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just brilliant

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From a poem I wrote a while back.

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  1. Dude, Kyle is brilliant. And I miss him to death. I miss his raw irreverent humour and ability to shock/make me laugh. He is a true artist.

    1. with you on that i was reading through all his blog catching up going through old stuff revisiting you know the score and well i was left thinking i am such a crap writer i give up so today i am not writing no post just reposting the brilliant kyle ^_^ to be honest i haven’t written a post in a while it’s been um difficult my head is a shed as they say in these parts oh well maybe next week good to hear from you trentle my lovely friend thank you for saying hi and keeping me from going insane ^_^ tc

      1. You aren’t a crap writer, but I do wish you’d post something. I love the songs, because music is the prize, but I’d like to hear your words too.

        Don’t go insane. Or if you do, at least let’s go down that road together. We can invite Rhinda to join the party.

      2. thank you my excellent friend your kind words gave me the boost i needed and my adored rhinda would bring a bottle wine to the party i just know it^_^ my rhinda and mims have saved me on more than one occasion and i love them both for that and more, part of the problem is i only go out very briefly to take my youngest to school that’s it so i don’t have much social interaction the conversations i have on here are the sum total of my conversations for each and every day, mostly i am happy with my own company and it’s fine but this week i had a head full of hormones and it got a bit overwhelming feeling much more positive now though so thank you for your kind words and friendship i appreciate both i did have a post i had put on draft i may go and finish it, possibly ^_^ have a super sweet evening ^_^

  2. PS if you know him, please tell him to come back.

    1. i don’t unfortunately otherwise i would i don’t even think he reads my blog i know he reads rhinda though i shall pop over there and leave a message for him have a sweet day tc

  3. Love this! What a thought. :-)

    1. in the future will we be measured by our digital presence? our mark on the world will continue even without our needing to be there, i have always found this subject fascinating from my earliest days on second life it was sad when we lost someone in this world yet in a sense they were still there in second life their avatar their personality it was strange, i always loved the possibility of virtual worlds and i loved second life unfortunately i don’t go on there now it became somehow different but even though i don’t my avatars still exist just waiting for me to slip them back on, one day in the future even the concept of life may well change from what we accept now how long before digital life is as viable as this life? thank you for chatting my lovely have a wonderful evening love and hugs xx

      1. This is indeed an interesting topic. Same to you sweetie. Have a lovely weekend.

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