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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Purple smokey eye step by step tutorial

Hello lovelies!
This tutorial is going to show you how to create a purple smokey eye, using both high end and drug store products. This is a heavy look, so it can be harsh on some people but it can also look gorgeous – especially on green or brown eyes.
The first thing you’re going to do is to start with a clean slate, so for me I applied concealer and powder to my face and also filled in my eyebrows, then I was ready to go.
The next step for me was to line my waterline (lower inner rim of the eye) and tightline my eye (run the eyeliner on the upper waterline and slightly between the lashes). This will give an effect of fuller lashes!
I started with eyeliner, because I didn’t want to do it after the eye shadow in case I touched the eye shadow and ruined it.
The next thing I did was take a purple cream eye shadow, and use this as a base. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have purple, you could use a champagne colour, or even just an eye shadow primer.
Blend this out with your finger so there are no harsh lines.
I then took the purple shade from my Ted Baker palette. (A good alternative would be MUA’s single eye shadow in shade 9).
I applied this purple eye shadow in the inner third/half of my eye.
After doing that, I took my Dainty Doll eye shadow in 001 (a medium warm toned brown) and ran this through the crease, and also blended it out to make it look smokey. This is going to be out transitional colour, and it helps the colour fade smoothly into our skin instead of being a harsh dark line.
I then took Young Punk by MAC and placed it on the rest of where the purple cream eye shadow was. I blended it as well, and the brown we put there before helped Young Punk to blend better.
After making sure everything is blended and there are no harsh lines, I took shade 04 of the bourjois single eye shadows and blended this on my bottom lash line, to help the make up look more smoked out.
(You don’t have to use the eye shadow, you could just apply more eyeliner and blend this out with your finger for the same smoked out look, but less harsh).
After doing this, I applied eyeliner and winged it out, and I also applied slightly heavier mascara, just to make it that little bit more dramatic.
And tah-dah! We are done.
I hope all the steps and pictures were easy to understand and follow, and I hope you have a go at recreating this look yourself 🙂
Keep checking in for more natural tutorials and also Halloween tutorials!
Here is pictures and a list of all the products I used in this look;
– Rimmel Stay Matte concealer in Ivory
– Gallery Translucent powder
– 2 true Twist ‘n’ Line eyeliner in brown
– Rimmel Cream Eye Shadow in Stir It Up
-Ted Baker Can’t Take My Eyes Off You palette
– Dainty Doll eye shadow in 001
– MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Eye Shadow in Young Punk
– Bourjois single eye shadow in 04
– Collection Waterproof Fast Stroke Eyeliner
– 17 Waterproof Mascara
Have a nice day!
Jess xo


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Collection Waterproof Fast Stroke Eyeliner

Hello lovelies!
I went to town with my mother today, on the hunt for a few items, one of which being a new eyeliner. We had a few brands and types in mind but in the end we went for something we hadn’t tried before, which was the Collection Waterproof Eyeliner in black.
Selling at only 3 GBP, there wasn’t much to lose if it didn’t turn out to be great.
The bottle itself is tiny, but having had these sizes of bottles before, I know they do last a fair amount of time.
 The brush/wand is a fairly standard shape, and because of the length it is very easy to use, it is neither too big nor too small. Just right! I found when applying on my eye it was easy to use and didn’t get in the way and the brush was the perfect size for my eye. The actual nib itself where the product is found distributes a fair amount of product, so there isn’t too much but there also isn’t barely any on the wand. It’s easy to create thin and precise lines but it can also be built up to be a thick line.
The eyeliner itself is a very deep black, and is not streaky. There may be the odd streak but it can be easily fixed and doesn’t happen often. With it being a liquid eyeliner, it does take a while to dry but that happens with pretty much all liquid liners.
The claim ‘fast stroke’ actually is pretty try to the product (hurrah!) but it is certainly not fast drying. It’s great for a quick on the go eyeliner (if you keep your eyes closed or keep looking down that is…) but I was still able to apply it pretty quickly and not have to wait around for ages.
Obviously it claims to be waterproof, which for me is important when it comes to eyeliners. So I tested out that claim. (The photo is a little blurry, my apologies. Still an okay photo though!)

