oooh well thats a little creepy!

ok the idea of people just disappearing has always fascinated me and there are even statistics that say in the year of 2013 nearly 700,000 people disappeared * and this figure is arrived at after all those who disappeared but there was a reason that accounted for it either at the time or discovered later, each time a recorded missing person has an associated reason the name is removed so this figure is all those who simply disappeared no reason found.

seems a lot don’t think, now i won’t discuss 411 here because i think that deserves a separate post and also i don’t want to stay in only America,

in 2010 October 13th there was an incident in china, there was a  huge flash and then a burning blue light which was apparently followed the disappearance of a whole village, unfortunately they chose to cover up the incident as much as they could i did find this on youtube

there are some who will only discuss conspiracy theories but i think that not is this not a conspiracy theory case, i honestly don’t think one can blame the nwo or even the government of any country for everything that happens, plus i really don’t see why they would do such a thing, it serves no purpose for them , and i like the idea that it could be something more spooky.

i know there are some rather good urban legends that have people disappearing as their main theme not least of which do we have the bermuda triangle to site a rather popular case, but also i love the more intimate ones where just one normal person simply vanishes even better if it happens with a witness or two.

for instance bennington seems to be quite good for simply vanishing people

One of the most mysterious is the case of Paula Welden, a blonde, blue-eyed 18-year old Bennington College sophomore who disappeared on December 1, 1946. On that Sunday afternoon, Paula told her roommate, Elizabeth Johnson, that she was going for a hike.

According to the Bennington Evening Banner of December 1, 1955, college friends noticed her on the path to Bennington. Several others noted having seen or encountered her, including Danny Fager, proprietor of the gas station at the college entrance, Louis Knapp, a contractor, and Ernie Whitman, the night watchman. Paula’s father, W. Archibald Welden of Stamford, Connecticut arrived shortly to help in the search for his daughter.

Sheriff Clyde Peck led men into the deep woods surrounding the disappearance area looking for Paula between Glastenbury and Bald Mountain. Soldiers from Fort Devens searched the Long Trail area. Despite help from the FBI, the governor of Vermont, Vermont State Detective, and even State Police from Connecticut and the converge of over 100 reporters from the East Coast, no trace of Paula has ever been found.

James E. Tedford – age 65. It’s not known if Mr. Tedford actually vanished near Bennington, but on December 1, 1949, his relatives reported him upon a Bennington-bound bus from St. Albans. Other passengers reported seeing him sleeping, but when the bus arrived in Bennington, James was nowhere to be found, his belongings left behind. No trace has ever been located.

Paul Jepson – age 8 of Shaftsbury. On October 12, 1950, this little boy wandered away from his mother’s truck in a wooded area, close to where Paula Welden had vanished. A search of the area with bloodhounds ended abruptly on one spot on the trail.

Two weeks after the Paul Jepson disappearance on October 28, 1950, Frieda Langer, age 53 of North Adams, Massachusetts disappeared in the vicinity of the others. Frieda, left her husband Max, age 58, resting in camp with a bad knee. She then embarked on a hike with her cousin Herbert Elsner. Walking through the woods of Mt. Pisgah, she fell crossing a creek. She left back for camp on her own at 3:50 p.m. taking a shortcut. At 4:45 she had not arrived back at camp. Her remains were located seven months later, although strangely, they were located in an area that had been thoroughly searched.*

and this one is closer to home, the flannan lighthouse mystery

On the 26th December 1900, a small ship was making its way to the Flannan Islands in the remote Outer Hebridies. Its destination was the lighthouse at Eilean Mor, a remote island which (apart from its lighthouse keepers) was completely uninhabited.

Although uninhabited, the island has always sparked people’s interest. It is named after St. Flannen, a 6th century Irish Bishop who later became a saint. He built a chapel on the island and for centuries shepherds used to bring over sheep to the island to graze but would never stay the night, fearful of the spirits believed to haunt that remote spot.

Captain James Harvey was in charge of the ship which was also carrying Jospeph Moore, a replacement lighthouse keeper. As the ship reached the landing platform, Captain Harvey was surprised not to see anyone waiting for their arrival. He blew his horn and sent up a warning flare to attract attention.

There was no response.

