i wouldn’t even go down it now, honest, reckon they probably got rid of it now it is like forty years ago ^_^ but hey its memories like this that make me the horror writer i am today ^_^ ok the one other thing i remember was the food, i will give them that; the french do the most glorious food, the first day we arrived and mother ordered a ham sandwich to eat we were in our hotel room and when it came wow it was this huge platter filled with all different types of meat and bread and garnished and wow it was like the worlds most excellent ham sandwich ^_^ we weren’t in france for long by the time i was seven we moved to germany the first time we were on the edge of the black forest and i loved this place a grand huge old house perfect for horror stories, many floors, many rooms and loads of bathrooms and it backed on the black forest how cool is that? ^_^ my brother and i both loved this place the garden was so big and it just seemed to melt into the forest and we would go exploring every day i still love germany and would go back any time the house had a scary cellar complete with wine rooms and storage rooms like it was another whole batch of living space down there alone, but it was way freaky and mother would make me go down to switch on the heating, oh my god , i used to freak the whole time, you had to go down the rickety wooden steps and the cellar was always pitch black and i would run my nervous little seven year old run to the big switch and use both my hands to throw it up and run back up the stairs as quick as i could possibly could before whatever monster that lurked down there got me ^_^ i am still alive to tell the tale so guess they never did^_^ the rooms were massive and in one of them there was a dalek, yup a dalek someone had made it from cardboard life size and i would climb inside and chase my brother scaring him loved it ^_^ germany is still the best place ever for christmas and i would heartily recommend going at that time if you can they had the most fabulous christmas market and wonderful decorations, my mother didnt actually like to celebrate christmas but we got a taste of it through seeing how others celebrated it and it was wonderful and i still love it now, i went to school in germany and loved it i think it was the only time i loved school and we only did half a day we had to be there by seven in the morning but by twelve we were finished how cool was that,^_^ i was only english kid and no one spoke english so i got to know german pretty quickly i still have my school books from then and i love to look at them and i remember walking over the river frozen over to get there and on my first day having my picture taken with a huge cone of sweets the germans do the most fab food and i still would love to go back even for that my parents always went to the beer festivals and i remember admiring how the women could carry like five huge glasses of beer in each hand to the tables and we got to dance run around and generally have fun with german kids and everyone was too drunk to care^_^ mind i also learnt the importance of seatbelts in cars as this was where my brother hit the windscreen we were sat in back of the car as you do parents in front black ice on road car skidded and brother shot through the gap in the front seats and smacked is face off the windscreen, seems he was pretty much ok bit bruised and fat lip etc he was about 3 then but he survived and luckily since then laws etc have made people wear seats belts and i can vouch for them, ok thats it for now tea is ready so tune in next week for the next installment of my life

daleks you gotta love ’em, unless you’re my 3 yr old brother


3 responses

  1. I think your first comments about what to write are spot on. I don’t ask for feedback. i did at work when I was writing reports because eventually I realised other people had different perspectives to add.

    Either people like to read what I write or they don’t. I think validation is unnecessary.

    And the only feedback I would ever give to anyone, is short paragraphs. I should probably add that as my sign off line. I can’t read long pars.

    1. darn i can’t do short ones ^_^ thank you for dropping by though always good to hear from you and i respect your opinion i do confess this was written for those who write fiction with a slight dig at those who constantly look for a blog geared up to spewing content for mass public consumption ^_^ but i am such a new writer i often think i am not qualified to say anything but i do like to share what i learn to write stories has been a journey for me and even today i have suffered yet again the setback that is ‘oh my gawd no one will like my stories’ and so i have to tell myself that i like to write them thats enough, so i know what other writers go through, sorry giving you long pars again ^_^ thank you for your comment hope you have a wonderful day xx

      1. Nah, this one’s OK, I could get through it, and I can follow your train of thought easily. I looked at a WP freshly pressed blog the other day, and not only did it have long papagraphs – they were BORING! But I just haven’t got the attention span to plough through lots of words on screen. I guess I was indoctrinated in my journalist training to write short pars because the theory was it was easier on the eye, and people were more likely to read the story.

        Hope you have a lovely day too kl

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