the mystery of what happened to elisa lam at the cecil hotel

elisa lam 1

elisa lam 1

this beautiful lady is named elisa lam and today i am going to share with you the sad and confusing tale of elisa lam

firstly my full respects to her family and i would hope that all remember her as the beautiful young woman she was.

the only background i could find about elisa is that she was a Canadian student and was on a trip on her own to california.



seen in this picture she is in the middle smiling happy and celebrating a proud achievement, how awful it is then that such a vibrant and valuable young woman should suffer such an awful death and then to have that death surrounded in mystery.

According to Lam’s blog, her suffering due to bipolar disorder was severe, but she was coping well on her medication, which included Wellbutrin and Lamictil. She mentioned a relapse, but not in detail. She spoke bravely of the trauma about having been raped at one time, and surviving it. She accepted and spoke about her condition matter-of-factly and often with a firm dose of gallows humour. She did not attempt to make the reality of it more palatable for anyone; the tone of the blog, by and large, is searingly honest.(1)

During her travels before her death, she said she was happy. She told someone in San Diego that she loved him. She told family and friends she was going to visit an organic farm; she met up with Internet friends; she kept in touch with her parents until the day she disappeared. She loved art. Her blog slogan was the Chuck Palahniuk quote, “You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.”

From what she wrote, she appeared intelligent, analytical, imaginative, with a sense of humour that was by turns acerbic, warm and self-deprecating, depending on the day. The Internet seemed, genuinely, to be a way for her to reach out and connect with people. Her desire to make friends online appeared genuine. From her posts appreciating poetry, grammar, writing and wordplay, she seemed to love language. A little while before she disappeared, she lost her cellphone. Whether this had anything to do with her death is uncertain.(2) but any detail no matter how small should not be overlooked, all in all she was happy living a life she clearly liked and there seemed no reason for it to end.

then one day her body is found on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in one of the water tanks.

this alone is enough of a mystery but more came to light; there is a video of her in the hotel taken by the security camera in the lift and i will leave you to draw your own conclusions from her behaviour.

some have said she is behaving erratically, some have said paranormal activity appears to be taking place, for myself i just find it confusing and disturbing,and difficult to watch, to me she seems clearly distressed by someone or something, to me it appears that the lift is behaving oddly rather than elisa, but what causes this i have no idea. i see her behaviour as responding to the situation which is happening to her, the problem is that the situation/whats is happening we cannot see and what we do see makes little sense.

Police say the death of a 21-year-old Canadian woman whose body was found in a water tank on top of a downtown Los Angeles hotel on Tuesday may have been accidental.

Police have identified the victim as Elisa Lam, a student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver who was visiting California on her own before last seen at the Cecil Hotel, just outside Skid Row, on January 31.

Los Angeles Police detectives have characterized her disappearance as suspicious, notably how she got on the rooftop, but have refrained from calling it a homicide.(3)

On 31 January 2013, Canadian student Elisa Lam was last seen alive by an employee of the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles. Lam disappeared on that day, and she remained missing for several weeks after she failed to check out of the property as scheduled in February 2013.

On 6 February 2013, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released information about the disappearance of Elisa Lam in the hopes of finding her alive, and on the following day held a press conference on the case that was covered in local and national news.

On 14 February 2013, surveillance video from the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles was released by police; in those lengthy clips, Lam is seen lingering in an elevator and behaving in an unusual fashion. Many viewers of the unsettling clips inferred Lam was interacting with an unknown person or persons off camera, while others suspected the young woman was experiencing an episode of acute mental illness or was under the influence of drugs. (it was later reported the autopsy showed no sign of drugs)

Five days after the release of the videos, the hotel began to investigate guest complaints of low water pressure and an odd taste in the water supply, and maintenance workers located a body, later identified as that of Elisa Lam, in one of four large water tanks on the roof of the Hotel Cecil. The next day, public health officials issued a “do not drink” advisory to hotel guests pending testing of the water to determine whether it was safe to use.In June 2013, Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office investigations division confirmed Elisa Lam’s cause of death was accidental, with bipolar disorder as a significant condition. The location of Lam’s body (inside a hard-to-access water tank) and her odd behavior were among mysteries not resolved when the forensic investigation was completed:

Those test results were initially expected to take six to eight weeks to complete, but coroner’s spokesman Ed Winter said in response to queries that the office was still awaiting complete testing results.

