are you afraid of the big bad internet?

you know I did not have in mind to write a blog post today, oh sure earlier on in the day when I was doubled up in pain sobbing quietly so the kids wouldn’t hear me, yes then I had in mind of writing an open letter to any doctor in the whole world,  anyone, just anyone, begging them please dear god please help me, my own doctors are useless and the pain is more than I can  bear, but instead I stopped sobbing; the kids needed feeding, so instead I took more than I should have done on the painkillers, but it controlled the pain enough so that I could at least make it to the kitchen and wash pots and make food,

later in the day when having to go outside, even though it was for a very short time due to still being in ridiculous pain, I had in mind of writing a blog post;- again an open letter for all the politicians/government/whichever ridiculous person they have at the head of our poor ravaged country- leading us all into worse poverty than I can bear, but not that, that was not to be the point of my blog post today, but the point of the open letter to them all would have been thus;-  the sheer frustrating, muscle tearing, and nerve jangling state of our pavements, as a walking person dear reader you may not be aware of the terrible state of our pavements, but I firmly believe, and wish it were so that every single politician in the land had to spend one week stuck in a wheelchair with no carer/helper around and wheel yourself to the shops and back carrying the shopping, it’s impossible! physically impossible! The bumps and dips and potholes are a minefield, and worse every single path slopes/slants to one side, have you tried wheeling a wheelchair on a slope? It’s bloody impossible! If Holland can have separate lanes for bicycles then why in the hell can’t we have a separate, level, and pothole free lane for wheelchairs? I swear if I knew how to go and insist those stupid politicians come spend one week in my town stuck in a wheelchair I would do it.

of course the day dragged by and by 4pm I had fed children and dragged myself to bed and once here I went through a round up of reading all my fave blogs, it took some time because I follow so many people, in fact I still haven’t quite finished my catch up but figured I best write this now before I fall asleep ^_^ so I read everyone’s blog and mighty interesting it was too, again I was hit by other post ideas like the importance of answering comments -seriously blog peoples when someone comments at least reply to them, I left three comments on one person’s blog and they did not even say hi! So even though they had a well written and interesting blog I unfollowed them, because manners cost nothing and I don’t mind if they miss one comment- I know myself sometimes I have to search through because wordpress doesn’t always tell me (and I publicly apologise right now should I have missed anyone’s comments ) but three? not good, not good, and equals an unfollow, but again this was by the by and the rest of the blogs especially those I read regular were funny, witty, interesting, enlightening, beautiful, amazing pictures, kind thoughts, humbling,  it was reading those posts that helped me feel better yeah I know I also took too many painkillers but I still felt crap and in catching some tea time news in which several politicians all whimpered on about how the internet is a scary place full of adult entertainment movies and rip off scams and horrid people trying to influence today’s youth, and worst of all they did not know how they tax the damn thing, well ok they didn’t actually say that last bit but I reckon it features heavily in their meetings much more so than people being ripped off by phishing scams,

in short the crux of it all and the point of this blog post is simple really,

the internet can be a scary place


I firmly believe it is also a wonderful place full of opportunity, promise, ability, kindness, humour, friendship, it is refreshing, helpful, informative, I could go on all night but I wont, I will instead say thank you to all those blogs I have just read,- all of them feature in my blogs you must read button at the top of my blog- and more( like I said I follow a huge amount of people) and even those I haven’t fitted into that page have all posted some excellent posts that I have read my way through tonight.

So I rather think those stupid politicians should quit trying to tell us all how to run our lives or our children’ s lives ie no more than five hours a day internet- it’s like the old days when we were told oh you shouldn’t watch more than half an hour of tv a day it will rot your eyeballs or give you bad breath something like that– crap is what I say, go fix those damn pathways or pay the damn doctors to actually help people like me and stop trying to complain about the internet which in fact is the one good thing that I found today and you are only gutted because you haven’t figured out how to make money out of it and that’s my point today folks

The internet can be a good place and it should always remain out of the control of those damn politicians! Who should actually quit bellyaching and go and do something good for the country for once oh and watch as much internet /tv as you want I know I will ^_^

Love to all




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  1. Everyone everywhere is saying the same things. What is our world coming to? Have you noticed how government has changed in the past 20 years? What horrors can we expect in another 20 years? 😦

    1. you know i am actually too scared to think that far! i guess i hope for a complete turnaround and somehow a new government that actually cares for and works for the people -they always did say i had my head in the clouds ^_^ thank you for dropping by hugs and love xx

      1. Great subject. Awesome conversation. 🙂

  2. I can’t ‘like’ this honey, because I am so sorry to read that you are in such pain, that the simplest of activities (like getting down a sidewalk) is so damn frustrating and that governments in general can’t get their acts together to provide appropriate services for all those they allegedly serve. But I can send you my love and hope that tomorrow is a better day and that you soon begin to feel a bit better. xox, m

    1. thank you my darling mims always love to hear from you and as in the words of a fave film of mine tomorrow is another day ^_^ i am lucky and have a wonderful family and friends such as yourself and who knows tomorrow may be the day i become a rich and successful author it has to happen one of these days ^_^thank you for your kind thoughts mims my lovely hugs and love back to you xx

