urban legends: the best stories always happen to someone you almost know

hiya everyone hope you are all enjoying the holidays and being poorly has given me some quality time with one of my fave ever hobbies; reading urban legends I love them, I have scoured the internet through having all this time in bed and have come up with some good stuff so I shall start a new section of my already crowded blog entitled quite simply urban legends.

I tried thinking back over some of my all time fave urban legends and it occurred to me that a lot of people think they are an invention of the internet, not so not so, I remember back when i was about eight or nine being told my first ever and it was my mum – she would never win any awards for mother hood but was always good at scaring the crap out of young children- she told me and I remember it crystal clear like it was just yesterday so either it was really scary or my alzheimers is kicking in, her friend went on holiday abroad to Jamaica and when she came home she had a small lump on her leg and it kept itching her, eventually it grew and became so itchy she went to the doctor, the doctor examined it and then called a nurse in, told the woman to look away and the nurse held her as the doctor made a quick small incision in the lump, being a nosey sort she obviously had to look at her leg and was horrified to see thousands of tiny white spiders now crawling all down her leg.

See how good my mother was at bedtime stories? anyways it occurs to me that me being now 48 (aarrgghhh that is scary itself) and this incident being when I was 8, well now that all equals urban legends being way older than the internet, I remember buying a book and this would be when I was about 10 and it was called a collection of apocryphal stories, apocryphal being the super snazzy word they used to use before it was all labelled urban legends it simply means along the lines of a story told which can either sound very plausible or sometimes has it roots in truth but always has to be embroidered and retold and the crucial element it has to be told by someone you almost know, it has to be your aunts friends your uncles long-lost cousin, the woman next doors aunt, sometimes it will be someone famous again lending it that air of it must be true because it happened to Elvis or someone similar, you get my drift you almost but don’t quite know them so it always has to sound as if it has to be true because it happened to someone you nearly know. The book remained one of my fave books for many years and it held ten of the worlds popular urban legends.

It also occurred to me that these stories also have local as well as world-wide happenings for instance in my neighbourhood as a child we were told that not to play on xxxxxx street because the hells angels hung out there and if they caught you they would hold you upside down and flush your head in the toilet cistern repeatedly until you drowned, remember this is way back in the seventies when a lot of us still had either outside toilets or those blocks of public toilets where the cistern was up high on the wall and we told frequently of this happening to some young lass and the block was the one down xxxxx street well believe me I was so freaked I would walk miles out-of-the-way just so I would never be near that location.

Now it’s so much easier to feed my addiction to these stories; as well as movies being made and books by the score, the internet has whole sites devoted to exactly that, as well as other sites devoted to debunking those that make the regular rounds of facebooks and have countless middle-aged woman becoming masters of self-defense in checking car back seats, never letting men change their tires, and running after giving  flying kick to any bloke daft enough to go near them offering a scent laden tissue or perfume sample. For anyone wanting to know if they have a fake or true use snopes website they are pretty good at showing the fakes, I find myself nearly every day finding new urban legends or even better people who have read a creepypasta and think it is real therefore creating a creepypasta legend -just think of how the spongebob one has taken to it now legendary status or our fave slenderman.

so without further ado I shall list my top two faves of recent times here and from now on will list this and all other creepy posts under my new section of urban legends

everyone sitting comfortably? popcorn ready? lights turned off?


ok now this one has had me poring over slowed down video and comparing all related scenes until i am blue in the face, firstly I adore the wizard of oz, as many of you know I am a huge fan of all old films but this one belongs not just in my classics section but in everyone’s. No one can mistake the pure magic that is the wizard of oz and like all good classics it is never as good if they try to remake it! – think charlie and chocolate factory, as if they even bothered! leave it alone! the original will always be the best, sp that’s got my adoration of all things ozlike out of the way and up pops this incredible urban legend, apparently some poor disgruntled munchkin actor- and it all depends on which version you read as to why he was upset, they range from being dumped to being angry at not being paid,- so in order to show the world just how upset he is he goes and hangs himself and the whole thing is captured on film. Now this is sad, spooky, distressing all kinds of upset but to happen in my fave film? that’s got to be a no way situation so I had to check it out and well from what I can gather and this in itself is a red flag for me but  the scene is only caught on the old vhs version of the movie in the newer dvd version the whole scene is there but now we are told that the vague figure seen hanging in the trees is not a munchkin but is in fact a crane, which they had shipped in a number of birds to make the scene come alive more, hmmmmm, I thought, but in order to give both sides a fair hearing I did watch all the showings available and well, it’s a difficult one, I would hate to think it actually happened but well watch for yourselves as I shall give links to the videos, questions arise though as in surely we would have heard about all this long ago if it was true? lets face hollywood is rife with its own stories and usually shares them with the world, also did this actor not have family? I am sure his family would have had something to say, and normally there are such things as inquests and these usually are reported in the media. hmm many questions but again stranger things have happened


here in this programme they are quite clear about it being fake and I can see it is a bird in this one but the later versions it is easy to see it is a bird and I am not disputing that but however it bears no resemblance to the earlier version which is still uncannily like a hanging person

again the questions are more than answers if it was true why on earth did Dorothy etc not see it as they go singing round the corner? and in all honesty it doesn’t matter whether I believe it or whether you or anyone believes it; it doesn’t matter how many questions go unanswered, the more the better because that is what makes a good legend is that it could be true, it could have happened, and it got everyone talking.

