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whisper whisper:

my first book and now only available as an e-book through smashwords, it is a collection of short stories in the style of campfire stories short and often dark thrillers and horrors, it is an eclectic compilation though as one is simply a nice story that came to me in a dream and I felt compelled to write it, I remember it clearly I literally woke up and wrote the whole down before even doing the kids breakfasts and getting dressed everything^_^ I did feed them after I had written it but I do recall them not being entirely impressed with the having to wait, ahh they only waited a short while ^_^ altogether a short sweet introduction to my work.


link to my book 2 echoes


this book is also now only available as an ebook through smashwords and is another compilation of short horror or sometimes thriller stories another one to read in front of an open fire on a rainy afternoon, or any time you like really I just love rainy afternoons ^_^


Not all the stories fall into the horror genre but they all fit into the make you think style. Often the stories have a kind of twist to them but they all aim to carry the reader along on a journey to other realities or scary ideas in their own backyard. The best day to read a Kizzy Lee story is a rainy day, grey skies and a touch of thunder and lightening, a time to snuggle up and read a tale from Kizzy Lee,the weather is not all necessary because Kizzy Lee will provide the atmosphere no matter where these stories are read. These stories aim to entertain, they aim to take your mind away from normal day to day life and bring some edge to the seemingly mundane. a field of flowers is never just a field to Kizzy Lee there is always another side to it, and in these stories Kizzy Lee brings you that other side.



link to my book 3 A Clockwork Life 41V9y-a+TbL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX385_SY500_CR,0,0,385,500_SH20_OU02_

A Clockwork Life

my first novel dark and exploratory discovering life through the eyes of ‘circus’ people but this is no ordinary circus it may have a big tent and a compere but there no animals that perform and it has been giving shows virtually from the beginning of time long before even the memories of ancestors, a short novel only available in print through amazon.


Follow the story of Todd and Elsie in A Clockwork Life a journey filled with turmoil and change, a third book from the author of dark macabre tales Kizzy Lee




link to A Whisper of Echoes compilation

A Whisper of Echoes

in this book both whisper whisper and echoes are combined and have been re-edited and revised, only available in print through amazon


A compilation of all the short stories by author Kizzy Lee, for horror and suspense or thrilling chiller this compilation has them all!

Link to In Temero Humus 41r6TztYJLL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX385_SY500_CR,0,0,385,500_SH20_OU02_

In Temero Humus

a second novel dark and horror filled read the journey a family takes as they discover their new home has secrets  only available in print through amazon


When a family move to their ideal country home they are expecting a perfect country retreat, and perhaps it would have been if they had left things alone. If only they had never lifted the carpet…….





link to Saudade on amazon uk


a third novel a horror inspired by the urban legend slenderman, a look at one persons experiences when investigating a case given them at work, only available in print through amazon


Michelle does not have much respect for men, or for anyone really, then she is given an intriguing case to work on that has unforeseen results for everyone. Another frightening tale from author Kizzy Lee inspired by the slenderman myth a must read for anyone who likes a scary book at bedtime!



link to A Town called Malice on amazon uk

A Town called Malice

latest novel and fantasy thriller,41lolnh0UML._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX385_SY500_CR,0,0,385,500_SH20_OU02_

Jack was a perfectly ordinary guy living a perfectly ordinary life, until the accident happened. As far as Jack could remember everything in his life now all stemmed from the accident however that is not what bothers him; He has only one person he wants to be with and that is Zusu, He has only one place he wants to be and that is Malice What bothers him though is Will he ever see either of them again?

video short :



links for those in america or anyone who prefers to use

In Temero Humus

Whisper Whisper


A Clockwork Life


A Whisper of Echoes

link to A Town called Malice on amazon usa

I have discovered they are cheaper if bought from createspace however I am not sure how that one works as I have never used it I shall include the link here to my latest book if anyone does get from this link would you let me know how easy/difficult it was ? and of course a great big thank you for buying my book ^_^

a link to A Town called Malice on creatspace

ok after double checking it is technically cheaper on amazon due to some offer? I have to apologise though my dear friends for some reason this book was more expensive to produce 😦 I actually cannot afford to buy one so I appreciate it may be the same for others, ahh well maybe 2014 will be a better year for all of us ^_^

have a super day everyone xx

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  1. Hi Kizzylee, just wondering are these self published books? If so, was it a difficult process, and expensive? Would you recommend self publishing? Does it make enough money to seem worthwhile? I have been pondering publishing for quite some time, and would love to just make a jump in one direction or another, and get something published, somewhere! Bex