On the left hand side, it’s the eyeliner swatched normally. On the right hand side is what the eyeliner looked like after I rubbed the eyeliner with water. It’s safe to say that it didn’t budge, it is definitely waterproof! And the good thing is that I found it came off fairly easy with a make up wipe.. win win situation!
I obviously needed to test it out on the eye, and although this is a first impression and I can’t say anything about the lasting power, the product went on the eye fairly well and looks good on the eye, although feels a little tight when dry.. but nothing uncomfortable.
Overall I think this is a really good product and a good first impression. It is pretty black and stays put, and is definitely waterproof. It’s easy to use and very affordable too!
Jess xo


Monday, 9 September 2013

17 Waterproof Mascara – holy grail every day mascara

Hello lovelies!
In search of a new waterproof mascara because of my hay fever, I thought i’d look in Boots.
Boots is one of the UK’s biggest drugstores, and sells everything from pain killers to self tanner.
I didn’t have any brand in mind, I just wanted a waterproof mascara. I’d never tried the brand 17 before but I thought i’d have a look just in case there was something nice. I found this waterproof mascara which retails at just 4.69 GBP, which is a good price for a mascara. I thought i’d buy it to try it out and just see how it goes, and I was pleasantly surprised.
The wand is just a standard bristle wand, nothing too big or too small.
The mascara itself is pretty impressive, and works as an every day mascara. After just one coat it separates and lengthens the lashes really well, and doesn’t look too over the top or like you’ve got nothing on at all, it’s a good middle.
In this picture, the eye on the left as the Mascara on with the lashes curled before hand, and the eye on the right just has the lashes curled and no product. From this picture you can see just how good it is! You can see how much length it adds and how much it separates (and most importantly doesn’t clump) after just one coat. It is buildable to 3 coats maximum without making it look clumpy.
Out of my mascaras, I find this is the one I reach for the most, especially since my eyes are prone to watering the second I leave the house.
Overall, this is a good mascara that gives a good amount of length and just looks good in general. It doesn’t smudge on me and lasts all day. I feel like the wand could be a little more special in stead of just being a normal bristle wand, but it is still good all the same.
I hope you enjoyed the post and have a lovely day.

Jess xo 


Monday, 9 September 2013

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow

Hello lovelies!
For my birthday last year, I got to go to London, it was brilliant! My main purpose at London was guess what… shopping (shock horror!). Everyone knows London is amazing for shopping, and I knew that I wanted to visit a MAC shop since I don’t live near one.
The MAC shop was crazy, it was so tiny! But being my first experience there it was quite exciting (or maybe i’m just a bit of a loser).
I didn’t have any particular product in mind, I contemplated between a foundation or brushes.. until these eye shadows caught my eye, aren’t they beautiful? There was a small variety but I decided to go with Young Punk (the purple glitter) and Smutty Green (the green glitter) as both of these are my favourite colours.
I’ve had these shadows for a while now, and even though I still have the boxes -and- the bits of plastic to cover them, they are very well loved. I’ve had them definitely long enough to do a detailed review.
They are a baked forumla and very shimmery and glittery.. they are simply stunning. Although in the pan they can look quite scary with the tones of white and black and colourful glitter, on the skin they show as a black shadow with coloured glitter.
One of their downfalls is that you can end up with a lot of fall out, especially if you don’t tap your brush before you apply. Black shadow + glitter = nightmare fallout! But as long as you don’t overload the brush, and you tap off the excess, you shouldn’t get too much. But do try to do face make up after using these, just to save any trouble.
Onto the swatches (sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, my camera is a bit rubbish at close up photos but it wont be long before I get a better one!)
1 – This is Young Punk swatched on its own, although slightly sheer it is still incredibly sparkly and translates beautiful on the eye just by itself.
2 – This is it swatched over a normal eye shadow base/primer, this particular primer was MUA’s Professional Eye Primer. Although slightly darker, it still looks fairly similar to the first swatch.
3 – This is it swatched over a cream base. As you can see the black comes comes out a lot more and a lot of the glitter sticks, this is when it is most intense and when it is on the eye over a cream base it looks amazing!
It’s pretty much the same for Smutty Green, but just so you can see i’ll post a picture here. Although with Smutty Green the glitter seems to translate better without the MUA base.
I hope you all enjoyed the post and the review of the eye shadows, overall they are amazing, I think they are pigmented wonderfully and the range of colours is lovely, and could work on all eye colours. Although tricky to work with at first, they become easier.


Welcome to my blog!

This is my first blog i’ve ever had, so it’s fair to say i’m rather inexperienced! I’ll be blogging about beauty products, make up products and any make up looks I feel are interesting enough to put on here. I would like to try out some fantasy or costume make up so keep an eye out for that, and I will also list all the products I use in any of the looks I do.
I may also post about dying hair.. as I seem to do that a lot!
I’l try to blog as frequently as I can, and I hope you all enjoy my posts.
Keep smiling,
Jess xo

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