A sneak peek ^_^ Abyss

just thought i would give you all a sneak peek at my current work in progress, at the moment it is titled Abyss and is a tale told in possibly four parts unless i can manage to keep it to a trilogy, i am trying ^_^ the first book is written in full but is undergoing the editing stage which for those that know me means it will end up being longer; i never butcher my work, i only shine and polish and that means adding to and improving to me ^_^ apparently i was told the other day that adults should not use smiley faces or emojis luckily i don’t follow rules, especially not silly ones so i shall continue to pepper my dialogue with happy little faces unless of course i am in a deep blue funk which of course you won’t hear about because i would be eating chocolate and watching horror movies tis the only way to deal with crappy times.

ok are you sitting comfortably? have you turned the lights down low? have you chocolate to hand? good then lets begin;




Chapter 1



The vision of apparent carnage before them was both devastating and confusing. Although the scene showed a great tragedy it was a puzzling tragedy; before them lay the scant remains of a human, a human which had been incinerated beyond all recognition and yet those few remaining parts of this once vital person were lying in an area that had not even so much as a scorch mark let alone any sign of fire.

A half arm lay alone as if discarded, a smattering of scorched flesh at the elbow joint where it ended almost neatly, the rest of the skin was blistering showing raw, red, wounds where intense heat had licked searing burns. The brutalised skin ended in an almost perfect cut which was blackened and scabrous and it was still emitting tiny pops and sizzling sounds and the fact that it could still be heard from the smoke blackened stump was stomach wrenching and more than one young officer had to turn away suffering nausea.

From the elbow down through to the hand, including all its fingers, the flesh was intact and the burns although concentrated at the stump end were noticeably few at the hand end, and indeed the palm of the hand including the fingers looked fine and without obvious injury; the precision of the cauterized half arm would be the envy of many a surgeon.

The lower half of a woman’s leg, still wearing a shoe, was again perfect in its preservation if one only saw the lower half; no burns, no marks, it was only when looking further along the unattached limb that more could be seen; the charred and blackened burnt skin at the severed knee joint, which lay closest to the inspector’s feet and with grimace of distaste he drew back a few steps.

A gasp is heard from among the men gathered as a small but easily recognisable wisp of smoke curled upwards and emitted a smell of cooked human flesh, and the inspector, who was usually conspicuous by the sombre look on his face, now showed some shock upon his countenance, yet he knew through many years working within these situations that often not all is as it seems and so for the moment he was remaining steadfastly quiet, it made him appear wise and calm when really he was lost for words.

The silence was however broken with the words: “S’cuse me sir” muttered with a slight hesitation by the man clad entirely in white coveralls, and wearing a white medical mask which was muffling his voice. The letters emblazoned across his back clearly spoke of his belonging to the forensic team and he motioned to the Inspector that he needed to get passed in order to carry on with his collecting of forensic evidence, and with a half-hearted apology Inspector George Carlow moved over, at the same he was being careful not to tread anywhere on the main scene of the crime, though he used the term ‘crime’ loosely as it didn’t seem as if this situation had been caused by the actions of a criminal. In fact it flummoxed him that the whole scene before him didn’t appear to have any cause at all.

The officer cleared his throat, he didn’t want to say anything but he knew he wasn’t the only person to have this thought, “What’s on your mind Spencer?” asked the Inspector of his assistant, the worried look on Officer Spencer’s face gave way to a look of almost relief.

“Well sir, erm I know it’s going to sound a bit odd” Spencer coughed a nervous half laugh

“For god’s sake son spit it out” demanded the Inspector and this was all the encouragement needed for poor Spencer.

“Well sir it looks to me like, um, well you know” the officer was looking down at the few remnants of still smouldering human and he seemed somewhat nervous but said “what with all the appearance of the scene, sir, you know how nothing around is even scorched never mind burned, and even well, look, here sir, a plastic bin liner full of rubbish and yet not even melted or anything sir, and yet the body, or um what’s left of the body, well it is odd isn’t it, I mean well that’s how it’s looking to me sir”

Here a groan from the Inspector showed young Spencer that if he didn’t hurry up and simply say what was on his mind then he was going to either leave or he would be made to suffer the Inspector’s impatience and given that this was one of those irritating days so far the inspector knew that he would then have a few choice and possibly insulting words to say.

“Ok sorry sir, ok well I think sir that it’s um spontaneous combustion” mumbled the young officer. He had not long been in this role having only just been promoted and this was an extremely shocking case to be given as the first case.

The naïve Spencer had all the innocence of youth and also a fair dash of its stubbornness so even though he had been scared and had half whispered this last comment he still felt it was important enough to be brought to the attention of the Inspector, and the Inspector had kept staring at him with a stare of such intensity that many a young man would have wilted under such scrutiny, finally the Inspector raised an eyebrow and spluttered the words;

“Spontaneous combustion?”

