about me, my life, and other sundries,

i do have a dark dry sense of humour i am english and from the north we use humour to help us accept our crap lives 🙂 seriously though if you cant tell when i am joking then take it from me i usually am its the serious i am no good at 🙂

i blog a lot when i feel like it

i decided it was best to put this here because it seems like i have to mention it too much for my liking , but its a by the way point, i have multiple sclerosis or at least they think i do their other option is a brain tumour and i am sorry but i refuse to have one of them, i am putting my foot down on that one !, anyways for the most i just live with it its just part of life its not important and the only reason i mention it is because when i say stuff in my blog like my legs hurt or i lost my eye its part of the ms and it wont go away, it wont get better, but i hate being defined by any thing other than my acheivements that is my children so back to the rest of the about section 🙂 :

if i am miserable you probably wont hear from me i dont like to spread misery, even if i mention something like being poorly, then i mention just as a fact, i do not want sympathy i prefer empathy and a joke, so dont give me a shoulder to cry on, i will just look at you funny, give me a rocky road bar and a joke and i am yours 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the Follow, Kizzylee. I shall be BAAcCK. 😉

    1. nice to meet you, have a fab monday x

  2. Hi Kizzylee! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, so glad you liked my ‘writing angst’ post and also for the follow. I really appreciate it. I love your ‘About’ page, especially the first photo. We did indeed do it all without Google, or calculators, or anything! I look forward to reading more of your blog and I hope that you enjoy reading what you find at my cyber summerhouse. I have family ‘up north’ and we are always teasing each other, me being a southerner an’ all. Lovely to meet you 🙂

    1. yay hiya my first southerner friend ^_^ thank you for becoming my friend and for dropping by and leaving me such a nice comment i too remember before calculators i remember those awful books with algorithms i never could use them properly! have a fab monday xx

  3. Hi Kizzylee, a kind greeting from Paula in the Netherlands.

    1. hi, thank you for becoming my friend it is a long time since i was last in Netherlands but i hope it is all still the same, i was in Amsterdam working as chambermaid and groeningen ( i bet i spelled that wrong!) for a while and when i was really little i lived somewhere i can neither remember or pronounce should the memory return ^_^ so a big hi and i hope you are well and thank you for becoming my friend have a great evening x

  4. Glad you came by. Looking forward to reading more of you. Be well.

    1. thank you for becoming my friend i hope you have a lovely day take care x

  5. Hello Kizzylee,

    It always surprises me a little when amazingly creative people like you like something I posted on my blog, and while I am always hopeful that my work will resonate well with others, spending the afternoon here today gave me a hint of why it is that my subject is so compelling for me. You take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, and you take the extraordinary and show us how ordinary it can be if you look at it the right way. In some ways, this is my goal as well, although you express the concept vividly through your artist’s eye, whereas I conjure these thoughts in a much more roundabout way as I explore more abstractly.

    Thank you so much for your kind attention to my writing, and I’m going to follow here now also, to continue to share in your creative vision, and to help illuminate my own thoughts and ideas.

    Regards….John H.

    1. hi,
      thank you for leaving me just about the most lovely comment i ever received, i am tempted in my englishness to simply go bright red stammer and insist you must be referring to someone else but instead i shall accept your wonderful comments and say thank you, and i appreciate you taking the time to look through my little blog, and also to point out that we have one interest at the very least in common; and that is Magritte- i adore Magritte, always have, i am and always have been a huge fan of the whole movement but of all Magritte has always struck a chord within me, i can see a whole world in his pictures and i love every second. So thank you for becoming my friend and for leaving me this lovely comment, your kind words and for your blog- it is the first i have seen with Magritte, so keep writing and thank you, take care and have a great evening

  6. greetings Kizzy Lee, i thought i’d visit a bit to acknowledge and thank you for following my poetry and writing, encouragement is always really appreciated. peace.