Corral said no other information on the cause of death or condition of the woman’s body was being released.

Authorities including police and the coroner have not stated how they believe Lam got into the tank. Law enforcement officials had been careful to say that the death could be accidental, despite widespread public suspicions of foul play.

In the time since Elisa Lam’s mysterious death, the enduring questions she left behind have been the source of speculation. Adding to the uneasiness many have about Lam’s demise is the checkered history of the Hotel Cecil, where a woman leaped to her death from the roof in the 1960s and serial killer Richard Ramirez (the “Night Stalker”) lived for a time in the mid-1980s.

One of the aspects of the Elisa Lam’s disappearance and death that has fed continuing interest in the case is its trajectory and unresolved aspects. Given that Lam was initially one of a number of missing students at the time, her disappearance didn’t draw much attention until the release of surveillance video by the LAPD in February 2013. Even then, it wasn’t until the unusual circumstances of her death by drowning were revealed that media interest in Lam’s case surged. Contrary to later re-tellings, Lam’s death made headlines both locally and internationally.Another matter of interest to the public is even police were stumped as to how Lam came to be in a water tank that is difficult to access. Initially, the possibility of foul play was investigated but was ruled out:

LAPD spokesperson Officer Sara Faden said the circumstances of Lam’s death are highly unusual and investigators are now trying to determine whether Lam was murdered or if “a very, very strange accident” occurred.(4)

the hotel

the hotel

so all we are left with is questions what happened in the lift?

how did she gain access t the roof which was locked and only staff had the key?

how did she gain access to the water tank which was locked and also needed a ladder to even get to the top of the tank and end up in there naked and manage to lock the tank lid behind her ?

the water tank

the water tank

unfortunately this is all we have there is no more evidence, no more clues, and while it makes for a great film, and a great mystery, and possibly even a great paranormal case? in the end though a beautiful young woman who had a life she was enjoying has met with tragedy and her family are left grieving with no answers, so i just hope that  her family finds some solace and some resolution, and for elisa herself i just hope she is now at peace.










10 responses

  1. As a former mental health professional, I believe that her behavior in the lift may be indicative of a psychotic episode, but the rest of the information and circumstances seem to point to murder, quite possibly at the hands of a hotel employee. Thanks for another mystery to think about.

    1. hiya thanks for dropping by and yes your point here has been made before, but i have to say i don’t agree, if it was that then why does the lift respond as it does? she is clearly seen trying to make the lift work and indeed presses all the buttons in the hope it will move and it doesn’t, yet later vidoes shows the lift working quite normally if it were only her acting this way i would feel more inclined to agree but with the obvious way the lift is acting it wont even shut it doors when normally it would do so, and yet distressed she tries to hide yet the doors still remain open long after the normal shutting time, so to me it is obvious that something is up with the lift either it is malfunctioning- again why? when clearly it returns to normal after she has left, or someone or something else has control of the lift, this also would not account for how she made her way to the roof which was not on normal way of the guests only known really to staff how dd she open the locked door or climb into a tank which needed a ladder – no ladder was found at the scene and how did she open a locked tank either with no clothes on or remove them after unlocking it and further how would she then lock the tank lid after she got in all this after an unstable episode? its not even possible with a clear and stable mind still i always welcome all conversation so again thank you for dropping by and chatting have a great evening

  2. How odd and so sad. I feel for her family…what an awful thing and to have it be shrouded in such strange circumstances. If you ever hear more, make sure you update okay? xxx

