oooh look it’s one of them there award thingys ^_^

well my lovely friend stephswint     

nominated me for one of those award thingys and i do not often respond to such things not for any real reason i think back at the beginning of my blog i was over the moon when given an award then after so many did the rounds i adopted a kind of blase attitude toward the whole concept then i came round full circle and now see the appreciation in such an idea plus i still am rather proud of getting one of those blog of the year ones i loved that and still find any opportunity i can to weave it into conversation-oh yes it is definitely looking like it is going to rain today and did you know my blog got the blog of the year award thingy ? yup my blog is officially cool, well cool enough that someone kindly sent me an award thingy

and so now i have received an award thingy from steph and it seems a while in fact i tink the blog of the year was the last one and well i now appreciate the kindness and so i shall go ahead and answer some questions ^_^

the questions set were:

Questions for my nominees from steph:

1. Why did you create your blog?  Do you have a goal for it?

hmmm well i actually didn’t have any set purpose or idea or goal nothing really i just saw wordpress pop up one day and figured i would do one of those blog thingys, at first i just used to love the idea of having somewhere to come and waffle on to my hearts content and no one can interrupt! those out there who have children may understand where i am coming from on that one ^_^, but quite quickly i discovered some of my favourite friends on the whole world, mims and rhinda now my adopted soul sisters and indeed a whole bunch of jolly nice people and so i kind of developed my own style i think i tend to look at my blog as like a virtual scrapbook really, if something interests me then i write about it, i am an avid collector of pictures whether photos or art i will collect and show to anyone who stands still for long enough ^_^ and of course i have my wonderful friends here to thank for my writing career it was their kindness and support that gave me the confidence to begin writing so now my blog means a lot of different things to me and has grown into an experience of its own i like to think of myself as contributing to it as it grows there are always so many ideas i want to share i just hope wordpress doesn’t mind my having a zillion headings to collect things under ^_^

2.  Do you find yourself driven to watch your stats all the time or do you ignore them for the most part?

i can honestly say i never look and for the most part they don’t even exist in my conscious mind until they are mentioned, my blog is not driven by popularity i write whatever i want to write and love it or hate it that’s what everyone gets, at the end of the day it is my space for my ideas and even if i only had an audience of one then so be it, i write for the pleasure of writing, of sharing, of jumping up and down and saying ‘oh my guess what i discovered on the internet today!‘, yes i am that eternal annoyingly happy child that is constantly tugging at the skirt of whoever will listen with whatever my latest discovery is ^_^

3.  Do you invite friends and family to follow your blog or would you rather cut off your hands before they participate

i have never invited anyone to any part of it, from the very first day i just sat down and basically waffled on for a bit and was quite surprised when someone came along and commented! from that day people seem to have found their way here, some stay some go some kind of disappear taking their whole blog with them and that worries me a bit, i kind of panic that something horrid happened to them and worry if they are okay, but i have my beloved family on here and it grows by the minute ever larger, i do tend to think of every person who comments as a friend and i always try to catch up on their blogs though i have to do it usually in one big go as i follow so many others ^_^ as to whether or not they participate well its up to them really not me, my blog is public if they follow comment etc then cool if not its no worries, won’t affect either me or the blog either way.

4.  Do you worry about offending people on your blog or do you sometimes post things purposely knowing it will offend people but you like the discussion it brings?

well i would never knowingly disrespect anyone i would never plan to upset anyone, i would also never choose to write about any topic i find distasteful or upsetting and if i found a topic i was writing caused someone distress and i hadn’t realised then i would apologise and remove it, it is not that i do not like debate i love to have a jolly good discussion, intelligent debate is one of those things i enjoy, but i am very strong on respect, on manners, and well basically the world has enough crap in it already i don’t want to add to that, my blog hopefully is in general a bright, happy, positive place, those times where i touch on any subject that is deemed either controversial or possibly upsetting i apologise as i enter the subject and try to give a valid reason for my mentioning it and usually i try to find a middle ground, and i like to try and offer positive attitude and respectful manner, and if i can help then i surely will which is why sometimes you will come across charities in my blog when once in a while i find one i feel is worth promoting and it is usually a small charity as i think the bigger ones are already getting enough exposure, i feel strongly about such ideas as animal cruelty or suffering so i will at times feature somewhere on my blog a charity that i feel is doing hard work yet going unrecognised,

5.  What book do you consistently give as a gift?

there is no one book that i can give to everyone, any gift i give i always think about the person first and try to ascertain what they would like,  i always try to match any gift with the person receiving it.

6.  What kind of super power would you have if you could pick one?

gosh that’s a difficult one, i think possibly the mastery of time or being able to bring people back or prevent them from dying, in my life those situations that have caused the most pain has been the loss of loved ones and so i would always want to be able to either turn back time or be able to save them before anything happens.

7.  Do you see yourself as the hero or the sidekick/Do you see yourself as the protagonist or a supporting character in your life?

i don’t really see myself at all in fact often i am surprised when others point out something they have noticed about me i have invariably missed it, i am always always focused on something else, usually i am focused on my children first and husband my life is i would say at least 98% of my life is focus on my children, they are the best and most amazing thing that ever happened to me, and to know the unconditional love of a child, to see the child grow and learn, to see them develope into their own personality, i love every moment and i do always feel how lucky i am to have been given such a fantastic opportunity as being a mum, and in all honesty i am at my happiest when i am with my children- usually when we go camping, i love it! we get away from it all and go live in the country with hopefully a campfire and tell stories usually scary ones ^_^i guess i just don’t see my life as something that is a simple as hero/sidekick, to me life is this huge and often complicated experience and if we are lucky we get to escape the noise of the modern world and go dip our toes in a cool clear stream under the shade of an old oak tree, to wake up and hear the birds singing and to walk outside on grass in bare feet, life is a rich and varied experience and for the lucky ones there are many opportunities to experience many wonderful adventures, to travel and see other cultures, to listen to the great sound of live music, to laugh at a one man stand up comedy show, to watch the stars glitter the night sky i am lucky to have found some of the most beautiful experiences life can offer and all life is much much larger than seeing it as a roleplay situation life just is and if we are lucky we get to go out there and live it.