    1. Hi and very nice to meet you also thank you for becoming my friend, i hope you have a lovely day ^_^

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I appreciate it very much. 😀

    1. you’re welcome and thank you for dropping by always good to hear a friendly voice have a great day x

  8. Thank you for joining me on my blog. 🙂

    1. your welcome thank you for becoming my friend have a super weekend x

  9. Thanks for following my blog at “Musings of a Horse Mom.” … I believe we are more than the sum of our deteriorating parts. 😉 Always good to keep a sense of humour in your back pocket. … Nurture what you love … Dorothy 🙂

    1. hi, thank you for becoming my friend , my oldest is horse mad so i believe our starting point is there ^_^ and i firmly believe humour is what keeps the world turning ^_^ i hope you have a wonderful weekend x

  10. Congratulations, kizzylee!

    I have nominated your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

    More about this nomination is at


    1. aw thank you my friend that is lovely i will check it out later i am going to a jessie j concert in a few hours so busy getting ready right now thank you again and have a lovely day x

  11. I find it hard to like this page on account of the MS detail. Keep up the fighting spirit! Oh, and when you don’t feel like it, don’t. You already know that, I think. (My partner has MS.)

    1. hiya and i am so sorry i have not noticed this kind message until now please accept my apologies i simply didn’t realise i had unanswered comments thank you for your kind message and i hope you are having a great day x

  12. Hi, thanks for your kind words! No need to hurry; as the award is for helping bloggers, not for hurrying them 🙂

    1. hi and i am so sorry i didn’t answer until now thank you for your kindness and i hope you are having a lovely day x

  13. Hi Kizzy…nice to meet you and have you as a reader of my blog. Stay well and wise.

    1. hi, thank you nice to meet you and love being a reader of yours thank you for becoming my friend have a super evening x

  14. Thank you for stopping by and the like of my post “Burning Bush Leaves”.

    1. you’re welcome and i am so sorry i didn’t answer until now my fault i didn’t realise i had unanswered comments on this post so i am really sorry and i hope you have a great day x

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog and now following, it’s a pleasure meeting you. I’m looking forward to more of your posts – yours is an entertaining site, best wishes.

    1. aww thank you that is such a lovely thing to say i really have to apologise i have only just realised i had comments on this post that i hadn’t answered and i feel terrible about that so please accept my apologies and i hope you have a great day x

  16. Hi Kizzy, thanks a lot for stopping by and liking my posts. I really appreciate to have you as my reader. Greetings from Rome. Stefy. 😀

    1. hey hiya thank you for stopping by and leaving me his comment i am so sorry i didn’t realise it was here until now my fault i somehow lost/didn’t realise all these comments on this post i am sorry and i hope you have a great day x

  17. Living with chronic and catastrophic illness is no easy thing. Writing and blogging helps. Hang tough, Lizzy. Write on …

    Thanks for the intro to the new to me video.

    Wishing you every blessing in 2014.

    1. hiya and thank you for leaving me this lovely comment i am so sorry i didn’t realise it was here until now thank you for dropping by and i hope you have a lovely day x

  18. I’m so glad you found my blog, especially since now I’ve found yours. I look forward to future encounters here at WordPress. Thanks!

    1. hiya ann so good to hear from you and i am so sorry i only found this now i feel awful i simply didn’t notice i had more comments on this post and now i am apologizing to a few people so i am sorry my friend and thank you i hope you have a great day x

      1. No need to apologize. I completely understand how — no matter how diligent we are — there are comments we miss or responses that don’t get through. (I actually wrote a post about that very thing, yesterday!) I remain very happy we are connected here.

  19. Lizzy where have I been… IAM here now… visiting your lovely blog… you are a fellow rebel and don’t allow others to put you in a box with a label… Your body is experiencing something that it needs to do just now… IAM myself just reading about Rinpoche and how he healed himself… we are more than our body… and when we understand and accept we can allow our body to come into balance… Thankyou so much for being my friend, I know we are going to enjoy each others journey into the unknown… love to you, Barbara

    1. my dear friend thank you for such a lovely comment and please accept my apologies in taking so long to find it i had no idea i had comments on here that i hadn’t answered so please forgive me and i hope you have a great day x

  20. Thanks for reading and following my blog! beebee

    1. hiya thank you for being so sweet and friendly i am so sorry it took me this long to see your comment just shout at me next time it turns out i am completely rubbish at having a blog or at least keeping up with comments thank you for looking in and i hope you have a great day x

  21. Give you a rocky road bar? I can live with that. Nice meeting you. Paulette 🙂

    1. arrghh i keep finding comments i didn’t know were there! i am really sorry i didn’t see this before now much as i would like to blame wordpress it is probably my fault thank you for dropping by and i hope you have a nice day x

