um i think it’s called psychometry


well i was as surprised as you are, honest!

see even the moon was shocked

see even the moon was shocked!

but um i guess this is the post i was delaying writing, basically if you have been following -a big hi to my lovely new followers- then you will have read previous posts outlining some new talents  i had learned, the pyrography etc, and well during my little vacation of 9 months this is the third of my little ‘talents’ i have discovered.

this is usually how i approach stuff

this is usually how i approach stuff

but this the latest of my new talents is not something that can be learned from a book, or even from watching a video on youtube, another of my preferred learning techniques.

so well here is its proper name-psychometry, and it means being able to hold an object and then describing any images that come to mind to the owner of the object.

now i am the first to appreciate that to some people this may present some controversy, i appreciate that any of the rather huge world of the paranormal maybe way outside their personal boundaries and that’s fine you can stop reading here or look at this nice picture

hey come on any picture of micheal hutchence os more than a nice picture it's pure eye candy see now if i could communicate woth those gone i would sure as hell send my time finding this guy ^_^

hey come on any picture of micheal hutchence is more than a nice picture it’s pure eye candy see now if i could communicate with those gone i would sure as hell spend my time finding this guy ^_^

ok let me explain a little because this is still a very new talent i have found so in actual fact i have as yet only done this twice

well twice is nearly grade three, i think, isn't it?

well twice is nearly grade three, i think, isn’t it?

ok a short while ago i think it was around four maybe five months ago now i was on facebook and found a group i joined out of interest, it was a group giving readings to members and seemed quite popular, now i am completely open-minded in fact fascinated to almost the point of obsession with all things paranormal, and so it was quite an obvious thing for me to do.

as it happens it was a while before i actually visited the group and i was at the time wondering if i should just leave as i hadn’t really the time to get on there much and other people would like to join so i had written to the lady saying sorry and it was probably better to give my place to someone who would have more chance to  use it.

to be honest the real reason  had joined other than interest had been because i was a member of a similar group but again hadn’t had chance to go on there much and in my absence the lady who runs this group had messaged me asking me to join so i did.

ok so i figured i had done the right thing in letting her know of my leaving and i get another message from her, she is a lovely lady and all the messages she sent were always friendly and nice and in this one she said please don’t leave i believe you have a reason for being part of it and i believe you should have a go at doing a reading i think you may be good at it.

ok now i was feeling bad, she had been so nice and kind and well i was a little intrigued i had never tried it before (there is another isolated incident but i won’t go into that it was surrounded by circumstances beyond my control and a very dark part of my life so nope not going there) so ok i said i will pop along and see what happens

now the group is lovely full of sweet kind people and very much more understanding and compassionate than the first group who were ok but had established themselves as quite cliquey and almost above everyone anyway i had by now left that first group and so this night i finally have some time and i pop along, now the brilliant thing about them and how understanding they were knowing my nervousness and not really wanting to go straight into actually try to read for someone they set up a little exercise.

they put up a picture of a lady and that was it no other prompt  information nothing else given just this photograph, and so i asked to have five minutes first to listen to my binaural beats- which are brilliant if you get chance go look them  up- so i found some binaural beats for opening subconscious pathways and channeling any paranormal talents i might have and came back to the group.

i then simply looked at the picture and focused only on that and said anything and everything that came into my head and it flowed out word after word i couldn’t type quick enough to keep up

after a while i realised i hadn’t let any others speak so i apologised and let some other new people have a go as well. at the end of the exercise the lady explained the picture was of a relative of hers who had passed and she was very encouraging and i was surprised i was so clear and well spot on with all i had said.

feeling quite pleased with myself as well as a little shocked i honestly thought i would not get anything right, but as with most things these days it took it out of me a bit and i was poorly the next day. in fact  i have not been back to that group much as they were lovely and they have explained it’s apparently because i am an empath- they explained an empath to me and it does seem about right, but i simply don’t have enough of me left after everything that is important to me such as the kids my dogs home husband etc etc i have only limited energy and am so poorly that even without doing anything with the group i am drained the kids come first so whatever energy i can muster always goes on them first.

so for a while i was quite happy and summer came and all was well, unfortunately this summer i was too poorly to do much but about a month ago i had planned to go see one of my closest friends, a woman whom i adore and love to spend time with, and one of the ideas that had crossed my mind was that i had deliberately never asked her anything about her mum, even though one of the points i have in common with her is that both our mums come from gypsy heritage so it would normally have been a talking point but as i say i was deliberately not talking about this because i wanted to ask her if she minded if i had a go at holding some object that had belonged to her mum and seeing what happened.