Joseph Moore then rowed ashore and ascended up the steep set of stairs that leaded up to the lighthouse. According to reports from Moore himself, the replacement lighthouse keeper suffered an overwhelming sense of foreboding on his long walk up to the top of the cliff.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Attribution: Marc Calhoun

The island of Eilean Mor, with the lighthouse in the background. Attribution: Marc Calhoun under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Once at the lighthouse, Moore noticed something was immediately wrong; the door to the lighthouse was unlocked and in the entrance hall two of the three oil skinned coats were missing. Moore continued onto the kitchen area where he found half eaten food and an overturned chair, almost as if someone had jumped from their seat in a hurry. To add to this peculiar scene, the kitchen clock had also stopped.

Moore continued to search the rest of the lighthouse but found no sign of the lighthouse keepers. He ran back to the ship to inform Captain Harvey, who subsequently ordered a search of the islands for the missing men. No-one was found.

so like the mary celeste the lighthouse mystery has never been solved though many have their own explanations nothing officially has ever been put forward.

one of my fave short stories actually made it into folklore and still to this day people will repeat the story claiming it to be a true incident it isn’t but i love it and so here it is:

David Lang was said to be a farmer who lived near Gallatin, Tennessee. On September 23, 1880 he supposedly vanished into thin air while walking through a field near his home. His wife, children, and two men who were passing by in a buggy all witnessed his disappearance.

Frank Edwards included the following description of Lang’s disappearance in his book Stranger Than Science (1959):

David Lang had not taken more than half a dozen steps when he disappeared in full view of all those present. Mrs. Lang screamed. The children, too startled to realize what had happened, stood mutely. Instinctively, they all ran toward the spot where Lang had last been seen a few seconds before. Judge Peck and his companion, the Judge’s brother-in-law, scrambled out of their buggy and raced across the field. The five of them arrived on the spot of Lang’s disappearance almost simultaneously. There was not a tree, not a bush, not a hole to mar the surface. And not a single clue to indicate what had happened to David Lang.

The grownups searched the field around and around, and found nothing. Mrs. Lang became hysterical and had to be led screaming into the house. Meanwhile, neighbors had been altered by the frantic ringing of a huge bell that stood in the side yard, and they spread the alarm. By nightfall scores of people were on the scene, many of them with lanterns. They searched every foot of the field in which Lang had last been seen a few hours before. They stamped their feet on the dry hard sod in hope of detecting some hole into which he might have fallen — but they found none.

David Lang was gone. He had vanished in full view of his wife, his two children, and the two men in the buggy. One second he was there, walking across the sunlit field, the next instant he was gone.

Eventually the grass around where Lang had disappeared turned yellow in a fifteen-foot diameter circle, suggesting that some form of energy had mysteriously transported him away.

Seven months later his children were said to have heard their father’s voice faintly calling out for help as they played near the spot of his disappearance, but eventually the sound of his voice faded away. They never heard his voice again.

it was originally written by Ambrose Bierce, “The Difficulty of Crossing a Field,” a short story, brilliant though ^_^

but back to actual vanishings as i am sure there are many world-wide but here has to be one of my favourite top vanishing stories of all time now this reckons to be true but heck true or not i love it

July 1954; a hot day. A man arrives at Tokyo airport in Japan. He’s of Caucasian appearance and conventional-looking. But the officials are suspicious.

On checking his passport, they see that he hails from a country called Taured. The passport looked genuine, except for the fact that there is no such country as Taured – well, at least in our dimension.

The man is interrogated, and asked to point out where his country supposedly exists on a map.

He immediately points his finger towards the Principality of Andorra, but becomes angry and confused. He’s never heard of Andorra, and can’t understand why his homeland of Taured isn’t there.

According to him it should have been, for it had existed for more than 1,000 years!

Customs officials found him in possession of money from several different European currencies.

His passport had been stamped by many airports around the globe, including previous visits to Tokyo.

Baffled, they took him to a local hotel and placed him in a room with two guards outside until they could get to the bottom of the mystery.

The company he claimed to work for had no knowledge of him, although he had copious amounts of documentation to prove his point.

The hotel he claimed to have a reservation for had never heard of him either.

The company officials in Tokyo he was there to do business with? Yup, you’ve guessed it – they just shook their heads too.

Later, when the hotel room he was held in was opened, the man had disappeared.

The police established that he could not have escaped out of the window – the room was several floors up, and there was no balcony. ?