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you are in so much pain, but know what you mean about how reading certain blogs can make pain, physical or psychic, more tolerable. I’m fortunate that my health has been fairly good, but I’ve had a few times of illness or injury when it was hard to think of anything but getting rid of the pain. I hope healing comes your way soon! Karen

    1. lovely to hear from you my friend and today is already feeling better i got all the kids to school-on time !- and only have one off -my son he is disabled and is not having a fgood time either but today we are going to relax first then bake cakes so today is way better than yesterday i have no idea what causes one day to be good and another bad i just am grateful for good days thank you for dropping by and chatting always love to hear from you and hope you are having a good day too hugs xx

  4. I’m liking this, not because you are filled with pain – but because you do what you have to – to survive, because you have to work through the pain every day, because you must take care of your family, because you must deal with things that healthy individuals never have to consider, and finally you stay connected by taking quiet time to reach out to others across the world through the internet and feel compassion for others. Wish you didn’t live in pain.

    I too follow many blogs, too many as my gut tells me everyday. Last week I made the decision to unfollow those that haven’t the courtesy to respond to comments – time is precious, and to read one blog takes what little we have, but to read and comment on 200+ takes a courtesy of obligation (?) or perhaps reciprocal in the end. So the one thing we can control, is to free our minds of distractions and unnecessary stress when common courtesy and respect isn’t matched. It’s okay to give ourselves permission to move on . . .

    Good post!

    1. hi, and thank you for your kind words my friend i did worry a little that this post wouldn’t be well received but i wrote it because in the end it was how i felt at that time and so i shared how i felt, i do worry that my blog is a little eclectic it was never started with any purpose in mind just somewhere for me to have a chatter at people ^_^ so i always feel a worry about anything i post but in the end each of our blogs are our own and it is up to us what we put in them i guess but i have to say thank you because it is always nice to hear someone say ‘good post’ and to know they said this because they read it all the way through, i appreciate every comment and as always i love to meet a new friend, so thank you for becoming my friend and i really ought to go get changed now as i look down and realize i am covered in the contents of my kitchen why is it i can never bake cakes without getting covered in flour ? hugs to you my friend and i hope you have a lovely day xx

  5. Wow Kizzy Lee. I’m so sorry that this is so bad. It must be absolutely worse than anything to have no choice but to be in terrible pain. Your amazing fighting spirit to do all that has do be done and not give in to bitterness and anger, but spread so much warmth and love all around in stead has brought tears to me today. I wish your pain would go away forever – you of all people deserve every wonderful thing in the world. Loves and HUGE hugs – and much much admiration to you my lovely friend. XXXX

    1. aahh jo my lovely are you trying to make me cry? cos its working i am no different to the thousands of others we all fight our way through this life but my gorgeous friend as i have often said i am lucky very lucky i have four beautiful children and even more lucky is the fact that we are all so very close even though they grow older they still want my company and that is very lucky and on top of this which would be enough for me in itself but on top of this i have wonderful friends like you i was very lucky in finding wordpress in this little haven i have found so many wonderful friends mims and rhinda i met early on so i was very lucky there without their support and love would not be here chatting with you now to me each day i wake is lucky i have lost too many friends even tiny friends who should never have been taken so young and so it taught me to value each day yes even the crap ones because it is another day i got to spend with my family and friends so hugs you and sends you a cake i just made which and this is the best part it has baileys irish cream with chocolate icing on top now how cool is that ^_^ so eat cake drink chocolate and be who you are my friend because it is thanks to wonderful friends like you that i am who i am hugs and love xx

  6. You have such a strength…an amazing strength that comes from your very core! I hurt that you are in such pain, I hate that professionals cannot/will not help when that is their only function, I despise politicians and their hypocritical grand standing when what they really need to do is get out of their bloody cushy offices and into the streets where the people they talk about BUT DO NOT KNOW really live, but mostly…I love the woman who gets up and gets out and gets done and gets real and gets straight to the heart of things that matter in her world. I send every ounce of good will your way my beautiful friend, every wish for a day with no pain, every prayer of thanks that you are able to see and feel and know how blessed you really are in your children, and thanks that you are part of the world that I live in….hugs my luv…xoxo

    1. aahh my darling rhinda how much i value your words and your friendship and your hugs and also i can see your fist shake at the injustices in this world! i love we have that in common ^_^ one regret i have in this world is missing our meeting- damn london for being so bloody huge! i swear my gorgeous if i ever win the lottery we are having one huge party! for now i send you also one of my famous baileys irish cream and choclate cakes i swear i just made them and they nearly all gone! me and my son have been nibbling away at them from the moment they came out the oven ^_^ the girls are gonna go mad when they get in and there is only some crumbs left ^_^ ahh well i have to go make bread now- my kids wont eat normal bread they like my bread- so i guess the flour covering i have adopted is to stay with me a little longer^_^ love and hugs to you my friend love you always and never forget it xx

      1. I shall never forget….and Bailey’s Irish chocolate cake? Mmmmm Mmmmm Good! I wish the internet had a smelling function…I can imagine how wonderful your home smells with the cake and the bread…how delicious. Make sure you rest though…hugs a million…xoxo

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