Ok so welcome to the first of my numerology basics, the very first thing I need you to notice is that in all of these chats we will be using the vedic or Chaldean system as opposed to the Pythagoras or other systems it is important to stick to just one method as they each give different results now when I used it myself I found this method gave the best most accurate results however some of you may want to go to study other methods that’s fine but the results will be different and you can choose for yourselves which you prefer.

Background Indian or Vedic numerology is based on a day starting at dawn, so a birth which takes place pre-dawn of that specific day will actually mean that for its purposes, the actual day of birth would be the day previous, no matter what one’s official birth certificate might say.

The Chaldean school of numerology is considered by many to be the most accurate and informative system of numerology calculation ever developed. As its name indicates it traces its origins back to ancient Babylon and is the original foundation of both the Vedic (Indian) and Hebrew-Kabbalah schools of numerology.

The Chaldean numerology calculator is based on the analysis of the energies generated by particular groupings of letters (names) and numbers (birthdate). The analyses of the symbols that make up a name represent the more personal aspects of a subject; the numbers represent the vibrations and tones of their “music”. Combined together in the Chaldean calculations, the numbers derived reveal the talents, ruling energies, cycles and purpose of the subject’s life. Insight into lessons to be learned, spiritual and physical development is also revealed.

While the Chaldean school is particularly helpful for personal insight, it is also a good calculator for auspicious days for important events such marriages, establishing partnerships, opening a business or launching a product

Now there are a few basic numbers you will want to work out and I will list their names and functions first then a method for working each one out, so

  1. A.   Psychic number-The psychic number in Vedic Numerology tells the way you look at yourself. It defines your basic characteristics. It reveals what you want to be or about the talents with which you have come to this earth

B.Destiny/expression/life path number-This number in Vedic Numerology will reveal what the world  thinks of you. It is the characteristics that other people find within you.. This is something with which you have been realized, and what you should do. It shows you what is your nature, and what capabilities you have to work directly with the currents of the universe. This number determines the initial encoding of bio-energy matrix. If destiny number is a positive aspect, you will successfully achieve this goal. If it is typical negative mode – will have to work hard to change the sign of its inherent vibration to the opposite.

      C.Name number- The name number is called as relationships number. You can have more than one name number if people call you by different names. Changing your name and thus your name number will help you to build relationship and thus overcome the negative influences of your name number. It is very important to know what others think of you to build a strong relationship even with your better half or your child.


To obtain your psychic number you will have to find the single whole number of the date of your birth. Only the date is considered and you have to make it in a single one if it is two digit number. If your date of birth is 15th of any month your psychic number is 1+5=6.

1- They are energetic, radiant, authoritative, goal oriented, confident, self-centered, and proud. Time to time these people may be very cruel.

2-They are emotional, shy, moody, passionate, poetic, and romantic.

3-These people are skilled, critical, dynamic, artistic and uplifting.

4-They are for sometimes are unpredictable to others. They are energetic, greedy, selfish but generous and adventurous.

5-This number indicates fickle, always busy type, sometimes childish but youthful and convincing.

6-This is the number for homemaker. They are very caring, charismatic, nurturing, and artistic. They find pleasure in social work.

7- They are spiritual, mystical, poetic, skeptical, and investigative and like to work alone.

8- They are serious, business minded, materially focused, independent and action motivated.

9-This number is of warm and impressive personalities,. They are aggressive, assertive and at the same time benevolent. They are very short tempered too.

The destiny number is obtained by adding the date, month and year of your birth and then converting that into a single digit whole number

The destiny number for a person takes birth in 15th May 1965 is 1+5+5+1+9+6+5=28=>2+8=10=>1+0=1

1. They are energetic, courageous, individualistic, commanding, opinionated, rigid, self made leader and always focus for worldly gain.

2- The people whose destiny number is 2 are charming, cooperative, kind, tactful and very sensitive. They are generally truth loving type of people.

3- They are hardworking, busy, confident, cheerful, idealistic, religious and proud.

4- These people are highly intelligent, persevering, radical, helpful and serious with very strong likes and dislikes.

5- They are soft, sensuous, joyous and like verities, They look younger in age.

6- They are home oriented, fine sense of justice, generous, emotional and idealistic.

7- They are unpredictable, lively, dreamer, sociable, sentimental and serious.

8-They will get success through struggle. They are ambitious and possess suicidal tendencies.

9- They are warm, real, responsible, proud, kind, understanding, disciplined and responsive.

Name number is calculated by referring to the table:



Write down each letter of your full name at birth and add together the numerical values of each letter from the table so for example

John smith = (j)1+(O)7+(H)5+(N)5+(S)3+(M)4+(I)1+(T)4+(H)5 therefore

1+7+5+5+3+4+1+4+5=35(then reduce to single digit)=8

So now we look up the meaning

1-Leader, 2-Teacher, 3- Artist, 4-Builder, 5-Entertainer,

6-Homemaker, 7-Mystic, 8-Worker, 9-Humanist

This is only basic meanings for now as it would be no good going to deep right now for now I shall let you all have a play with what I have told you so far and will put up more next week

Have a wonderful day everyone


Today is Valentine’s Day, and this year it’s even more special.

Shortly before 7 pm Eastern time we will experience a Full Moon in Leo, the sign that is ruled by the Sun. This activates both luminaries – Sun and Moon – on a day which also triggers the number 14 in a huge way.

It is a day of love, passion – and Freedom. Here is a breakdown of the Valentine’s Day code:

2014 is the 14th year of the century.

February 14 is a 14 Universal Day.

And Valentine’s Day, 2.14.2014, adds up to a 14 Universal Date.

Pretty amazing!

This sets up a triple activation of the SAME number in both astrology and numerology during one event, which is rare.

The fact that it’s also Valentine’s Day makes it even more memorable.

14 is the number of media and communication. With Mercury retrograde right now, we have our lines of communication slowed down. This allows the full moon code to activate our abilities to hear and listen in a deep way.

Communicate gratitude instead of emotional neediness, and you’ll really mend and heal on a core level today.

14 reduces to the number 5, so Freedom is the other keyword for today.

Live your life without expectation, without worry, without the emotional dependence on specific outcomes. 

This is the true essence of Freedom.

It simply means, don’t get attached to results – instead focus on the passion, the creative process.

Today you are being reminded about love and emotional passion. The essence of the full moon is a passion that fires you up to express yourself as you truly are.

 Never deny that passion, but do deny the attachment you have to any specific outcome.

When you’re free of expectation (in yourself and others), you are truly FREE.

Today’s numbers’ lineup advocates honoring and respecting freedom in your relationships.

It is a reminder that you are eternally creating and recreating yourself.

Every moment is an opportunity for you to decide who you are. Your decisions about who and what you feel passionate about are the driver in this process.

For example, not needing anything from your partner (or the universe), is one of the greatest forms of freedom. You eliminate the fear of not having something to make you feel fulfilled.

So today reminds us to be passionate about Freedom in your relationships.

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  1. This will take some time to do properly. Something new to try. 😛

    1. hiya ^_^ well i have found it to be interesting absorbing and fun so i just had to share it has fun small bits as well as the more in depth stuff i shall try to include as much as i can under the new page thank you for dropping by always lovely to hear from you my lovely hope you have a lovely evening xx

      1. Brrr. It’s freezing here and I am finally off to bed. Nice of you to check back again. 😀

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