gender assignment and book snobbery


why I am too scared to go back to my facebook page ^_^

Lots of things occur to me in my war on my self confidence as a writer, as I have mentioned before writing is the only profession that requires positive feedback from others before the writer feels worth anything, we constantly seek out others opinions of our writings and we feel mortally wounded if that feedback is less than complimentary, I once pointed out that a shopkeeper does not require his customers to constantly tell him how good he is at shopkeeping so why then should  I need this as a writer?

Neither is it the same with being an artist I regularly indulge my creative side and do not feel satisfied unless my hands are creating, sewing, painting, or more lately sculpting -(yup my latest fad is being a doll maker oh my it has been quite a learning curve)- my point being I am happy creating for myself and do not require anyone else’s comments positive or otherwise to create it satisfies me to simply do it i am lucky in that my creations sell thank you to the person who created a certain on-line auction place ^_^

So I get to thinking, why I write, why my writing is affected by other influences, why it has to be seen to be successful in order to be satisfying, why the hell I lose confidence and feel like I am a crap writer until someone reads one of my books and praises it, sigh.

One of the latest points that bothers me about writing is what gender I am, or perceived to be. I write as a female, a gender that I naturally chose because basically I am female so It’s easy, yes I chose  a pen name I had my reasons, but recently it occurred to me that each time my work is read without the reader knowing my gender  it is more positively commented on, then they see the name Kizzy Lee and more or less immediately it is ranked of lower quality, now why is that? Also I notice that when people enquire my occupation and I reply author they are always positive, happy, even impressed right up until they ask what genre and I answer ‘horror’ and they frown as if women cannot or should not write horror, now I know that there is in fact a rather large amount of very good female horror writers out there, I also know that some of the male horror writers are in fact female but choose to use a male pen name. Hmmmmm, theatrically rubs imaginary beard on chin, now why should that be.

I am left with; either I strike forward and say I am a horror writer and proud of it or I chose a male pen name, of course I could do both, I do have so many tales to write that I may swing either way on each book ^_^

Another point that kind of bugs me is that I don’t often chose to write gore, nope I prefer suspense, I prefer atmosphere, and as such I often encounter people saying ‘oh well that’s not really horror then’, hmmm really? So what is it then? Go on label my writing if it isn’t horror please, because I have to label each time I release a book I am forced to pick a category and horror is the only one that fits, so again I shall strike a blow for the right to be a non gory horror writer-of indeterminate gender.

Ok my next -and hopefully- last point of annoyance, is book snobbery, sigh if I had a penny for each time I have heard some author who loudly and boringly proclaims that they hate fifty shades yet they consider themselves an erotica writer-and even worse they always have to add they consider themselves a better erotica writer than that poor fifty shades woman- sigh I would have no need to keep putting the lottery on. Seriously folks get over your book snobbery, I am proud to say i love twilight, I read fifty shades without once saying ooh I could write better than this and I quite enjoy the whole world of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams has my undying loyalty, a book, any book, is someone work, hard work, if you don’t like it put it down move on, maybe even avoid such books but don’t fill up my Facebook page with your spewing vitriol of small minded opinions of peoples work, who, lets face it, is in fact not only way more famous than any of your work but actually makes money, when I see your bitchin on my fb page I sigh heavily and remind myself never to ever buy any of your work on principle.

So at last my name is set as the one striking a blow for the right to write non gory horror regardless of gender and against all forms of book snobbery. ^_^

OK that’s my slightly annoying points over with i shall now pack away my soap box and continue with my addiction to big brother and sculpting dolls that are probably more scary than my books ^_^

be sweet, be kind and be nice to each other ^_^ and have a super summer xx



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  1. Never give up and be true to yourself.

    1. hi, and thank you those words are often said but sometimes I do need to hear them to remember myself, I was born a people pleaser and often forget to remember little old me in the process but I am lucky I have your kind words to remind me so thank you and thank you for taking the time to pop by and chat I appreciate it, I hope you have a lovely evening/day xx

      1. I too am a people pleaser and so needed to hear your message as well as my words to you. I said them for us both. Enjoy your day/evening!

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes | Reply

    Horror is great – very imaginative. And good for YOU if you can make a living from it.

    Do you really have people who are positive but when they realise you’re female they’re negative of what you write? Wow…

    Re book snobbery – soooooorrrrryyyy but I started to read the Harry Potters and I just could not get into it, couldn’t picture the stories, tripped over the words. I didn’t think it was good writing – but it’s magnificent how it ballooned. It’s marvellous.

    I haven’t read 50 Shades but just the sound of it doesn’t interest me.

