a list of damn good blogs and why you should read them

yes I have a list as long as your arm of blogs I follow but that is not the same as a damn good blog, quite often I have to cull the blogs I follow because they have lost their quality or they are rude, or insulting, even worse when they insult readers then start stamping their feet and sulking muttering about this is their opinion, if I find it offensive I have an immediate reaction=click the unfollow button. on the other side of thing there are select few that are consistent good quality, have some thought provoking and respectful conversations and never show aggression, I will never promote a blog that rants, I have my reasons but mostly I just won’t promote negativity or aggression. so on to the list which is only the beginning because right now it is late and I am tired so I will update when I see fit 🙂 first off the mark

http://waitingforthekarmatruck.com/2012/09/07/thoughts-for-a-friday-afternoon-2/ this is the blog of the darling mims, this woman is close to my heart a genuine kind and caring soul with a lovely blog full of wonderful insightful supportive and genuinely caring posts. mims adorable personality shines through everything she writes and I have adopted this woman as my sister i love her that much so go have a read and you will feel the love too 🙂


Rhonda the superb rhonda , this is my second adopted sister and I adore her, most especially her sense of humour and use of gratuitous language 🙂 I call her the lovely rhinda yet I can feel her smile each time I do it 🙂 her posts superbly written and though some times just for laughs some can offer a depth I am not capable of she has my full respect and admiration as a writer and as a person, visit her blog and you will find fab stuff to read there.



http://thelastsongiheard.wordpress.com/ he is a good bloke who knows his tunes 🙂 this is one of the few people who picked an admirable theme for his blog and stuck to it, writing for his son but the son who will read this in some future time when grown up, it’s a brilliant concept go have a read I love the delving into the past and his connections with the tunes he uses in each post, it’s a brilliant anchor for each post to open with a tune and associated memory and it has purpose and organisation two things my blog is allergic too 🙂



http://donnaanddiablo.wordpress.com/ this is such a lovely and sweetly gorgeous little blog plus we have nearly matching dogs; one big one little, or teeny tiny in my case 🙂 the sweetest of friends always there for you and always supportive give her blog a try its just lovely plus anyone who loves their dogs as much as me is a big winner is my book 🙂 she is genuine and caring and has my full respect. ok there is more but my eyes are closing and it is not good to type with your eyes closed, it really doesn’t make sense. honest. so good night sweet dreams i shall more to this tomorrow

unfortunately this blog mentioned above doesn’t seem to have posted in a while which is sad the blog is still in existence though so you can still drop by for a look, I will check the others as to which is regularly updated




http://thewhyaboutthis.com/ this blog is full of interesting information, all written with the wise words of dear penny, her advice should be read slowly take your time read it all and savour what she is trying to tell you, often uplifting always wise and encouraging,



http://peopleplacesandbling.com/2012/09/14/paris-tips-8-french-fads-and-beauty-secrets/ now this is one of my fave ever blogs it is immensly interesting, i love it it always has the most interesting pictures and i love to read it too, based around  paris in the main it has a feel of comfortable indulgence i makes me want to go back to paris and  every time i read it i would happily go live there,



 writing between the lines an interesting blog i learn from this one constantly, no matter when i pop in for a browse i always learn something new and interesting or useful, plus very lovely photos” a brilliant photographer i always appreciate mainly because i would love to be but really i totally suck at photography, read and enjoy a recommended blog to all.



christopher de voss I have been following this bloke for a while now and I love his sense of humour always cheers me up and brings smile to my face, plus he has really good attitude towards zombies.



daniel is funny oh my god this guy is the funniest i love everything he wrote but check his fifty shades of grey quotes on pictures brilliant and he writes for cracked too which is also one of my fave sites to spend an hour or so on.