  22. Just saying hi. Love your comments.

  23. Hello my lovely Kizzy Lee. I want to introduce you on the Feed My Reads blog if that’s ok with you. Would love an email if it is. 🙂

    1. thats wonderful jo love and hugs to you from a surprisingly sunny north of england ^_^ we are so not used to seeing the sun the kids are thinking winter finished ^_^ xx

  24. Man am I old. I did high school and college without google and wikipidea. I have to ask…what is a Rocky Road Bar?

    1. hiya good to meet you and the scrumptious rocky road bar is the ultimate n comfort food i have the recipe on my blog but in short it is a biscuit crumb base made with choclate mixed in then marshmallows,cherries,add small sweet of your own choice mixed with melted choclate on top with extra choclate for good measure on top of that^_^ this is a very rough guide though on my blog at the top is a recipes section though i confess i think there are only two in there i shall endeavour to put more in but all my recipes are guides only if you make it and think ooh i would say bananas or something on it then brilliant go for it i like adding baileys irish cream to everything ^_^ i am sure there is space for that on Rocky road somewhere hope you enjoy making and eating it and have a fab day take care x

      1. Hahahah…I gained 7 lbs just reading that.

  25. Thank-you very much for visiting my blog and liking my post. All the best to you. Have a terrific day. Renee 🙂

    1. you’re welcome thank you for becoming my friend i look forward to reading more of your stuff take care x

  26. Knock knock

    (you say who’s there)


    (banana who, you say?)

    Knock knock

    (you say who’s there)


    (banana who, you say?)

    Knock knock

    (you say who’s there)


    (banana who, you say?)

    Knock knock

    (you say who’s there)


    (orange who, you say?)

    Orange you glad I didn’t say banana again?

    And so Kizzy Lee, in your honour and for your humour, I give you a joke about bananas. An old one that you’ve heard before, I’m sure. But shortly I’ll spin you a longer story about a banana.

    Peace, my friend. And laughter. Nothing else matters. Everything we have is spun from those two things, even the children that are everything to us.

    1. ^_^ this is my eight yr olds fave joke she still thinks it is hilarious no matter how many times she says it to you aaahh kids ^_^ i am constantly in awe of my beautiful children it is my one weak spot and they know it ^_^ the best was when my oldest daughter stood telling a friend about how she thinks i spoil the kids too much and yet she was the most spoiled of them all how soon they forget! have a great day mister trentle i am deciding now whether i should go add more stuff about me pages to my blog -i have written four already- or just watch my ghosty film and see now you are not even helping me! what sort of friend just stands okay sits by and watches as i helplessly flounder among my many choices pffft

      1. I vote for adding to you About page – although I like what you have already. My dear, you are about as human a soul as I’ve met… much like that Rhinda. Great respect. Greatest respect.

  27. If your name is Kezia then that is just legendary! My favourite album.

    1. hi, wel I have to confess i did not know what you meant my name is a pen name as quite rightly guessed by yourself, I made it up it was a name I had intended to give my next child but fate was not going to bless me with more children so I adopted it as my nom de plume, and I do have a wide and eclectic taste in music but this was new to me so I went to the ever faithful youtube and found a band named’ protest the hero’ and listened to their album kezia, which was interesting i liked the second to end track the best, so thank you my new friend for introducing me to the energetic ‘protest the hero’ i now have a new area of music added to my wide and ever growing collection,i can only hope that you like some of the tracks i have already on my music page and now i shall add some of this new-to me- band, thank you for becoming my friend and for widening my musical education i hope you have a great weekend and if by chance i have the wrong album please tell me of the one you meant be well x

      1. Protest The Hero – Kezia. My favourite album. Keziah, Biblical name of daughter of Lot. Have a great weekend

  28. Thanks so much for following and your support:) Looking forward to more of your posts and followed back.

    1. thank you for dropping by and being friendly and for being patient as it has taken me a while to see this! i am pretty hopeless with following or even finding all my comments i feel awful if i haven’t noticed one so if you are waiting on a reply just shout at me and i will get my act together! hope you have a great day x

  29. Thanks so much for taking a look at my latest review; I’ve not reviewed many poetry collections before so your appreciation was much appreciated!


