i actually wasn’t going to write a post today


i found an evp i just couldn’t wait to share it with you

ok i suppose i best start at the beginning, along with my obsession with all things paranormal, though i am not so interested in cryptids and or mythical animals, i do absolutely love EVPs which is for those who don’t know Electrical Voice Phenomenon basically a tape recorder is left to record well seemingly nothing, either someone leaves it in an empty room recording or it is hand-held or near someone who asks a question or talks to what looks like nothing but you would be surprised at the results from what looks like nothing.

to me though one of the main reasons i love EVP is because it is one of the few areas that no one can explain away with science or reason so often leaving the only other idea of it actually being a spirit of someone passed over, even my husband and i have some rather enthusiastic discussions about this ^_^ he is a total non believer and simply refuses to have anything to do with anything paranormal, so i asks him how then does he explain EVP and he just says it is a hoax or someone trying to make out either noises which are nothing into something or an outright hoax laid down in preparation before the ghost hunt or whatever situation was taking place.

i do not agree for one thing there are so many genuine ghost hunters out there who would love to capture a genuine EVP and so i trust them it would not serve them any purpose to hoax because they want to hear the real thing so why would they hoax themselves? i agree there are certain TV programmes out there that may well have lets say padded out some tiny piece of ‘evidence’ but for the average joe or julie ghost hunter they like me are looking for the real thing, also again much as a person may want to twist some sounds into more than what is there for there are many vague recordings out there which i listen to and i certainly can’t hear the conversation that the TV presenter is hearing, there are also some very clear ones which leave no one in any doubt as to what is being said. also there are some situations which have not been part of any kind of investigation, or hunt or set up, there are genuine cases out there that cannot be explained;

Consider the events of September 12, 2008, when a Metrolink commuter train passing through the Chatworth district of Los Angeles collided with a freight train. One of its passenger’s, Charles E. Peck, died on impact at 4:22 p.m. that day, and 25 others also perished in the crash.

However, Peck’s story did not end there. For 11 hours, up until the point when rescue teams recovered his body, Peck’s cell phone dialed out to a number of his family members – his fiancée, his stepmother, his brother, his sister, his son. All they heard when they answered was static, and returning the calls only led to his voicemail.

The calls were, however, able to lead searchers to the location of Peck’s body some 12 hours later, at which point they determined he had died on impact. An hour before they found him, the calls stopped.

Although, strangely enough, they never did locate his cell phone.*

or perhaps a famous author in his own words will help show of how some cases are simply too strange to explain away

On September 20, 1988, Dean had an experience that he would not write about for nearly a decade, but he claimed it in his essay for Beautiful Death as his one possible encounter with evidence for life after death.

He was at work that day in his office when the phone rang. He picked it up and heard a female voice that sounded far away. She spoke with a sense of great urgency. “Please, be careful!” she said.

A bit startled, Dean asked, “Who is this?”

He received no response. The woman repeated the warning three more times, and each time she said it, her voice became more distant.

When the line fell silent, Dean sat there listening for a while, uncertain what to make of it. The voice had sounded eerily like his mother’s, but she had been dead for nearly two decades. “A voice is much harder to remember than a face,” he said, “so I thought I was being melodramatic.”

His number was unlisted, so it could not have been a prank call aimed at him. Perhaps it had been a number simply misdialed. He mentioned the incident to his wife, but told no one else.

“It was such a strange call,” says Dean. “I don’t claim that it was a ghost. I don’t know what I believe. It certainly was odd. People report these kinds of events all the time, and it’s always struck me as interesting that everyone seems to have had an experience or two of the uncanny. Sometimes I believe that call was from my mother and sometimes that it was a very strange, serendipitous wrong number. I think you always have to keep some skepticism about things like this, but it’s comforting to think that there may be a realm where the personality survives.”

Two days after this call, Dean went to visit his father at the facility where he lived. The staff was dealing with Ray’s behavioral problems, and they had asked Dean to come and talk with him. Ray had punched another resident, a man on a walker, and the nurses were worried.

Dean was unaware that Ray had used some of his small allowance to go buy a yellow-handled fishing knife and had honed it to razor sharpness and oiled the hinge to make it open like a switchblade.

When Dean came into the room, Ray moved fast. He grabbed the knife from a drawer, and Dean had to try to wrestle it away from him. He just managed to avoid being slashed.

There were many witnesses to this altercation, and one of them called the police. Finally Dean got the knife without incident and carried it out into the hall—just as the police arrived.

They drew their guns and ordered him, “Drop the knife!”

Dean was startled. “It’s not me you want,” he insisted. “It’s him in there.” He pointed into his father’s room.

“Drop the knife!” they repeated, still training their weapons on him.

Dean froze. “All of a sudden,” he recalls, “I realized that they were going to shoot me if I didn’t drop the knife. They thought I was the perpetrator. So I dropped it and obeyed them. That was one of the worst moments of my life. My own stupidity almost got me killed.”

Koontz would later include this scene in his 1993 novel, Mr. Murder, when Marty Stillwater, the protagonist, has a similar encounter (though under different circumstances) with the police.

Eventually the police realized that Ray was the dangerous party. They took him to a psychiatric ward where he could be kept for observation.

But Dean thought again about the mysterious phone call. It had made him more vigilant, and as a result, had possibly saved his life. He never again received another such call (although in another novel he did provide a separate phone line for ghosts).*

now this one i admit is one that could well have been somehow contrived but i am including it because it is a new one to me and so creepy ^_^

My Grandfather passed away on December 23rd, 2010 just a few months ago. I received voice mail notification on my land line phone after one ring, and proceeded to check my voice mail, This is what I got. White noise, and a clear whisper ‘Grand – Pa”. I am requesting that anyone familiar with sound editing software and experience in analyzing paranormal sound files, please analyse this for me, I have had it analyzed by one person who has told me that this voice is not from a living person, that it is unlikely to be a hoax because the voice itself is just too perfect, that there do not appear to be any inhalations, only an exhalation and two syllables, lots of electrical / static or white noise. If you would like to analyse this file, please request through my inbox and I will be happy to send it along if I can be assured that I am sending it to someone who will take this seriously.

this is to this day one of the best i have heard:

that was taken from the show ghost lab and so clear, i have never heard one as good as this

for now my friends i shall just say have a super sunday and if any of you ever manage to get an EVP please share it with me i would love to hear more especially clear ones

be kind to others

be kind to yourself

stay beautiful

love to all


source: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1sreMj/:9Sg_B$2R:TfOQG8CR/www.strangerdimensions.com/2014/11/06/children-see-ghosts

source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/shadow-boxing/201309/phone-call-the-dead


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