    1. aah my friend you have made me smile my lovely the book snobbery was aimed particularly at other author ‘acquaintances’ it would seem that when a person first becomes and author one is then bombarded with instructions -open facebook page- friend any and all authors-twitter about your books until your fingers drop off- i confess i simply couldn’t hack it, i am not given to advertising my mum always said self praise is no recommendation (mind she was not lucid much of the time so i guess i was just impressed she said something that made sense ^_^ ) and to be honest it drove me mad having to listen to the constant demands of authors to buy their books but i understood that was their idea of drumming up business it just didn’t work for me, i like waffling on too much ^_^ but the worst thing was how much the world is filled with vain and loud erotica authors who constantly try to convince anyone who will listen that they are the best erotica who ever wrote and how awful that fifty shades books is,their words not mine, the same as god how many authors are there for so called paranormal romances yet they berate twilight? ugh! well to be honest i can’t stand anyone who puts down others it is not any different to attack the author of fifty shades than it is to attack someone for their line of work would they go into the local store and tell the assistant constantly how bad the store is? regardless of the many who would use it each day and find it quite good? would they stride up to the local fruit stall and proceed to tell them how they could sell fruit much better than him? my point being i felt they were jealous and snobbish and downright annoying if it wasn’t for these books then their own would not gain as much exposure surely it makes more sense to be grateful someone put that genre on the map than to fill their time sounding nasty, oh crikey sorry my lovely i shall put away my soapbox ^_^ suffice it to say i left facebook as i found very few likeable authors and over 80% were rude ignorant and fake sigh and so demanding! there were a few gems genuine loveable talented people and those friendships i shall treasure and respect but the rest pffffft! is all i can say ^_^ i felt quite lost definitely little fish swimming in big pond, in the end i figured i would just ignore all the so called rules of authory and just write ^_^ i am much happier now ^_^ ok its late i have just managed to get all offspring to sleep even the oldest has crept into her bed so i shall scare myself silly with some youtube stuff and wish you a wonderful day tomorrow xx

  3. I found this post fascinating. It was a glimpse into a world I know nothing about. And yet, though knowing nothing about your world, I had the desire to speak to you… even to give you some advise… because it seems to me that there are some serious problems here. I’ve never read a horror story. I think there’s been enough horror in my life, and I’ve absolutely no interest in getting any more. So I don’t know the genre you’ve chosen to express yourself. But I’m sure that when choosing an identity to represent you, it is best to choose the gender that you most identify with. There are many more people in this world than could possibly be attracted to read what you have to say. And what’s important in writing, is finding your audience. Even if I’m a two foot high purple people eater, there will be some people interested in hearing what I’ve got to say. But it’ll be a lot harder trying to find those people if I pretend that I’m another Brad Pit. Your gender is a part of who you are. And those people who think they could do a much better job at writing 50 shades… Well, they haven’t succeeded yet. So they are probably a part of a very small minority, and while it might be interesting to listen to them, the majority seems to feel otherwise. I wish you luck with your writing, and good critics. So you can learn from the critiques.

    1. hi, thank you for taking the time to write to me and for being so thoughtful, gender is something i had thought about but i hope if you get to know me you will realise a lot of my talk is just waffle, i tend to write with my tongue in my cheek if you follow me, to be honest one day i may write in another name, i shall choose what gender if any gender at all that name will have, i may choose a name where the gender is not at all obvious, but for now i am happy being me and i am happy to write as myself ^_^ i think my voice is becoming recognisable enough that i would have to find a new voice should i use a new name, the point i was trying to make though was not which gender i should choose but the fact that the writing should be judged on its own merit and not on the gender of the author, unfortunately there is still a huge divide and it’s wrong, as for the small band of authors who need no encouragement i have left facebook and all its public washing of dirty linen far behind i do not entertain twitter either i had decided to just write and either my books sell or they don’t maybe one day i shall find a publisher who feels they have to adopt me and pay me lots of money now that would be nice until then i shall write, and write, and write ^_^ i hope you have a fab weekend xx

  4. Woman write great horror – and sci-fi too. People should read it before sticking up their noses with all the old snobbery. I adore Pratchett! And Adams, and Tom Sharpe too. Have you read Robert Rankin – madly funny! I read a thing the other day where it said that some study found that facebook actually is depressing because of all the showing off and one-upmanship there. I generally zoom through there so fast about once a week that I don’t have too much time for things there to be upsetting. I love google+ though – been there since December last year and have only had good laughs and met cool people too. 🙂 xxx

    1. hiya my lovely missed hearing from you so glad you are back huge hugs ^+^ i still haven’t ventured back to fb and don’t reckon i will i am too sensitive for such things no matter how many times i tell myself to not get upset i always do aahh well i count myself lucky for here in blog world all is lovely and i have friends like you be well my lovely and i hope your life is getting where you want it to be love n hugs xx

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