    1. glad to meet you, thought your review was good, well written, thoughtful, i am rubbish at trying to review work you are much better
      have a great day

  30. i loaded this page and read it offline at home..wow. part of it was like reading part of my past, thought i found my way to better health by finally figuring out that the trigger to my mystery illness was aspartame/nutra sweet…. if only you could find a solution that was as simple as saying no to neurotoxins!

    i’m online rarely these days but look forward to reading more!

    good luck w/better health-


    1. hiya good to meet you and who knows? i know my doctors are rubbish and they have no answers so maybe it does lie in simply eating something different it certainly couldn’t make me any worse! and in truthfulness i did find out the problems with my skin was because it turned out i am lactose intolerant! so again who knows? in the meantime i shall believe in sweeties and hot lemon with honey ^_^ have a great day x

      1. i faced the same possible diagnosis – possible brain tumor – ruled out from scan.. aneurysm.. ditto… possible ms… ‘are you diabetic?’…. (no..) my symptoms were visual/double vision and then loss of vision.. luckily my vision came back, but i did lots of research after that… now over ten years have passed, and i’ve not had any more scares.. i also have dodged aspartame as if it’s the poison that it truly is! if only the rest of the world would realize how dangerous it is.

        good luck amiga… there’s nothing wrong w/hot lemon and honey!!!!


  31. Fellow blogger, congratulations!
    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger and Dragon’s Loyalty Awards.
    For more details, please check http://wp.me/s32YrK-passion.
    Peace and blessings,

    1. thank you that was really nice of you i hope you have a wonderful weekend take care ^_^

  32. “empathy & a joke” … that’s the best strategy, I like your style! Thanks for following my blog

    1. thank you for your lovely message and glad to meet a new friend i hope you have a lovely day x

  33. Thank you so much for the follow. Sorry to be so tardy in replying– I was away for a week. Going to poke around your very interesting looking blog!!

    1. hey hiya and no worries life happens to us all ^_^ amazing how your name on here has come up as a combination of two of my top fave things in the whole world i love andrew stockdale of wolfmother and i never knew your user name until now and it kinda blew me away for a moment a very good omen i reckon and thank you for becoming my latest new friend and for leaving a lovely comment i hope you have a super day take care and be well xx

  34. Thanks for following the Malandanti blog. I’ll be having a good look round your blog today. So much to read.

    1. hiya, always good to meet a new friend i hope you enjoy your visit here and i hope you have a lovely day take care and be well x

  35. I like you attitude. It has…attitude. lol anyway, thanks for stopping in at the Brass Rag. Visit us often. We can always use more hutspa.

  36. Thanks so much for following and love your blog! I will be checking back and look forward to new posts:)

    1. thank you ^_^ always love to meet new friends hope you have a super sunday ^_^

  37. Interested and intrigued by your blog. Very inspiring! Looking forward to your next posts. Please follow back if you will. Thank you!

    1. well glad to meet you and thank you for your kind comments i shall pay your place a visit later when i have more time hope you have a super sunday love and peace be with you

  38. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I know these things circle about. If you have already done it you can ignore it or do what I did. I got nominated a second time and since it helps other blogs out by getting new viewers I thought I would participate again. You know I Iove your blog so I had to nominate you:) The rules you can find here

    1. thank you my lovely friend for your kind thoughtfulness i appreciate it and although i don’t tend to put awards on my blog i shall pop by and have a look at the rules, i cannot promise anything but who knows what the future may bring, thank you for your lovely comments so sweet and made me feel warm and fuzzy friendship stuff thank you, have a great weekend love and peace be with you x

  39. Hi, Kizzylee! Just wanted to say thanks for the follow on my blog! Hope you find something there to entertain you. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

    1. i actually thought i was already following did you have another blog? i know i have read your stuff many moons ago but yes i love your writings and will stay and read its what sundays are for ^_^ xxxxxxxxx

      1. I do have 2 blogs, one on Blogger and one on WordPress. It just popped up in my email that you followed on the WP one. Probably you followed the other one earlier (the one with the Ouija board post) and I thank you so much for following both! … Hope your Sunday has been lovely! 🙂

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