Fictional machines J E Lattimer brilliant blog dark writing with bright pictures love it, not sure why i love dystopian futurism so much but i do and this blog takes me there in an instant



renae rude paranormalist I love this little place a hidden wordpress gem, lots of info on lots of different paranormal areas always an interesting read, if like me you are interested in all things paranormal then have a visit you will soon be reading everything from macabre and mysterious music to snippets of her own life which show this lady to be a wonderful warm and compassionate person, a lady I would be glad to have a neighbour and friend any day.



Critique Collective a new fave of mine this is a wonderful and interesting and insightful blog, it brings together selected artists and along with interviews and examples of their work the reader is gently but absorbingly drawn in to the current world of art and artists today. Never focusing on just one type I appreciate the approach and viewing all types of artists, even if the art form is not something I ordinarily find appealing; for instance I find many of the modern or abstract painting just too hard to understand or appreciate, this blog is particularly good at showing me through the interview of each artist another side, another view, and a deeper understanding and I like this, I recommend you give this blog a look through, it is interesting, fascinating, and looks good.


bonnie not sure why i hadn’t put in this before i love this blog what a lovely way with words and more often that not a thought provoking piece of writing is in all the posts it doesn’t matter where you jump in any and all have a distinct manner and before you know it you have lost an hour or two reading this brilliant blog, i recomend this blog for the reasons i have mentioned and more it has something for everyone i reckon and imparts wonderful advice and interesting conversational pieces it’s one of those i call ‘welcome blogs’ because everyone is made to feel welcome and everyone can feel comfortable happily reading away the afternoon




this is a fabulous blog the pictures are brilliant such a fantastic photographer! it helps that the subject matter is something I adore and that is old architecture the detail is super and the blog posts have also given me a great insight into cuba , for an armchair traveller like me this blog brings to life places I could never see but would love to, even if you just go for a look at the pictures then please go check it out you are bound to find something interesting to read and lovely to look at.



the cookie crumbles

love this lady she is generous and kind and off to china! how fab is that, in her blog you will find interesting writing i hope lots of stuff about china when she gets back, but also she is a good writer and is especially good at short stories there are many of them on her blog what always amazes me is she can write a brilliant short story with a word limit of say for example 50 words now for me that is impossible! a good blog i recommend it to all.





okay that’s a big enough warning I reckon ^_^ I thought long and hard about this one because when I first started blogging and also in particular the contents of this page I worried a lot I thought deeply and carefully as to those blogs I was going to recommend, it is no small compliment to be on this page i follow literally hundreds of blogs but only few make it on to this page, I would only recommend those I considered the best, part of that was in measuring not just how much I enjoyed the blog in question but how suitable it was for others. Now I am the first  to admit I d not really like gratuitous swearing or erotica it’s just not for me, but in saying this this guy is a damn good writer and his blog though quite definitely adult in nature also contains some real gems, my fave of the moment is a short story he wrote called no-believes in fairies and it’s great and does not contain any adult activities ^_^ just the odd bit of swearing so go have a look and before you do make sure you are open minded and you will find a little gem or two as well ^_^



ahh now trentle a man of good humour and sometimes he even has a good taste in music however thats not why you should visit his blog, how to describe his blog, well his sense of humour shows through but  read his stories, he is very much a talented story writer and what I like about him is he isn’t afraid to push himself, he will and actively does seek out his boundaries then pushes them away, even if it is something he thinks his fans may not like, and that is brave and there not many authors who would dare do that too many would be scared  of losing followers but not trentle he laughs in the face of lost followers he tramples on the big toe of scorned readers he ermmm okay read his blog read his stories I liked them I hope you do to.



aarrgggh somehow one of my very top fave blogs has been lost chewed up by wordpress and removed so I shall now remedy that;-

ephemeral new york

this is brilliant and in my opinion deserves top blog award if there was such a thing, If you are a big history fan like me then you will love this blog, showing snippets pictures and photos of new york as it changes through the years I love it have a look you will too there is so much to learn every post is interesting unearths some forgotten piece of history of all the blogs i follow this is one i go to every time and fulfills the criteria to be here on this page it is a blog I could not live without!