He was never seen again, and the mystery was never solved.

see not only does that have the vanishing but also another dimension brilliant!

okay i am going to finish here with one my favorite incidents and i only recently heard of this one which was a nice surprise for me i honestly thought i had read all of the known cases as i do love this subjects but i was wrong as i only heard this one the other day here it is ;

A school for students with ESP in Vanuatu (formerly called the New Hebrides), which is a group of islands in the South Pacific, disappeared completely, buildings and all. It goes on to state that not only are all the students missing, but so are the buildings. One of the students had left for personal reasons and when she returned, she found nothing. The authorities asked her if she knew of anything strange that was going on in the school. She replied that all she knew was that the professors and students were working on a time machine. Vanuatu is mostly just a tourist spot. It is a nice tropical place that is only threatened by cyclones from April to November.

and this was literally all i could find on the subject so please if anyone else finds out anything about it then please let me know,

so there you some snippets of all that has fascinated me lately, hope you found it interesting too

be kind to each other

be kind to yourself

stay beautiful, people

love to all



source :

source ;Bennington Evening Banner – December 1, 1955
Mansfield (Ohio) News Journal – November 30, 1950

source :


9 responses

  1. Wow!!! What a write-up! Loved the stories!

    1. aww thank you for your kind words its nice to meet my newest of friends ^_^ i do love all mysteries and just about anything paranomral but its those stories not easily explained with a touch of the unknown i love best, time slips, other dimensions i love them all so glad to find that you do too hope you have a great day ^_^

      1. You are most welcome. Some day I should tell you a story of my own experience. Yes, it involves another time dimension. I have many stories in fact, all real and true.

      2. i would love that! its the best when knowing someone it actually happened to, i will look forward to hearing your experiences and very much appreciate you taking the time to tell me, thank you have a wonderful weekend my friend ^_^

      3. You to. 🙂

  2. I loved reading these. I does make you wonder what happened to the people that disappeared. I’ve read those books by Frank Edwards, years ago…very strange things happen in this world, with no explanations.

    1. you’re right and the more explainable the more i like it, especially if it something we would never expect i remember talking to a friend once and she said something like how would i feel if i saw a chair move nothing big or spectacular just a normal char next to me move and i said i would love it to me thats better than all the green smoke and mirrors type expectations people have to me something ordinarily mundane like the chair to move next to you when you are just sat having a cup of tea well now that’s brilliant and how would someone explain it away that’s what i love most is seeing someone trying to think of explanations when there clearly is none as humans we tend to place everything so neatly in boxes with labels everything, to see something that suddenly doesn’t fit in one of these boxes well i love it, have a wonderful day my friend always love chatting with you xxxxx

      1. That is so right! The little things that are not quite normal, like a chair moving, with no reason to other than what I would call the paranormal means. I’ve experienced lots of these, as I’ve written about. It’s sort of become normal to me now. People tend to try and rationalize away the strange occurrence, but they can’t so just dismiss it. Oh, whenever I hear of someone going missing on the news, the very first thing I always think, is it’s probably the aliens or even a secret government cover up for some purpose. I probably buy into conspiracy theories way too much, but who knows, right? It could be true! I do enjoy chatting with you, too Kezia! I think we must be kindred spirits or something 🙂

      2. yesi love the fact i have found a friend in you especially when most of my other friends tend to raise an eyebrow or accuse me of being quite mad, but i do read all conspiracy theories also and some to me have a lot of weight and good reasoning as well as clear evidence behind them i may not agree with all of them but even those i dont agree with i either think there is no smoke without fire, or it is something put out there by the government to keep the people occupied while they do something we probably dont want to know about *sigh* the world is a scary enough place but when i read some stuff i realise it is those in power in whom we place our trust that are in fact the scariest of all,being english one of my greatest fears is finding out what ever it was they did whilst keeping the whole of great britain occupied with the charles and dianna wedding i swear it was blanket coverage in every single media outlet every radio every tv station everywhere and all the time even though i was only young i just kept thinking it must be something big they are covering up with this wedding, but it is nearly my sleep time so my lovely friend i shall let you know tomorrow i have planned one of those cases which i have been fascinated with from the very first moment i first read of it i hopefully will find out as much as i can i wan the post to be as much researched as i can find and i look forward to hearing your thoughts on it so until tomorrow my lovely sweet dreams and peaceful evening
        to you xxxxxxxxxxxx

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