messing about in the rain


just a little picture i made when messing about in my paint programme usual rules apply ie use it, share it, stamp on it, i don’t care its just a picture do what you want with it ^_^


well I am a tad fed up with this being poorly malarky, this week they added severe aneamia and diabetes to my long list of crap things wrong with me, but no messages of sympathy you know i don’t like them just choclate thanks, its all i need except i am not allowed chocolate unless the damn thing is dairy free pfffft

but on the upside it’s half term woot kids are off two of them are off for a week and my youngest is off for two weeks woohoo ^_^ i would have loved to have gone camping but no tent, plus hubby says i am not allowed in a tent no more i am too poorly pffft, i am still going to though me and the kids love camping i just need some money to buy a tent, our last one,- well that was our adventure in York, with the worst storm in history of yorkshire savaged our tent and my poor kids were convinced we would get caught up in the storm in the same style as dorothy from wizard of oz i had to tie it to a tree in the end because they were so frightened !

it’s not even beach weather, this being the north east means we have had a constant grey sky and thundery showers i love this weather normally but its half term and i want to get the kids doing something outside, but instead the news is full of flood warnings pffft

i might put the kids on one of these get them some fresh air,----no don't be cruel;- i would give them one each of course

i might put the kids in one of these get them some fresh air,—-no don’t be cruel;- i would give them one each of course

i have managed to get a heap load of writing done and who knows if i work on it again today i may well have the first book of my trilogy in four parts nearly done.

or i could get one of these they won't feel the rain at all then

or i could get one of these they won’t feel the rain at all then

most parents hate it when the kids are off but i love it i miss them when they are at school plus they are my best friends and we love playing right now i have made myself a cuppa while my youngest has made herself a rather brilliant tent,-  ok yes i did help her a bit, and yes i did let her have the cellotape but heck this tent has to last until tomorrow on account of i said she could sleep in it tonight.

later we will play the toned down version of going over niagra falls in a barrel with some handy cardboard tubes and a few dolls that don't mind us throwing them around in the bathroom, yeah you're right i do end up having a lot of soggy cardbaord to clean up but it's worth it

later we will play the toned down version of going over Niagara falls in a barrel with some handy cardboard tubes and a few dolls that don’t mind us throwing them around in the bathroom, yeah you’re right i do end up having a lot of soggy cardboard to clean up but it’s worth it

i reckon we shall have tea in our super tent as well, ^_^ well tea that is along the lines of cakes biscuits crisps chocolate, you know the score, heck i may even throw in some raisins and pretend it is a healthy tea ^_^

yup i reckon the dogs will want to join in with our picnic in a tent in the living room

yup i reckon the dogs will want to join in with our picnic in a tent in the living room

and tonight i reckon i should read ghosty stories to the children cos you know part of camping has to include a torch held to the face as we tell scary stories in the dark ^_^ did you imagine a maniacal laugh there? cos i did one you know, though it did taper off into a cough

good old ronald mcdonald serves as both scary and food, ok i was lying about the food

good old ronald mcdonald serves as both scary and food, ok i was lying about the food

well i am being called! the tent has suffered a mishap and we need more cellotape hope everyone else has great half term or for those poor souls out there not on half term have a great day and you are welcome in our tent anytime ^_^

love to all





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  1. I’m so bummed to read that there are still more health concerns affecting you my dear…and celebrate that your spirit is still uplifted, that your kids are now on school break and your writing has been going so well. Enjoy that tent! xx

    1. yay hiya my gorgeous mims i am sneaking a quick breather while the kids play hide and seek i cannot hide so i play the job of distracting the person counting so the rest get longer to hide ^_^ the tent has collapsed a few times turns out cellotape is not much good at holding quits in place! i tied the two quilts togther in the end
      so far my main methods of distracting the counting person has been very educational i get them to try and count in french ^_^ now my thirteen yr old is very good at french so she does it quick as a flash and instead i pretend she is teaching me french after about half an hour she sussed me and proclaimed mam your cheating keeping me here while they all hide i did point out thats how we play hide and seek she has stomped off now finding them ^_^ hope you are having a lovely weekend lots of cuddles with the sirs love that picture the other day snoozing with your lovely wee dog well okay compared to mine he ois not wee at all but i bet he is to you ^_^ love and hugs always xx

  2. I’m so sorry that you’ve had more things added to your already too big load Kizzy – that sucks. And not having chocolate is not cool! I’ve been on this sugar free thing for a couple of weeks now, and that one thing drove me scatty. I’m not sure if you can have these things with diabetes, but you can make a nice choccie drink with plain cocoa powder, coconut milk, and xylitol sweetener. I’m experimenting with making choccie mousses and icecream with the same stuff, just adding eggs and coconut oil. I love your pic by the way – you are so amazingly talented in so many, many ways. LOVE and HUGS to you my lovely friend. 🙂 XXXXX

    1. hiya my lovely jo unfortunately yes i have been stuck in the most annoying catch 22 situation i suffer a sore mouth tongue all of it inside and out even my lips all sore it hurts to even yawn and i hate trying to eat so no eating then gives me aneamia cos i am not getting iron which is already difficult cos of the stupid stuff i am supposed to eat no lactose no dairy no gluten oppffffft i tell you its hurts i cant eat all there is is cardboard food so the anemia kicks in because i am not eating which its worst symptoms are you guessed it sore mouth!! i spend a lot of time saying harrumpph!
      thank you for those ideas though i will run its past the doc as of yet i dont really know if i amm allowed those things there is such a lot i am not allowed i get to have the joy of them stealing my blood to keep checking it let me know if am okay or not they have said they wont give me any set rules just yet because apparently i have to have a set of three tests before they calculate my blood sugar thingy i dont know i had kinda glazed over by then i really don’t like my doctor i do know that one of the biggest culprits that i have to avoid at all costs is aspartame you see that run run my friend it causes all manner of problems
      hope you are having a fab weekend my friend
      love and hugs always

  3. You sound like the perfect mum. So many adventures. All kids should be so lucky. Virtual dairy free chocolate on its way. I’ve never been over Niagara in a barrel and I’ve never written a trilogy in 4 parts. Go mum.