    1. hiya, well there are some very early posts in my blog where i detailed the whole process as i was new to it and wanted to share for those who were also new, in a short answer though it didn’t cost me anything up front- they take a percentage from each book sale, it was not really difficult just answering questions filling tax info that sort of thing, the most difficult bit i have encountered is i still cannot figure pictures! with words you just upload and they tell if you if it passes and what to do if it doesn’t pass, you get a choice on style, on presentation, they do not check content or proofread anything like that, you have to do that, all they check is if it is printable, if it is go for it, you get to set the price and then wait and see if anyone buys ^_^ one word of advice though is think very carefully about whether or not you join the kdp thing i opted out because if you opt in then you cannot sell your ebook anywhere else and i have smashwords as well so for me that wouldn’t work i only sell my print book through amazon, i would highly recommend self publishing for me it works i love the freedom and to me it is important that the reader gets to choose what they read and not some publisher plus i have full control on how my book looks and sounds i have never considered publishing i was once approached by a publishing house but i turned them down because as soon as you signed the contract you lost all rights to the book and i couldn’t do that,as to making money well basically don’t write if you are only init for the money seriously the few who make any is exactly that a few, the rest of us have a party each time we sell a book those parties can sometimes be once a year ^_^ it is something you need to work out for your self me i write because i love it and it satisfies a part of me that isn’t expressed by my art i just love creating whether with words or materials so i am happy as long as i am producing something but in all fairness i have only been writing about 8 months ^_^, i am just about to publish through amazon my 8th book but any money i bring in comes from my costumes i make and sell not my writing the way i see it is just go for it you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain and if nothing else you have the glow of satisfaction that comes with seeing and holding your book in print that first time i love it thrills me every time so hope i helped for more detailed info just have a look back through my blog but go ahead jump in and enjoy yourself hope you have a sweet day xx

      1. Hiya, wow, thanks so much for the info! I have asked people before, but they provide some half baked BS (not to swear on your blog)! It never made sense to me, they talked about editors and graphics and money up front. I was a little scared thinking it would cost me a fortune, which I don’t have! It sounds, for your response, easier than I thought. Wow! OK, so if I have proof read it, and can find my own graphics to use on the cover, and if it is compatible with Amazon’s publishing format, then I am good to go – really, it is that simple???! I will certainly be doing this at some point in the near future. I have a few short stories I want to collate, and proof read again, but once this is done I will certainly give it a shot! Ah, money, yes I asked because although I don’t necessarily want to be or think I could be some type of rich novelist, it would be nice to make a small amount! I just want to make writing, in general, my career. I am trying to get articles published too, not just short stories. I am trying to follow a dream, I say through gritted teeth of determination! I will take a look at your earlier stuff, as the info will help me. Thanks again, very kind of you to respond so in-depth, appreciate it 🙂 Have a sweet day also xx

    2. hiya again i forgot to mention if you want they have a basic template thing for making your book cover i always use that it saves the headache of pixel counting plus quite a lot of the templates you can upload your own picture or graphics that though is when the headache starts i swear i hate pixel counting in order for it to print properly they want an certain size pixel ratio i cannot say what exactly it is because it will be different foe each picture you try to load up all i can say is you will get the hang of it through trial and error if it says too large etc just rezise in your paint programme i know a lot of people use photoshop but i prefer psp(9) i find it a lot easier to use it has a very simple resize but again you will find what works best for you most pictures are in fact too small and need enlarging but without losing quality or if you prefer they have a stock of their own ready to use images and there is quite a few the first couple of books i did with them i just used theirs i will look for link to the blog posts i did and pop it here for you sorry i had to go out earlier but will go look for it now i am glad you are going for it for me nothing can beat the feeling when someone has bought your book and says they loved it -even better when they are not related ^_^ and even now my prize possessions are the first print copies i have of each book i write ^_^ any point you get stuck on at any time just either send me a message here or you can email me at i will always help if i can xx

      1. Ah, OK. I hate those pixel things too, fiddly and faffing! Thanks for the added info though, again, I appreciate it so much. Thanks too for your email, that would be good. I will email you now so you have my email too. Thanks for your help!! Xx

    3. i made a post for you called a quick recap on authoring for savvy hoping they may help you a little the links take you straight to each of the posts i did back then have a super day xx

      1. Awww, thank you so much! You’re a star! I shall take a look now. You have a super fab day too! Xx

  2. Your books look really good, and very much along the same lines of some of the stories I write separately from my blog. Have several more books to get through, but have booked marked ‘Whisper Whisper’ and ‘Echoes’ for my attention as soon as time allows.

    Regards, Paul…

    1. thank you for such a lovely comment and such kind words i appreciate your interest and thoughtfulness both whisper and echoes are still free on smashwords if it helps though i appreciate your kindness whether you read them or not to find a new friend is of more importance to me than my writing which i am still very new to and still anxious enough to worry about not sure if i will ever think of myself as a author but i am grateful to those who read so thank you for your kindness but thank you most of all for your friendship have a great day ^_^

  3. Ah thanks for that. I was going to message you to ask if you were going to make them available on kindle as the p/back versions aren’t available at the moment

    I’m on smashwords, and have a couple of reviews listed on there too. Cheers for letting me know….

  4. Very impressive. I tried self-publishing– don’t know if yours are self-published but no matter, an impressive body of work!

    1. yes they are all self published though i have sometimes entertained the thought of traditional publishing i find it too scary to go down that road i like having full control over what happens to my babies and all my books are my babies although this latest one i am working on is having a long and difficult birth! thank you for dropping by and for leaving a lovely comment it is always nice to hear positive comments i am possibly the worlds most shy author ^_^ hope you have a great day xx

      1. Thank you so much for all the likes– wow, you went wild. I, too, am an extremely shy author but getting bolder in my old age. I mean if not now, when?? I admire all your work because I know how hard it is to write a book. Will be visiting soon again. Thanks so much! Ellen xx

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