john’s consciousness

this blog had grown on me, I knew from the first post I ever read on there I would come back to it time and again, however it has become more important to me the more I have read, it is a deep blog john is a deep person and his posts make me think and I like that but most of all I love how I learn so much from this man, his posts on philosophy enlightened me and his travels, campfires in the forest how I wish I could have gone too, I can’t say in short and then sum up about this blog because there is no in short it is cerebral, it is fascinating, it is stimulating,  if you want something more from a blog than light hearted entertainment then I urge you to go here and have a read I often find myself lingering there for a few hours and I love that, this blog has depth to it and there is not a lot of blogs can say that.

Frank T Zumbach

oh my god i can’t believe i didn’t have this on here i have clearly somehow just lost the plot because i already thought this was included, and i have to first this ranks in my top five blogs so it shouldn’t be way down here! okay why you should go look at this blog is quite simple really this blog shows some of the most amazing art, often showing a few works together of an artist this blog has been responsible for introducing me to some very great artists, and not always mainstream either one of the concepts i love about this blog is that it shows me any and all artists work no judgement, no critique – which is wonderful refreshing and brilliant, just their work pure and simple and i love that, it leaves me free to just enjoy the art presented, and through this blog i have now a much larger and interesting introduction to artists i would have never seen and yet they have produced the most excellent and often thought provoking art. To me this blog shows exactly the true worth of a good blog; along with educating me, it interests me, excites me, and surprises me, all without saying a word! now that has to be worth a look right? i love it and not often do i wait and wonder what will be shown next so to this blog i give one of the highest honours my loyalty, along with my unending interest and attention, and that is hard to beat ^_^ it takes serious subject matter to gain my attention and is often near impossible to keep it! this blog makes the internet an interesting place it fulfills the need of helping artist meet audience and while there are a zillion blogs about books/reading to be honest wordpress is full of them yet art is of the same importance, to me art is what i need first and foremost if anyone were to ask i would love to be known as an artist, and recently i made myself draw again after many years and it was good ^_^ even my writing is always inspired by art -not music as most writers seem to prefer it doesn’t work that way for me i think music occupies a different place in my soul than art, art is so many things to many people but to me good art is unbeatable and inspirational, and this blog gives good art ^_^

62 responses

  1. Man that Rhonda has just fan after fan. I can totally see why. At any rate, very nice to meet you.

    1. very nice to meet you also and thank you for becoming my latest friend 🙂 hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  2. You are an amazing soul ms. rebecca. and yes, i smile everytime i see your name in my notification box and smile even bigger when you say lovely rhonda. I can’t wait to meet you in person. This WILL happen. I have faith. (ps…i could possibly tone down the little bit of cursing that i do, but jeez, it’s so much more fun and colorful. please don’t be offended by it, i do(n’t) always talk that way. promise.
    love you

    1. never offended my gorgeous with you its part of who you are and i wouldnt change that for the world 🙂 i shall cover my childrens ears and we will all be fine 🙂 🙂
      stay being you cos thats the you i like 🙂 sweary stuff and all 🙂 have a fab day xx

      1. I’m so glad, and I hate that you have to cover the kids ears cause I want them to get to know me too, but I promise I don’t spew that stuff (well, no where near as much) in person,
        Hope you are having a good day honey.