    1. aww thank you andrew thats such a lovely comment we are very lucky we manage to have kids that do get on most of the time ^_^ they have their moments when it would appear some kind of world war has broken out but luckily i am the worlds most amazing diplomat and a master of distraction to boot so i can dissolve most situations quickly and easily for my kids there is no option of just playing outside so i have to make sure the home and garden are devoted to the fun of playing and i work hard at it, thats why i like it when the weather is nice then i can take them out visit a park or the beach or just simply go for a day out somewhere i feel so very proud of them and how much they bring to my life to me they deserve all the days out and all the playing time i can give them and more, plus it all goes so quickly its like a flash then they are grown up and i hate to think of missing any opportunity to spend time with them doing fun stuff all too soon they are like their sister all grown up -my oldest is 19 working and courting i hardly see her now even though she still lives with me she is so busy and i am proud of her and glad her life is working out so well but it does help me appreciate how to enjoy the time i still have with the others, thank you for popping by and your lovely comment i hope you also are enjoying the weekend take care and be well ^_^

      1. You give your children more than most if you give them time and real commitment. Too many children don’t get much of either. Maybe they get material things but my guess is that your kids wouldn’t swap. 19 is one foot in adulthood and a great age to be in many ways but I bet she still comes to mum for advice. Happy days.

  4. You make the best lemonade out of bitter lemons my friend. Your spirit takes over when your bod won’t cooperate and I love that about you. sending ginormous wish filled balloons over the pond, hoping they pop and shower you with all good things…especially decent weather, an idea for an outside tent, days of feeling as healthy on the outside as you do in your heart and mind…and making more memories with that beautiful family of yours. xoxo

    1. hiya my fabulous rhinda i love the idea of wish filled balloons i shall get the kids to make some tomorrow i reckon, we have special times not often, but on occasion, when life is kicking us – the last time was when we suffered the awful situation i wrote about in the some stuff about me think its page seven or eight i dont know i wrote so much ^_^ – but the kids and i needed something so i bought some beautiful helium filled balloons and drove up the moors – not sure if you are familiar with the moors think wild desolate heather covered mounds and marshes, think of jane eyre and the bronte sisters, heathcliffe, that sort of thing well we dont live far from there so off we drove up to the highest point in the moors and it was was windy, cold and proper bronte scene and i got each child to think of a wish and we wrote it on small pieces of paper and attached each wish to each of their balloons and then we stood on the moors the rain dripping on our faces and let go of the balloons letting the wind carry the balloons and wishes away and as the wind carries the balloon the higher the it goes the better chance the wish has of becoming true
      i didnt ask them what they had written but since that time at least two of them have said their wish came true so that was brilliant ^_^ and no i cant lay claim to being the originator of this it is in fact an old chinese custom comes from the feng shui i practise but it is something nice to do and i know the kids loved doing it. okay i am being called back to hide and seek have a fabulous weekend my wonderful friend love and hugs to you always xx

      1. that was a memory maker if ever I heard one. you could write books! oh wait! you do! love to you Kizz…xoxo

  5. You have me smiling with your perky voice and give-’em-hell style. Nothing’s going to stop you once you make up your mind. Camping your way. Why didn’t I think of that? Can I come to listen to the scary stories? I haven’t been camping since I was flooded out and gave it up. I’m trying to picture a tent tied to a tree. Buahahaha.

    1. hiya lovely always love hearing from you and yup we are just about to start to relax and tell horror stories so come join us ^_^ the problem is always finding a story that is good and scary but not to frightening my youngest is only 8 and my son is severely autistic which does make it extremely difficult because you have to spend ages assuring him its not true just mammy pretending he has such difficulty with concepts especially the idea of pretend because to him that is lying and he cant understand why i would not tell the truth, eventually i come up with a hand signal that helps him know we are just playing we use a lot of sign language or a system called macaton which is pictures or symbols used instead of words, the strangest though is he doesn’t understand facial expressions or the comment concept of acting out horror for instance we took him to an event in our local forest which was doing a halloween event with people dressed as ghost mummies etc and they were hidden in the trees playacting various accepted horror scenes like witches with cauldrons and when you went through the trees with the kids one of these characters would jump out and say something like a witch would say can i add you to my stew i have bubbling in my cauldron now at this all the other kids would scream and run and much fun was had mostly, my son does not get any of it and spent a while explaining to one of the witches it was illegal to eat humans and especially children and another one was a mummy trying to scare him and he laughed until the tears ran down his face i gave up explaining his autism in the end and we went home with three girls petrified and one son who was going to call the police because there was witches practicing cannibalism in the forest!
      hope you have a fab weekend love nd hugs xx

      1. I have learned about autistic children not understanding facial expressions and emotions but this story is funny. I hope you don’t mind I see it that way. He is being the adult while the rest of the world has lost all reason. Precious!

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