a great big thank you to all those who showed support

a big big thank you to my dear friends for showing my new blog-diamond dogs- support and likes etc i figured it would be best making a whole new blog for my latest adventure into making things as i didn’t want to flood this blog so thank you and please know i very much appreciate your time and support

i have loved making doggy things and plan to make more just as soon as i have enough money to go get more crystals i used that many i ran out! aahh well i wanted glitzy anyways this was just to say a quick thank you to everyone i shall now go walk my dogs

have a super day everyone and yup it’s friday woohoo just need easter holidays to hurry up i really miss my kids when they are at school/working-the oldest has now got a apprenticeship how excellent is that she is still on trial at the moment but the excellent thing is they love her and she is at a hairdressers in our home town so she doesn’t have far to travel woot and woohoo ^_^ i still miss her though but hey it’s far better she is now on the employment ladder ^_^

love to all



11 responses

  1. Thrilled for your daughter honey – and look forward to seeing your new creations!

    1. thank you my gorgeous mims it has been a struggle england like many places is suffering such awful things as recession and nasty levels of unemployment so it is very much news to be celebrated and the fact that she is happy there means a lot to me as well it’s lovely though to see her earn her own money it’s not much but she lives with me so has no bills to pay she gets her money to spend on what we would think of as luxury items she gives me a little but mainly i tell her to go out and enjoy it she earned it and one day she may well be married with kids and have no money or time so now is the time to enjoy herself poor thing does come home tired though nearly every night i find her asleep on the sofa ^_^ and thank you about my doggy stuff i had got to the point where i couldn’t face making another dance costume my poor fingers and eyesight is getting very much worse it is a lot easier to make the doggy things and a lot of fun and as much as i love writing i need a way of actually making money until become j k rowling ^_^ so lovely to hear from you as always love and hugs to you my darling mims xx

  2. I must have missed something: diamond doggies? How did that happen? Sheesh.
    Lucky daughter to be liked at work and having work. :-)

    1. aahh it’s just me i used to make dance costumes and sell them on ebay it didn’t make me rich but brought in enough money to get by on but they are a lot of hard work and the hours i put into making them meant it was a lot of work for very little pay and of course with my being poorly it meant i had to keep going because as always needed the money luckily i had made a little harness for one of my dogs – i have three an ancient greyhound a rescue that have had for eleven years now and a tiny chihuahua and now my newest one is a little japanese chin it was her i made the harness for, everyone who saw it loved it and asked me to make more so this week i did and now have my own little brand of designer doggy accessories which i have called Diamond Dogs i started a blog which shows the different items i make the last two posts i reblogged were from my other site Diamond Dogs so there you it is all very recent just this week in fact and i was very lucky in that some of my friends popped over to that blog and clicked like on my posts which i very much appreciated all i have to do now is hope people on ebay buy them as i really don’t want to go back to making dance costumes i much prefer the dog stuff it is more fun ^_^ good to hear from and i hope you have a fab friday love and hugs xx

      1. I’ve seen the costumes you made. Indeed a lot of work especially when beading (I used to sew). I hoped for a link for the other site but wasn’t successful in finding. I’m not crafty anymore (other things take up too much of my time) but wanted to see what you were talking about. :-)

      2. aahhh sorry i forgot link it’s been a long day ^_^ here it is ;-
        and you are right i have done more than enough beading to hope i never have to do it again ^_^ i love working with crystals i just decide where i want them and then glue them on i do each one individually though so it can take a lot of time but way better than thread a zillion beads ^_^
        hope that link works thank you my lovely friend hugs and love to you xx

      3. Yes, the link worked. How clever you are. Any pooch or pooch owner can feel like a king or queen.
        By the way, only pooches? Kitties like cool accessories too. ;-) Just an idea.

      4. hmm that is a good idea and i am loving making these little things thank you my lovely friend always good to hear from you and thank you for the idea i may well do that! hope your weekend is going well mine is ^_^ have a super sunday tomorrow love and hugs xx

      5. :-D
        Have yourself a lovely weekend too.

    1. thank you ^_^ my German is lacking although i did live in Germany many years ago i was only 7 at the time and i mostly remember panicking about doing my homework ^_^ but i shall give it a go: veilen dank mein freund
      take care and have a lovely weekend ^_^

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