  3. Your a sweetie, but you already know that. Thank you for the plug, keep writing, you’r very good with words, you know! As in you, in particular! 🙂 Penny

    1. hiya lovely i wrote this because i thought it was important to distinguish to people that although i follow a lot of blogs there was a list of some that were especially good and yours is one of the very good ones, you write beautifully and your words resonate with a lot of people, and you are an inspiration to so many, you are a way better writer than i am i am just happy writing horror stories 🙂 i always appreciate your friendship and i especially appreciate your support of me and it means a lot to me i am not big on confidence and i always feel better when i read a nice comment from you it means a lot to me because i have such a lot of respect for your writing and your strength of character, not sure if i saying that right see i am rubbish with words! i like you as a person is what i am trying to say 🙂 so thank you and i hope you have a lovely evening 🙂 xx

  4. Thank you for your generous praise Kizzy. One of the reasons I love to read your written words are that every thing you write whether it be fiction or true comes across as very real, you write your words as if you were speaking them (a gift), and so it resonates. Just keep writing, okay? With much affection, Penny

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes | Reply

    I don’t have a list THAT long of blogs I follow – I don’t know how you keep up with them! But yes, a good blog that stands out is tops 🙂

    1. hiya 🙂 to be honest i am not always able to keep up i was so poorly this week i lost over 600 emails i get all my blogs, every post, through to my emails and if i am well enough i can just sit in bed with my little netbook and read all my emails but sometimes like this week i couldn’t even lift my head or open my eyes so for about three or four days i lost all my emails but i am lucky i am well enough at the moment to do some catching up, and i know many especially those who are mentioned here are gracious and kind and will happily wait for me to be back again , i like reading them when i go to sleep especially poeople like pen or mims because they have such sweet and lovely inspirational blogs it gives me good dreams when they are the last thing i read before going to sleep , better than a bedtime book 🙂 thank you my friend for popping by and commenting i very much appreciate it have a wonderful sunday and hoping it is relaxing for you without any undue or negative influence sending you wishes of being surrounded by love xx

  6. Hi my sweet friend, For some reason I never saw this post and as such never had the chance to thank you for your loving words, your gorgeous heart and your friendship which I value with all my heart as you know..Thank you thank you thank you..with all my love, m

    1. always welcome my gorgeous friend your blog is usually the last thing i read before i go to sleep even if i already read the post i have faves among your posts and they are so positive and lovely i find if i go to sleep after reading them i have lovely dreams 🙂 so keep writing my lovely xx

    2. always welcome my gorgeous friend your blog is usually the last thing i read before i go to sleep even if i already read the post i have faves among your posts and they are so positive and lovely i find if i go to sleep after reading them i have lovely dreams 🙂 so keep writing my lovely xx

  7. Hello Kizzylee – What a lovely blog! So pleased to meet you, and just off to see what the lovely Rhonda has to say! I love all the positive and genuinely nice people you obviously attract.


    1. thank you very much for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment glad to have you along all new friends welcome always 🙂 hope you have a fab day xx

  8. Kizzy, thanks for following my blog. Just checked out yours and am so glad I did (followed). Cheers!

    1. wonderful to hear from you have an excellent weekend ^_^

  9. Hello kizzylee, thanks for joining my blog. I hope you enjoy my adventures through the Northern Ontario wilderness.

    1. hi and thank you for becoming my latest new friend and i am sure i will, i hope you have a great time x

  10. I am doing a bit of reminiscing this morning, revisiting not just old friends, but old posts as well. I happened on this, and remember the delight I felt the first time I read it…imagine, a year ago! Anyway sweet one, time to take my old blob link off your list as it’s no longer there, and you know I love you no matter what, so no obligation to add the new blog here. It’s not quite the same ol’ me…not a bad thing, but not for everyone. You are such a blessing. xo

    1. aaaahh right i would never have thought i will have a good old sort out because to tell the truth my blog is a bit messy right now posts all over not in right places and you’re not the only friend to change so guess i should spring clean my blog a little but it will have to wait until tomorrow as today i rashly promised the kids we would all make our own pizzas so very soon we are about to get messy in the kitchen ^_^ hope you are having a peaceful sunday love and hugs xx

      1. your sunday sounds better…wish i had a passel of younguns to spend the day with. love you xoxo

  11. Thanks for popping by my blog to read about the joys (?) of non-league football 🙂 I Need to read some more of what you’re about but I loved the bit about respecting parents because they didn’t have Google or Wikipedia!

