no more heroes part 2


sh*t happens then you …well actually i am working on being immortal, it’s going quite well so far ^_^

in my political(ly correct) youth i was always spouting on about some terrible happening in the world and i was convinced that whichever protest march i was on or sit in i sat in, would change the world. I had a zillion heroes but they were fleeting and generally based on some group or other, being such a politically aware youngster from a young age i was driven by personality, the outlook on life the ‘hero’ had rather than his looks and if he played an instrument especially, say the guitar, phenomenally well, that was me hooked and it would appear my largest and most adored hero was Frank Zappa the guy just shook my little world ok, joining him in the small but elite group of people i would look up to idolise and generally bore the pants of anyone who was fool enough to listen was the likes of einstein and stephen hawking,

yes yes i know i got the same confused look from people back then as well, you see i was always the odd one out ,the one who never fit in, i was happy and in fact used to it, (when i had my children i spent a huge amount of effort trying to be ‘normal’ – i am still trying)  you see back when i was 14, 15 say, my world was already on that independent road thanks to my mother deciding i should discover the world rather than live at home and to prove a point she packed my bags one day- no word of a lie i popped out to the shop come back my bags are in the porch !-mum says ‘time you went out into the big wide world’ and so she kicked me out, great, but it was really, no really,

because back then it was the glorious thatcher years in england so i received a small giro (worthless piece of paper which you swapped at the post office for a minuscule amount of money to live on) and a bedsit to live in, i joined the ‘alternative’ crowd which was hardly surprising i was born alternative and thus many years of glastonbury and protesting and i discovered the world labelled as a traveller, now along with all this the ‘alternative’ crowd were in fact the most fascist bunch of self pleasurers ( a new word i have just decided to invent ) i have ever come across and they would more or less insist i should find heroes in such people as that bloke with the ginger hair of the labour party and of course martin luther king and other notable worthies, and please don’t get me wrong i did have a large amount of respect for such people, but they didn’t do it for me on the hero front, like i said i was never one to run with the crowd, i would more likely squint at them and say something like ‘hey you go there have a grand time i am just going off to do my own thing won’t be long, i think,’ and would thus set about indulging my geeky side, for physics always did for me, einstein oh and philosophy show me Kant and you have me hook line and sinker, of course the armchair and incredibly stoned usually ‘alternative’ crowd surrounding me would never get me and were never happy with the fact they could not label me, i was too weird even for the weird group,

so unless you had an absolute talent for the guitar i was head in book oblivious to the world until next protest march and so life moved on.

and so did i, moved on , a lot, married, a lot, well twice, had children, thatcher died the world heaved a sigh of relief and we all grew old, except

ask me who my heroes are

go on ask me

yup Frank Zappa


and kant oh and stephen hawking i can never get enough of that guy ^_^

so what happened to the heroes? well mine were already dead well Zappa died a little later than the others but whose quibbling about a few years ^_^ and they are all still my heroes so my heroes are still here and still mine and i am sure the world is still full of heroes for others too you just have to look for the ones that do it for you ^_^

cannot finish without a quote from einstein:

  • “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

a quote from Kant:

He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

and a quote from my idol frank

Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.

and last but not least a quote from me

be nice to each other and nice to yourself

have a super evening xx

ps my profound apologies to mr hawking he is not dead sorry stephen my second daughter is bullying me to play pokemon or i would never have made such a dreadful mistake


4 responses

  1. You HAVE changed the world by all those sit-ins and protests, KizzyLee, because you brought consciousness by them. Even consciousness is a change from unconsciousness.

    Ah, Zappa! I mentioned how great he is here – I’m with you on that one 🙂

    Love your quotes – SO love Einstein’s words, every time I catch them. Zappa was awesome tuned in. I haven’t thought of it, but I guess he’s still alive today?

    Bless ya, KizzyLee and your unique way of being. You sound great (back then and now) 🙂

    1. my lovely i really have to say sorry for taking so long being poorly doesn’t half get in the way of things thank you here for your great comment its not often i find someone who actually knows what i am on about when i mention frank ^_^i am dreafully sorry to say we lost frank a while back now it was awful december i think 1994 something like that i know people always say they remember exactly where they were when kennedy was killed but for me its always frank i remember so clearly just sitting down in shock its like some people are larger than life they leave a hole in thew fabric of existence when they go people always remember marilyn monroe she died young but was such a charcter she seemed to live on somehow to me its the same with frank to me there is always a frank shape in life where he should be and he will always seem like a friend i just hadn’t met yet, people argue specially my hubby ^_^ over whther he was a genius i don’t i know he was to be a gneius is more than just being good at something it takes all the quirkiness and intelligence frank had and the amazing drive and productivity it is said he made so much mnaterial they could release a new album every new for the next hundred years i don’t know if it is true but i do know i once watched a documentary and showed a room stuffed full of work he had written that had never seen the light of day even on his bad days he produced work of amazing quality my respect goes to him always thank you excellent friend for being you and for being someone who will listen to me waffle on about frank without leaving the room ^_^ have an excellent day x

  2. You’re right about stupidity being the building blocks of the universe 😀 – love that! Also love that Kant quote and Hawkings too.

    1. lovely to hear from you and glad you like my heroes or at least the stuff they say ^_^ hope today is going well for you take care xx

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