you see to me it was perfect because even though i have such a wonderful connection with this friend it is quite  recent happening so being n the position of knowing for sure there was no way i could have picked up anything i was left with a completely blank space, brilliant!

i also took a pen and a notepad and my friend gave me an ornament that had only ever belonged to her mum-its important that no one else has owned it as then i would get their images through and it would be hard to see what belonged to who, the afternoon was lovely, sunshiney, summery, not too hot just perfect, we had various members in and out she has fice children and they popped in and out and in general it was just a happy peaceful relaxing afternoon and we all chatted. as we chatted and relaxed i kept hold of the ornament and wrote down everything on the paper that came to mind, and it all seemed so, well, odd, so abstract, the images coming to me seemed so random i was convinced almost that i was definitely barking up the wrong tree but i persevered and in the end i had written about six pages of notes and we sat and had a  cup of tea and had a look at what i had written,

i said how i was worried that the images were so random i wasn’t sure how well i had done, for instance one of the first images that came to me was a circus, an old circus not like those now, this was old with the striped tents, and animals particularly elephants.

i looked at her almost apologetically as it was just seemed so odd, but her face was well a picture, shocked or surprised i should say, i went on to say i had seen a long train journey passing fields and towns and london being the eventual destination.

it was at this point my friend broke her startled look and said that her gran had often in her childhood been made to travel by train to london during the summer to stay with relatives and they always took her to the circus and she didn’t like it as the elephants scared her.

well you could have knocked me down with a feather as they say in these parts.

as we went through all my notes it was becoming obvious that every thing i had written was spot on, she recognised everything i said, everything, i was amazed, i hadn’t expected much and certainly nothing like this, was it because i have such a strong connection with this friend? was i just being particularly psychic or something that afternoon? i have no idea, i have no idea how it works, i just know that it happened and it was brilliant

i haven’t done any more since then, i think for me to do it at all i have to be comfortable, relaxed, ready, i don’t think i could do it like the lady we visit in the next town from  here- my friend another friend and i have paid quite a lot of money to visit a professional lady who does exactly this holding objects and ‘reading’ but i am not sure i could do it like she does

so there you my latest ‘talent’ and i cannot even show you pictures of it ^_^

so here is a cat picture instead

so here is a cat picture instead

stay beautiful, people

be kind to your selves

and be kind to each other

love to all



5 responses

  1. Nice to see you Kizzie. It’s been a long time. I’ve been off all summer and now popping in and out and will be gone away for a couple weeks.
    This is interesting. I have heard it told, we all have this extra sense but are too busy to pay it mind. Anyway. Good on YOU. ❤ ❤ Sorry to hear you have been poorly. ❤ Hope you get your energy back soon.

    1. thank you my lovely how nice it is to hear your voice again, thank you for being supportive i know a subject such as this can make a lot of people uncomfortable even my own husband has a caveman outlook on life and so will have nothing to do with me being silly, so it’s nice for me to hear a friendly voice on the matter, glad you are still around and still my friend thank you xxxxxxxxxxx

      1. I’ll pop in and out today and tomorrow and then I’ll be away, but look forward to talking with you later in the month. Nice to see you back. 🙂

  2. Good morning/afternoon! Hope you’re having a lovely day! I really enjoyed reading your post on psychometry. I’d not heard of any FB group that gave readings or practice readings before…interesting. It must have been a strange feeling for you to have the images that came when you looked at the lady’s picture, and they turned out to be accurate. The friend you visited and got impressions from the object of their relative was so interesting. I, myself, have been doing this for years, but haven’t really tried with a certain object. I do look at a picture of someone and get images and feelings about the person. I did that to a FB friend and some of her family members, right after we met online (she asked me to) and she was amazed at how much I could tell about her just from her picture. I get impressions all the time about people, that are just passing by me at a store, or wherever. I never speak to them as they are strangers, but I’m sure of what I’m receiving from them. It is a strange feeling to be able to do this, but also pretty cool! Hope you continue to develop your new talent in the future! 🙂

    1. well i have t say a big thank you to the group they helped me realise i could do this but they also give very good advice, such as it is always the very first thought or impression that comes to mind anything after oftens muddies it up, i find i have to literally write down the very first impression no matter how odd each time soon as i start to think about that impression i can no longer tell if it is my imagination or not i also recommend the binaural beats very good for focusing the mind, thank you for your kind and lovely comments and for your encouragement and support it helps to give me confidence i am now had enough time between that last reading that i am ready now to do another but i know when i feel the time and circumstance are right will be the best time to do it. have a lovely evening my friend and thank you for coming and chatting with me xxxxxxx

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