    1. glad to meet you i hope you have a great day !

  12. Thanks for the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post “From Lines to Patterns”.

    1. you’re welcome thank you for dropping by have a great day x

  13. Thanks for becoming a Follower. Happy blogging.

    1. you’re welcome thank you for being a friend hope you have a great day!

  14. […] a list of damn good blogs and why you should read them. […]

    1. thank you i appreciate your kindness, i hope you have a great day!

  15. Dear Kizzy,
    Thank you so much for your generous mention of Writing Between the Lines. I wish you the very best for a Happy New Year!

    1. dearest naomi i am so sorry i only just found this wordpress has a habit of burying my messages in the sock drawer never to be paired with a reply again! but thank you for your kind comment and i hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  16. I love Theodora at the people places and bling blog too. She makes me want to go to Paris every time I read her blog too. 🙂

    1. i adored it the first moment i read her blog i used to live in france paris when i was really small i have vague but nice memories and i would love to go back there if i could i cross my fingers for winning the lottery and i have one huge road trip planned ahh if only ^_^ thank you for dropping by have a gorgeous day hugs xx

  17. What a fabulous blog post. I’m already a fan of Theadora Brack, have been for quite a while but your other picks are fascinating and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into getting us acquainted with them. Bravo.

    1. hi, thank you my friend i love the blog world so many interesting people with very interesting blogs this page grows all the time as i find new people who are just too good too miss ^_^ right now i am working on my music page but later i shall be putting a couple of new ones on i have found thank you for dropping by for chat and i hope you have a sweet day take care x

  18. Thank tou for taking the time to put this list together. And, thanks for following my blog.

    1. you’re welcome glad to have met you and i hope you are having a lovely weekend ^_^

  19. Now I’m off to click on all the links!

    1. thank you i hope you enjoy your reading travels ^_^ have a great day x

  20. Thanks so much for stopping by my humble blog! What a great idea this post is, I cannot wait until I have some down time to explore the links further. Tempting to dip in right now but Amani and the kids are calling!

    1. hi, good to meet you and yup this is a work in progress i add new blogs whenever i can i do follow a zillion blogs so i often wait and follow a while to see who makes it on to this list i love so many blogs and i don’t want others that i read and haven’t made it on here to feel bad, i love them all but sometimes there are outstanding ones the history one is brilliant, it takes something extra i think to make a damn good blog i wouldn’t actually put mine on here i think there are many others that are better, it’s hard to put my finger on exactly what makes a brilliant blog i like them to be natural, interesting and regular postings anyways glad to have met you and thank you for dropping by i also must feed children -i have four and they do seem to like this eating business ^_^- and i hope you have a lovely week take care and be well x

  21. Dear Kizzy Lee.

    You just made my Sunday. Such sweet things you say, and I have a sense that you have nailed me right down to the board, kindly continue with the hammerhead… I hope I never scare you off, but I don’t think I will or that that is possible.

    You FRIEND – Trent

    1. i am your friend for life dear trentle much to your dismay there aint no getting away from me ^_^ but don’t worry i am a lurker i shall quietly stand at the back watching all others falling over themselves for your attention while i shall share a glass of virtual wine with rhinda until you bully another comment from me ^_^ and i shall be ever so sweet and not even mention your deplorable habit of liking abba – did you see me shudder there? ^_^ to be honest my friend it is good to find someone who isn’t offended by my awful sense of humour ^_^ and your stories are alright and all ^_^ and who knows one day we may even find a tune or two that we both like, i think todays choice was maybe a bit non abbarish for you ^_^ have a superfab day trentle take some time out enjoy your family be good to yourself and remember if you put abba on then i will know what you’re doing 😉

      1. Dude, I’m not trying to bully comments from you! I just want some human interaction, this sea of people who don’t ever show up is eroding my good sense and wishes! As for liking Abba… come on, you know they rock, I’m assuming. The greatest band evah!