8.  What do you do as a job in the real world?  If you could blog full time and not have your day job, would you?

well to me i am mum first and foremost and always i am mum to my four beautiful children, after that i guess i am a writer though more often i simply am an artist i like to create, and i create many things, i am happy as long as i am able to express my creativity in some way, i am married to the one man who has helped me produce these four wonderful children and i am lucky in that he works and provides us with enough to keep a house for us all to live in, i would not choose to blog full time i prefer to think of it as a scrapbook which i can collect things i like the look of in, i prefer being able to dip in and out and hopefully find more interesting subjects to collect.

9.  Do you prefer flawed characters you don’t always like or pretty characters that consistently do the right, or at least morally right thing?

well in life i am always fascinated by those people who have character, and i find people with intellect, especially intelligent people i am attracted to and i will sit and listen adoringly to people who have great knowledge, i have always found myself drawn to subjects like philosophy and physics, maths and great literature, and so i find i am attracted to those of my characters that usually have a depth to them, i do find that flaws in a person lend a human quality and so as long as those flaws are not offensive then yes i will be attracted to them, any person i write about in my books i do think of as a real person and often they grow their own personality i could no more place on them flaws or morals than i could on meeting a person in the street and attempt to demand they adopt the same, when i write i no more know what will happen in the story than anyone else i tend to have an idea and just sit down and write and from there it grows and keeps on growing until i stop because i have a zillion ideas so at some point i have to stop and wind up that story so that some of the others are written, so to me each person whether in my books or those i meet each person is an individual in their own right and i can only watch listen and learn as their express their own personalities and if this includes flaws so be it and if it includes prettiness and morals then so be it.

10.  Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction?

i do not really have any preference each story, each book, each tale or experience is either fact or fiction and often both are interesting should either not be interesting i move on to something else but i do not spend time choosing a particular label i just experience whichever i have chosen and then find something else.

11.  Are you a good liar?  Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

there people in this world who will laugh and tell you i am the worlds worst liar, i have never been able to do deceit, it is difficult for me; those times where i have experienced deceit and the lack of respect for that person, have been painful enough to teach me throughout my adult life to treat each person with respect and that includes the truth, on saying that i have often been so brutal with my truth that as i grew older i tried to find a way of telling the truth in a respectful way, and for those who cannot cope with the truth i do not mention it unless asked, many people simply cannot cope with knowing truth, when put on the spot and needing say what others would call ‘a little white lie‘ i prefer instead to simply say that at that moment in time i cannot discuss it-whatever the subject is, if they push then i explain i will have to tell the truth and they must choose whether they wish to hear it, of course this has led to some situations where i could clearly see i needed another way of dealing with such situations: a clear example would be when i had my first child and of course Christmas came and i explained to her that Christmas to me was a time where i could enjoy showing my beloved child just how much i loved them and in doing so would buy them presents and would eat festive food etc and while this was accepted quite readily by my oldest daughter at the time it soon became clear to me that somehow in my quest for the truth and my attitude of never lying to my children somehow we had lost the magic, the magic of Christmas lay in believing in Santa and i felt awful that i had taken this away from her i did my best to explain that others believed in Santa but it was no good she knew the truth and i felt awful, when my other children came along i sat and talked with my daughter of how i was going to bring back that magic and so as they joined us and grew we all had much more fun and i explained it thus;- that yes in many parts of the world people believe in a Santa and also others had other ways of celebrating and i would explain each way and then end with ‘but i like to think there is always a place for magic and so i choose to believe in santa’ and it was up to them what they wished to believe, now they are mostly grown my youngest is eight and i was so glad i brought back the magic and even now they have grown passed that stage in life they love that i still believe and still greet each Christmas with boundless enthusiasm, and even though my oldest was not given the magic in the beginning she is my strongest ally and supporter now she not only joins in all my little xmas rituals but does it with such glorious energy its like she believes more than i do ^_^ so i don’t think of it as lies i think of it as a belief system and one that works for us as a family, i guess that is how each different situation should be; a personal choice in what an individual chooses to believe, as to the concept of deliberately wishing to deceive others; i cannot at all either agree with such behaviour nor condone it, the lack of respect is what gets me and to wish to deceive a person to me is a bad thing so whether or not a person was any good at it only compounds the lack of respect, it simply means they find it easier to disrespect the person they are deceiving and that is not a good thing in my book.

so we have come to the end of the questions and it is late so for now i shall leave it here tomorrow or perhaps the next day i will try to nominate and think of some questions ^_^

love and peace be with you all





3 responses

  1. Such forthcoming answers. ❤

    1. i can only hope that is a good thing, i am known for being one that speaks as i find which strangely is not always appreciated in these ere parts ^_^ ahh to live in a small town still i could not live in a city so here i must stay i just have to learn how to be diplomatic ^_^ have a fab weekend love and hugs x

      1. It is a GOOD thing. I can’t stand people pretending and then forgetting what they said because they made up answers. They aren’t being themselves. ❤

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