The room had gone considerably quiet, save a few coughs and more than one person whose throat needed clearing. The air seemed filled with the almost tangible sense of waiting, waiting with a dash of nervousness, those others that were there kept their heads down and concentrated seemingly even more harder on their tasks than before, and though everyone seemed absolutely thoroughly absorbed in what they were doing everyone knew also that every pair of ears in the room was now craning intently towards the small space containing the Inspector and Officer Spencer.

“Yes, um, yes sir” said Officer Spencer quietly, his confidence now shaken and worried that his earlier decision to have mentioned this was perhaps not the best decision he had made lately.

Officer Spencer was now the colour of beetroot and he squirmed as he felt the heat as the flames of embarrassment licked at his cheeks. His head bowed he felt a whole abyss full of regret yawning in front of him, now would be a good time for someone to dig him a rather large hole in which he could hide away, forever.

Which would have been great, if not a little convenient, but knowing his luck the Inspector would simply peer down the hole and bark at him as to why he had chosen to hide in a hole, but the world doesn’t work like that and Inspector Carlow had two ways to go on this, he could either laugh, loud and raucously, and the workplace tension would cease and chortling would join in the general merriment followed by much fun which would be had at the expense of Officer Spencer, or he could remonstrate Spencer and tear a few strips of the young lad, a stern face and intimidating voice would stop any such outlandish suggestions ever forming again in the future and the workplace would go about its duties quietly and solemnly getting the job done so everyone could disappear with a sigh of relief.

Luckily despite his gruff old exterior, his haggard and care worn features making him appear as though he was a secondary actor from an Agatha Christie novel, whiskers covering the lower half of his face with such eagerness it was hard to see the mouth, yet his large shining forehead was devoid of hair which chose instead to cover the back and sides of his head with a grey frizz that appeared like a dreary cloud hugging his lower face. His furrowed eyebrows, long and whiskery and hanging down over his small eyes were masking a much more lenient man than was evident to any who cared to judge. Those whiskers and wrinkles added an air of world weariness and a harsh manner, so often his few words and short patience lead people to think he was a monster to work for but inside this stout old man there beat the heart of a softer soul, and in fact a mind that was rather open to all theories not just those readily accepted by the establishment.

Though he had yet to come across a case of spontaneous combustion he was not going to rule it out just yet and he did think about letting poor Spencer stew a bit but he wanted the workplace back to running smoothly which would never happen if everyone was straining to see what cataclysmic experience would take place, so he smiled at Spencer and clapped him heartily on the back and said;

“That’s what I like to see lad; someone who is not bound by societies rules, someone who can see that no matter how far fetched a theory may seem to be they all have to be considered, only then can we rule out those circumstances which do not apply and be left with the one truth that does apply. Good lad, good lad, now everyone back to work there is still a small mountain of evidence to be found here”

The room, or at least the occupants of the room, heaved a sigh of relief, entertaining as it was to see a new officer marked down it was uncomfortable and most of them liked Spencer and didn’t really want to be entertained at this expense and so with this small but expertly diplomatic speech everyone visibly relaxed, shoulders sank and smiles returned to faces, for now Spencer, anxious though he was at making his voice heard, was glad that said voice had not been reprimanded and the hustle and bustle of the team surrounding them was now all glad to be getting on with the work which they all resumed happily.

After much work and many meetings in which many suggestions had been hotly debated and more than a few tempers flared, which had led directly to more debated points that also failed because they really had no basis in fact, and therein lay the whole problem, the facts could not indicate the cause of death, the facts said the person had died from heart failure possibly due to the intense heat and incineration of three quarters of the body, but the surrounding area, including the chair, various décor and combustible materials, showing no sign at all of smoke or fire damage meant the coroner had finally declared a verdict of spontaneous combustion, everyone concerned had wracked their brains and gone down every path they could think of, evidence had been pored over and investigations had taken some time but in the face of it there simply was no other explanation.

The news reader had read the report to the public and had found it difficult to stay focused but being the professional he had kept calm and composed enough to finish delivering the news item before going off camera to question the validity of the report he had just read, and after being told it was reported exactly as it was given to the news team neither he or any of the rest of the newsroom could accept it easily.

It would seem that the rest of the public also felt the same as it had caused quite a stir the next day, the morning show on TV had nearly a whole morning of the topic of spontaneous combustion and old professors and new students and everyone paranormal that could be found to comment had been drafted in.

The TV had shown interviews and had special focus bulletins but over time the furore settled down and the old woman who was left as a pile of ashes and two unattached limbs no longer took up so much of the news.



hope you all enjoyed that if you want to know what happens next then you will have to wait until it is published ^_^

love and happy times to all







3 responses

  1. How ghoulish. I can’t figure this out. You’ve dragged me into the story like a magnet. Whew. What’s next indeed! 😮

    1. hey my lovely how excellent to hear from you i do miss your voice each time i go sick, i am so glad you liked my little story and i have to confess whenever i tell people i like to write horror stories they are always surprised they say they can not imagine that from me ^_^ though i confess lately they have been thriller/horror/weird fiction ^_^ i guess my little tales don’t like being labelled ^_^ always good to hear from you my lovely love and hugs to you xx

      1. Keep on writing, horror / thriller / weird fiction / whatever… 😛

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