ok now a more traditional one

Beautiful Hitchhiker

A man was driving home from a country-club dance late one Saturday night. Out of the corner of his eye appeared a lovely young girl, dressed in the sheerest of evening gowns, beckoning him for a lift. He jammed on his brakes, and motioned her to climb into the back seat of his sedan. “All cluttered up with golf clubs and bags up here in front,” he explained. “But what on earth is a youngster like you doing out here all alone at this time of night?”

“It’s too long a story to tell you now,” said the girl. Her voice was sweet and somewhat shrill — like the tinkling of sleigh bells. “Please, please take me home. My car broke down a few miles back and I have been trying to get help for the longest time. I live up the road about 5 miles. I do hope it’s not too far out of your way.”

He drove rapidly to her destination, and as he pulled up before the house, he said, “Here we are,” and turned around. The back seat was empty.

“What the devil?” he muttered to himself. The girl couldn’t possibly have fallen from the car. Nor could she simply have vanished. He rang insistently on the house bell, confused as he had never been before. At long last the door opened. A gray-haired, very tired-looking man peered out at him. “I can’t tell you what an amazing thing has happened,” began the doctor. “A young girl gave me this address a while back. I drove her here and . . .”

“Yes, yes, I know,” said the man wearily. “This has happened several other Saturday evenings in the past month. That young girl, sir, was my daughter. She was killed in a car accident in the spot where you picked her up two years ago.


  • Sometimes the ghost leaves a book or scarf in the car, which the bereaved parents then identify as belonging to their lost daughter. Sometimes the driver spies the hitchhiker’s photograph on the family piano, wearing the party dress in which she died (and which she was wearing when he picked her up).
  • In versions where the hitchhiker disappears when the vehicle drives past a graveyard, the driver discovers the coat he lent his passenger draped over the tombstone of a girl who’d died in a car accident a few years earlier.
  • One submission described what happens the next day:


After he got home he remembered that Lavender had borrowed his coat. The next day he went to her house and knocked on the door. An old woman answered and he asked her if Lavender Blue was at home. He went on to explain that she had borrowed his coat and he came to get it back and to talk to her if she was there.

The woman had a sad look and asked him if this was some kind of joke. He insisted that it was no joke. She informed him that Lavender Blue had died 5 years before after she had been out on a date. Her date left her in the middle of no-where and she was hit by a truck while walking home on a dark road.

Tom looked so confused when she told him this story that she told him that she would show him Lavender’s grave, as she was buried in their back yard. They walked around the house and in the back corner of the large property there was a small cemetery and in the center was Lavender’s tombstone. Both the woman and Tom were surprised to find Tom’s coat folded neatly laying on the grave.

In my experience this one is usually told as having happened to a friend of my uncle Tom, who I am quite sure must be dead by now as he told me it back when I was little and he was really old then, if not sorry uncle Tom but heck how was I to know you were going to be immortal, as you can see uncle Tom was as good as telling bedtime stories as my mum, who is definitely dead, apart from scaring me witless at bedtime thus ensuring I never slept both my mum and uncle Tom probably lead me to become a horror writer, although I remember the scariest thing my uncle Tom ever told me was to stop me from being a compulsive nail biter –  as a child I was nearing teenage years and had discovered the whole concept of embarrassment and this was made much worse by Uncle Tom saying in front of everyone “You still suckling at your mothers tit? cos that what it is you know biting your nails is just you not letting go of suckling…..” I didn’t hear the rest I had ran away dying of shame, my face was literally deep scarlet red my skin aflame in embarrassment and hid myself for weeks. I didn’t venture outside that whole summer but on the upside I never bit my nails again.

if i don’t get back on then happy new year to all

love to everyone








6 responses

  1. Even as you wonder if some of these are true, you sort of believe them and sorta don’t. Must be something about human nature…:-D

    HAPPY New Year, Kizzylee. 😀

    1. hiya, i think thats why i love them though because it is so easy to imagine it happening to us and somehow we are the lucky ones because it didnt thats my theory anyway ^_^ have a wonderful start to the new year and may it continue to be wonderful throughout xx

  2. I’m awarding you The Blog of the Year Award! No obligation to accept, I understand if you don’t. For details, you can view my post http://wp.me/p41c99-qj Happy New Year! Peace, Sage

    1. aww thank you thats so lovely of you i have to confess i am terrible with awards i know people are so lovely they think to give them to me and i suffer from being easily distracted and forget all about them i probably have a drawer full of them but please don’t take my inability to stay on track as any indication of how i actually feel this one and every award given to me i am truly grateful for and very much appreciate it so thank you have a wonderful new year xx

      1. lol no problem at all, no need to follow through at all, I understand completely. Happy New Year!

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