    1. hiya rhinda my beautiful friend and yes no problem i keep my eye on this one all the time because i just know there is more to it, and it hurts me to see people just wipe it away with some odd comment, i am convinced she did not do this herself there are too many glaringly obvious pointers to outside influences, now whether those are paranormal or otherwise i cannot say but i know there are far too many complications in this case and others for anyone to just leave it, even the police hesitated at calling it accidental death, because they know it is far too complicated to be accidental, nothing gives us a complete answer as to what happened and if i had loads of money i would hire the best detective and tell them to leave no stone unturned, to me it seems this beautiful young woman deserves a more respectful explanation and so do her poor family, unfortunately as with a lot of subjects in the ‘news’ once the public has muttered on about it for say a week a new set of ‘news’ comes in and off they go muttering about that and the important stuff is just forgotten about, one of the reasons i hate facebook is each week they all jump on the ‘rant boat’ about some horrific thing in the news, then by the next week they find another subject to rant about, and even though the first one is still important it no longer exists because they have all moved on, three weeks ago all of facebook went up in arms about terrible people who paid money to go hunting beautiful animals, of course it is awful but that was the week that everyone in facebook was all disgusted, then last week it was the terrible sighting of tiny children washing up dead on the seashore victims of the war in syria, again yes it is terrible but the animals being hunted was still terrible but no all they could now talk about was the tiny poor children, again very good but i knew it wouldn’t last and i was right; this week everyone cries over the fact our town has just lost the biggest employer and we struggle now with over 3/4 of our people now out of work yes again this is terrible, its awful and all too real for a lot of families here, but my point is not that it is terrible but that by next week the facebook people will have found a new terrible thing while i am still here muttering on about all the other terrible things, and so the world goes on, sigh, and it means that unfortunately while i still think elisa lam and her family are important the world has long forgotten our case, it is no longer important to them and so this case will settle back in history and gather dust and we may never know what happened. sigh, today i left facebook again though not for them being so fickle, no, it played a large part but no unfortunately i found a close friend is not the close friend i thought they were and they have upset me to the core and i have no way out of either their friendship nor the idea of their behaviour, i simply have to accept and keep smiling so i turned my back on facebook to give me at least one less place where i see their behaviour and let it upset me further , you know rhinda i don’t mind playing stepford wife it is something now second nature and besides to be honest we have settled into a more or less stable content sort of ambling along type situation, but when it comes to having to keep smiling and play best of friends then i feel crap 😦 yet i have no choice, life ey never rains but it pores, still i shall find a new unexplained or paranormal ,or even both, situation to waffle on about and then my mind will be occupied ^_^ ahh wish you lived closer my friend i would buy a bottle of wine and pop round to see you drink it while i whinged about my life lol ^_^ love you rhinda xxxxxxxxxxx

      1. You’re right the ‘hot today, cold tomorrow’ way people react to news such as Ms. Lam’s…sad as it is, it’s not just social media, but print and tv media are the same. All we can hope is there’s still something going on behind the scenes, out of the public’s eye, to try to solve these cases. Were I her family, I would never stop trying because, like you, there are way too many unanswered questions about the fate of this young woman. Nothing about this suggests she offed herself…it makes no sense.
        I’m sorry to hear about this situation with you and this person you must put on a face for. I hate that for you. If you ever want to talk, outside of here, I’m always there for you. This sounds an extremely uncomfortable situation and one that seems to me, puts you on the bottom of the shit pile and that is not good. in case you don’t still have it…shoot me an email if you want. It’ll always be a safe place for you. Love you B….always…xoxoxo

  3. Perhaps a future episode of “Silent Witness” or such, certainly uneasy intrigue

    1. hi, well you know i have never watched that series in this home there is no TV we used to have one years ago and we had full sky and a zillion channels but it we realised no one was watching it so we left sky and ditched the TV so consequently i have no idea what the programme is you mention, but if it one of those that takes on real cases and hopefully tries to get to the bottom of them then yes i would certainly welcome that thank you for dropping by my friend i hope you have a lovely day x

      1. Well Kezia it’s usually with “fictional close to real cases” on Silent Witness but the interesting paert is that the pathologists and autopsy medical specialists trace the victims path to death how and by whom killed…very good British TV series, I enjoy it

      2. hmm i must say it does sound good from your description this would indeed make for an interesting case for them i would love to know what happened in her last 24 hours before then it is all her life as normal then the last 24 hours everything just seems to have gone completely haywire, and i guess that , to me, is another one of the scary points, the fact that it takes so very little to make someones life go out of synch and just end in tragedy, it makes me shudder every time, thank you my friend i may even try to look see if there is another way of seeing this programme have a super day my friend x

  4. Such a tragic, yet interesting case. From the video, she looks pretty normal when she enters the lift. Maybe she started hallucinating, or something. Seems as if she’s talking to someone out in the hall, and then even petting an animal…a pony maybe? That still doesn’t explain the way the doors were opening and shutting, or how she ended up on the roof, etc. That part sounds like a homicide. Hope the family has some resolution to their daughter’s death. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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