aaahh sorry about that my bad


dreams are so weird aren’t they

dreams, how odd are dreams, we spend apparently 33% of our life asleep, and most of that will be spent in dream land, what amazes me is the whole world of dreams and how much we see in it. People have written a huge amount of books on the various meanings of dreams, or the nature and natural meaning of dreams but for me it’s the fact that this odd jumbled mess of images we experience each night is something we feel has to have a meaning. Both Jung and Freud had a whale of time writing vast tomes on the subject, and indeed any book store you walk into right now will have a section on dreams and their interpretations.

We feel these images so important that have to have a deeper purpose that just to release our pent-up stresses, and don’t get me wrong I am a firm believer in some dreams being some kind of message but mostly I figure it goes a lot like my last two days; day one saturday night/sunday morning, woke up annoyed because I had the most boring dream in the world something about pillows and one being uncomfortable so swapping it, sheesh I thought how mind numbingly boring is that- though there some so-called dream experts out there that would see a deeper meaning along the lines of my life is stuck in rut and therefore too boring I wish to swap boring existence for more exciting one thus I swapped pillows, heavy on symbolism and deep meaning and basically crap, I am more than aware of this being actually the happiest my life has ever been and I feel very lucky to have the life I have now, give me boring any day,

so back to the morning and I says to myself- right of all the dreams I could have had, let’s face it when asleep in my lovely dream world I can have anything, so please dear brain when going to sleep tonight concentrate on something nice like I won the lottery, not bloody pillows- so night two or last night sunday night/monday morning I woke up a little perturbed having just dreamed of Armageddon and as I re-winded my dream I became aware that somehow it was my fault, yup folks I caused the sad demise of the earth and just about all known forms of life – apart from me and my kids and one or two others I don’t know and also don’t know why they survived – I just remembered meeting some incredible spirit thing all made of electricity and challenging said spirit to some kind of contest, I won and spirit in its rage destroyed everything and I mean everything not so much as a twig was left just the usual post apocalyptic scene of scorched earth etc etc.

so ermm sorry about that folks I really didn’t mean to decimate the planet and all human life but there you go now I accept that once again said experts mentioned before and ignored will put forward the theory that this dream in direct connection with the other means that should I have chosen to swap lives/pillows then my world as I know it will collapse and be destroyed, so at this point I am glad I ignored these so-called experts and will ignore them once again, yet here again I know so many people who would actually worry about such a dream, and will in fact base their lives around the meanings of their dreams, myself I used to buy books of dream meanings and would religiously look up any and all dreams I had. The biggest problem I came across was that my dreams were quite often so surreal that they didn’t exist in any of these books – pink fish wearing blond wigs and riding bicycles is not a regular dream occurrence apparently.

After a while I soon worked out that having children, especially having four of them, meant I would appreciate any little sleep I got and there would not be enough time to reach REM stage which is where dreaming takes place, in fact having children simply meant I was exhausted but happy and it didn’t matter what dreams I had or didn’t have the world was not going to end and it was not going to be my fault if it did,

Although when I sleep tonight please dear brain remember- dream about having unending amounts of money owning homes in Bali, Malta, China, oh and the Isle of White ^_^

so I regret to say to all those out there who still believe dreams really are nothing more than our mind playing about with ideas unless you dream of me being super rich then that one is real ^_^ guess I ruined it for a few people though, hang on  I hear you mutter

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity was inspired by a dream

oh ok well that’s ok because that’s inspiration and heck we can all use that not actual prophesy though

Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death just days before his assassination

ahhh hmm ok well that one is prophesy but i reckon it’s the exception that proves the rule, or something like that

Mark Twain dreamed of the death of his brother and weeks later his brother died

ooookkk so that one came true as well but still two dreams out of the many millions of dreams out there………..

Julius Caesar’s wife Calpurnia had a dream the night before he died that he would get stabbed by a friend, and she warned him not to go

ok ok i get the picture all I can say is should I come across any strange spirit type thing all made up of glowing electricity type stuff I promise not to propose any challenges and will indeed run away in the opposite direction , very fast. There happy now?

be nice to each other and everyone you meet

love to all




7 responses

  1. They say we all dream, that we HAVE to dream, I just never remember them. With the amount of stress in my life, I actually LOVE to see what my mind comes up with when collaborating with the sandman. One thing for sure though my luv…it’s wonderful to read this is the happiest your life has ever been. Happy for you…here’s to dreaming pal! xoxo

    1. hiya my gorgeous always wonderful to hear from you, and yup i do actually love to go to bed myself i love falling asleep and drifting off to god knows where adventures abound ^_^, although last night i remember nothing! guess it was just a no dream night, tonight the plan is to eat cheese and maybe some pickles see what happens ^_^ and yup i am constantly aware of just how lucky i am with this phase of my life and how lovely it is i really appreciate my children all being of an age where they are more fun and less hard work especially my older girls its like having a house full of best friends and to have my hubby being so wonderfully supportive of my sewing and doll making and writing talking of which i best get some editing done i am so close to publishing this latest book i best get my act into gear it won’t edit itself ^_^ hugs and love to you my lovely xx

      1. You never fail to leave me both smiling and breathless! You’ve got style my wonderful friend…tons and tons of style. xoxo

  2. OMG Imagine being solely responsible for the demise of mankind There must be a special rewardfor that or alternatively a secure place we can send you until this meglomania on your part passes. 🙂

    1. ^_^ i know how bad is that ? ^+^ i shall promise to be good though and stay away from all electrical spirity things ^_^ i must say last night i don’t remember any dreams how rubbish is that? i shall eat cheese before bed tonight in the hope of provoking things a little ^_^ excellent to hear from you hope you have a lovely evening xx

  3. It’s said that if you think about a particular subject hard enough just before you drift off, the mind will continue to run with that thread when you (if you) hit REM sleep.
    Of course, I am usually too tired to remember to do this… 😦

    1. aaahhh well i have been known to call my hubby pinky from time to time he does say narf a lot ^_^ ( my cartoon reference squeezed in rather well there ) ok i shall try only thinking of winning the lottery from now although i haven’t had chance to dream any good dreams lately i keep being woke up too early ! hope you had a nice start to the week take care x

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