        I like your sense of humour. You and Rhinda give me a rock to perch on (even as you give me much to think about). I will try to write harder. I want to be more than alright. I hate being alright. It’s just the drink talking Kizzy, but I so desire writing something meaningful that I often lose sight of meaning in the attempt. I don’t know what that means. Tell me what you tihnk of tomorrow’s post, I wrote it in half an hour and it’s… something. in the horror vein, the first time I’ve tried. I don’t know if I succeeded. I never know if I”ve succeeded. But I”ve tried.

        Be well with your fam this glorious day – it is glorious here.

      2. Okay, redid and done. Let me know what you think of tomorrow’s post, when you get around to it. It’s for you, and your opinion matters to me.

        If I didn’t say it before, I think your sense of humour is great. Even if you have some weird aversion to Abba.

      3. *hugs trentle in a giant bear hug and tells him to go get some rest* trentle my dear friend i loves you as a brother now chill and have a cup of hot chocolate don’t forget the flake you deserve it ^_^ i shall now go read your story be well my dear friend your the only brother i have so be good to yourself x

      4. ermm trentle it is early here and i am not yet firing on all cylinders i cannot find your story what is it called? sorry but i am a zombie this early and need gentle guidance and lots of rice crispies
        will wait your instruction

      5. Haven’t quite posted it yet, shortly though.

  22. Shall be taking a look through some of the ones of you’ve listed

    1. that’s great there are some brilliant blogs out there way better than mine also i update the list now and then as i find brilliant blogs I fin it hard to know what to include and what not to but I include those I could not live without for example ephemeral new york
      have a great day

  23. I am honored to be on your list and thank you for your generosity in including me among such a fabulous collection of blogging writers. Each of the other blogs on this list are well worth reading and offer a unique perspective. I’ve become a fan of several of these blogs myself now, and it’s great to see how other writers and artists look at the world.

    I am glad you think I belong on this list, and I will continue to strive to earn my place on it.

    Warmest regards…John H.

    1. you are most welcome my friend ^_^ have a great evening x

  24. what I like about this list – OK two things I like about this list, first that you do it at all, that’s so generous and in the right spirit, and second that I didn’t know about any of them, which shows how many excellent blogs are out there if we look for them and pick up on tips from other good bloggers

    1. hiya, glad you liked it there are so many excellent blogs out there and i find more all the time, as i begin to know new people if i find their blog becomes a regular part of my world to the point of i simply have to go check see what they are up to then i add it to this page, i update it when i come across those special blogs, i know that different genres appeal to different people so i always try to include a description and then people can choose which they feel like visiting thank you for dropping by i hope you have an enjoyable read of some of these blogs mentioned and hope you have a great day x

  25. Thank you for the follow and being among those you consider excellent blogs. I follow a few of these – great reads. Some of the others you listed, I”ll be checking them out.

    1. well i do try to add more as i find them so check in from time to time see if i have discovered anyone new ^_^ thank you for your lovely comment have a great day x

  26. Thank you for this list… I have added two of these to my following list so far…. And that’s enough for one day… Besides my feet ache.

    1. glad you liked and please go rest i know how aching feet are, hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for dropping by peace be with you x

  27. Hi, Kezia, glad to hear from you again (through the `likes´ you clicked on my blog. ) I was just starting to miss your responses. Frank T. Zumbach

    1. hey great to hear from you so sorry i have been so ill but back again and yes you have one of my fave blogs i love it you feature some amazing stuff and have brought so much new to me i love to see what you offer each time i come on here yours is the one blog i go to in excitement seriously keep it up you have a great blog! thank you also for dropping by it does mean a lot to me to finally be able to meet you hope you are enjoying good times my friend love and peace be with you x

  28. Hi, Kezia, thanks a million for including me in your list of damn good blogs – and with such a flattering comment. Hope your health is improving. All the best to you. Frank

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